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Rappler called out for not including Leody De Guzman as among presidential candidates

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

When you think about it, yes, maybe Ka Leody is indeed a nuisance — in the fullest sense of the term. A nuisance to the system. A nuisance to the unimpeded functioning of an electoral system designed to keep power in the hands of the elite.

Ka Leody is already being written off even when the campaign season hasn’t even begun.

Let’s prove them wrong. Make some noise for Ka Leody (or at least his right to be in the field)! 

Leni Robredo has my vote, but the outright erasure of Ka Leody de Guzman in this line up does not sit right with me.

This sort of erasure isn’t funny. Ka Leody—and other ordinary people—filing for the presidency are serious candidates too.

At least pretend to be interested in Ka Leody's campaign naman.

There were some legit candidates even before Leni Robredo announced her candidacy as President. Ka Leody is an example! They are just not as popular because they lack the financing, political or showbiz background and media exposure.

I say, the disrespect to Ka Leody's advocacies and the sector who rally behind him. They really chose to include Bongbong over Ka Leody?

As always, VP Leni Robredo came prepared; everything in that speech was well thought out and you know she meant every word. I'm excited to see these two challenging each other to push for reforms that will prioritize the welfare of common people.

One thing about her is she's been consistently good; there was never a time she let up or neglect her duties to focus on her own political agendas.

I just wish her team was as active in reaching out to other progressive groups such as Ka Leody's as they were with Manny or Isko's team. I mean, the reason why Ka Leody was running, after all, was because there weren't any candidates (at the time) with sincere intentions. It was only lately that Leni Robredo finally decided to run as President.

Unlike Isko, Pacquiao, and those other pretenders, except for Leni Robredo, Ka Leody also represents the real opposition: A former garments worker who became politicized during the 1980s, he was fighting the Marcos dictatorship before Toni Gonzaga was born. 

Even after Marcos was deposed, he continued to march against the human rights abuses committed by the more "democratic" post-Marcos administrations. He was at the forefront of the fight against corruption during the time of Erap, GMA, and Noynoy.

He was ready to join us as we used our bodies to physically block Marcos’ burial in the Libingan ng mga Bayani. And he was there with us in so many protest actions against Duterte’s war on the poor.

Life is full of uncertainties, but I think we can be certain of one thing: unlike Isko, Ka Leody will never offer a cabinet position to Duterte if he wins — he will put him in jail.

But not only does Ka Leody, just like Leni Robredo, represent the real opposition, he represents that part of the opposition that is uncompromisingly on the side of the poor, of women, of the LGBTQ+, and of other oppressed groups.

Finding who to vote for president this upcoming 2022 elections? Search for Leody De Guzman. a labor leader, socialist worker and activist. unlike other candidates for presidency, they say that the true opposition is represented by Ka Leody. That opposition includes those who are oppressed including the poor, women and the LGBTQ+ community. 

Ka Leody de Guzman will run for president in #Halalan2022 under Partido Lakas ng Masa.

He ran but lost in the 2019 midterm senatorial elections placing 38th overall.

Ka Leody will unify the agenda of the working class and not of the elite. Ka Leody never divided the opposition, when the working class has always been the opposition.

Check out to know more about him. Ka Leody is historically the first socialist labor leader to run for PH presidency. Here are some of his stances on key issues: 

As an observer, one can critically see media activities in digital platforms during the election coverage. Multiple videos and photos, dedicated art cards, and interviews for some personalities…while others only have one.

Media’s role in the elections is important: the public consumes the news. What you ‘feed’ to the people matters. Review your ethical guidelines. 

Nakalulungkot man pero hindi nawala ang envelopmental journalism.

There are personalities getting a full coverage from church to their COC filing to their personal vehicles to secure an ‘exclusive’ interview. Others have little to none.

Media, knowingly or unknowingly, drum up recognizability.

This practice has long been done, pre-digital platforms era. It is just amplified now. 

“But personalities are story makers what can we do?” 

It is a journalist’s responsibility to articulate the coverage. Add context, follow up with critical questions. It is your duty.

Journalists are watchdogs. They are not documentation teams. There is space for improvement.

Rappler and other mainstream media should include Ka Leody De Guzman in its list of major presidential candidates. He's running under a registered political party with robust social movement backing. He's also the only socialist and labor candidate in the presidential race.

And note the angling and framing. When Ka Leody announced his candidacy, Rappler led its headline with “Despite 2019 landslide loss…”, almost as if to paint him as a nuisance candidate. Non-political elite candidates are treated without seriousness as curiosities and oddities.

I wish media would give Ka Leody the platform, publicity too the way they are doing with BBM/Manny/Isko. Mas deserve ni Ka Leody yun unlike those trapos.

is it just me or is media treating Ka Leody as nuisance candidate kaya hindi man lang sila interesado sa kung ano ang kaya ni Leody for Filipinos when apparently it couldve have had an effect to thousands who might get to see news about his presidential run.

Tumindig yung manggagawa kasama ng Rappler when they were attacked by this administration; huwag ganyan, maghilaan tayo pataas. Baka naman hindi kailangang ganyanin ang isang grassroots worker-led campaign.

Ang balita ko 500-strong ang mamamayang nasa likod ni ka leody kahapon sa filing!!! disrespect sa mga nakipagkiskisan sa kapulisan amidst a pandemic para suportahan si Ka Leody.

"Kailangan system change, hindi lang palitan si Duterte, hindi lang para palitan ang mukha ng pangulo sa MalacaƱang, kundi dapat palitan ang buong sistema ng gobyerno." - Leody De Guzman

Labor leader and presidential aspirant Ka Leody de Guzman explains that one of main reasons why he ran for presidency is because the opposition has long been divided.

Ka Leody is every bit right....Maybe the best that we can get from this election is to end the myth of the aquinos as the anti thesis of the marcoses. Here's to hoping Leni and Chel will be honest when faced with questions of abuses etc committed by their political predecessor.

Leody De Guzman’s candidacy means so much. To dilute it into a roadblock to unifying the opposition is a disservice to those he hopes to represent and a disservice to the idea of “unity” and “democracy.”

Most of the biggest declines are on labor issues, and some progressives' initial reactions to a labor organizer's nomination for presidency were dismissive. This is why we should take Ka Leody seriously. Opposition forces definitely should reach out to Laban ng Masa-PLM-BMP.

Now that all the talk about Leni running for president is in everyone's minds right now, I just hope we remain steadfast in our commitment to the people, no matter how we go about our right to suffrage. Because more than Leni, Ka Leody represents us the most.

While the whole Twitterverse celebrates for Leni, let's not dismiss that Ka Leody could be the representative of the unheard masses. After all, he is a labor leader.

I just hope he gets a seat in the cabinet.

After researching, mas lalo akong humanga kay Ka Leody. Knowing that Ka Leody is an ordinary person fighting for the working class who chooses to do things independently even if sobrang slim ng chance niya in winning really makes me proud of him. 

Now that all the talk about Leni running for president is in everyone's minds right now, I just hope we remain steadfast in our commitment to the people, no matter how we go about our right to suffrage. 

Off the cuff, Ka Leody's presidential run makes sense for the purpose of agitating for a Left alternative in the highest office. This can be a welcome development. What's delusional is the commentator's claim that this is in fact the key to achieving radical change.

I really despise the fact that all of these asshole politicians such as BBM still has platforms to work with, that he’s still well-known and shit. While other better alternatives such as Ka Leody is working thrice as hard just to be recognized, even though he literally carries the will of the masses. It’s sad.

The elites have done nothing for the workers. He calls out contractualization and low wages. 

Ka Leody points out that workers build the wealth of this country, pay taxes dutifully, but are given only a pittance of what they make. 

He calls out the current state of affairs: every 6 years, we merely choose a new set of elites to replace the old ones. He calls on the construction of workers’ power. 

“Atin ang bukas!”

He calls the workers to unite for their sake. 

Ka Leody points out that people are tired of the same elites ruling only to forget them once elected. He points out there is a silent majority who is tired of all this.

Leody says that the coalition building isn’t done. He stresses building coalitions with environmental and health worker groups. Environmental candidates may join the slate.

I really wish that the Philippines would get its shit together and choose the better people.

Kudos pa rin kay Ka Leody!

May he never lose heart to continue the fight despite being surrounded by popular presidential candidates.

His voice and represent ation for the working class & ordinary masses speak so much of an impact already!

it's disheartening to hear people pushing him to run for lower office or worse that his candidacy is 'delusional.' It's always the working class pushed to the sidelines, it's always them who needs to sacrifice. This is exactly why Ka Leody needs to run, to carve out space.

Let's not forget tho that it's the disillusionment from "elite democracy," and the promises of EDSA that birthed a fascist leader like Duterte. 

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  1. Thanks Ross del Rosario and Wazzup Pilipinas for this article. Kailangan ng pantay na pagkakataon ang bawat kandidato. At sa totoo lang malaki din ang qualification ni Ka Leody at para sa aming nagaadvocate ng pagkalinga sa tao at kalikasan, maliwanag ang kanyang stand sa kalikasan. Let us vote for leaders which will really care for our country.


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