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6 ways to have an awesome time on your PC

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If you own a PC – whether it’s a standard make or a model optimized for gaming – you’ll be excited to know that there is a boatload of ways you can have fun on there. From developing your cloud computing skills to posting reviews of games you’ve played, the options are endless. Want to learn all about them? Great. In total, here are 6 ways to have an awesome time on your PC.

1.    Get Google Cloud Platform certification

Feel like taking a break from binge-watching Netflix shows? Then learning the Google Cloud Platform is the perfect solution for you.

Currently, lots of people are training to become Google Cloud Platform certified. The reason for this is so that they can better their cloud computing skills and open up new career opportunities. After all, there’s a huge demand from companies for talented cloud engineers – and you could be the next person to fill that gap.

The first and most important step is to get your google certification.

2.    Stream music for free

If you’re like most people, you’ll dislike paying for music. The good news is that, by being smart, you don’t actually have to do this anymore. Instead, all you have to do is turn on your PC, visit a music streaming website, and start a free trial. Then, after your trial ends a few months later, just start a fresh trial with another streaming service. Here are some of the best to choose from:

·         Spotify

·         Tidal

·         YouTube Music

This way, whenever you’re relaxing with your PC, you’ll be able to listen to all your favorite music.

3.    Post in gaming forums

The internet is home to hundreds of fun and entertaining gaming forums. Reddit is a perfect example of this, as well as JoyFreak. You should check out forums like these if you want to make new friends and post opinions about your favorite games and consoles.  

4.    Watch streams on YouTube and Twitch

YouTube and Twitch are goldmines when it comes to streaming content. On these two platforms exist hundreds of thousands of streamers who post content every single day, such as Ninja and SypherPK. If you want a nice dose of entertainment when you’re at your desk, YouTube and Twitch streams are definitely the choice for you. You can even subscribe to your favorite streamers to get extra perks.

5.    Order new parts for your PC

PCs allow users plenty of scope for customization, from keyboards to graphics cards. In fact, when you put it into context, there are so many ways you can customize your PC it’s impossible to count. Many people like to build and customize PCs as a hobby, so you should give it a try if you’re someone who likes to be creative. Amazon and eBay are great sources for ordering new parts for your PC, so make sure to use them.


6.    Read blogs

Every day, thousands of blogs get posted on the internet that covers a range of different topics. For example, there are gaming blog sites like Kotaku and entertainment blogs such as mashable. By bookmarking and subscribing to different blogs, you’ll never be short on entertainment when you’re on your PC. Plus, if you enjoy writing content, you could even start posting your own blogs.

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