Monday, April 5, 2021

Students call for Academic Break amidst a heightening pandemic crisis

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This school year has been an endless cycle of guilt, anxiety and exhaustion.

As the country hit the 15,000-mark on COVID-19 cases, we must uphold the well-being of the student body amidst a heightening pandemic crisis. 

Students feel anxious checking  their phones and the reason is because of online class. They hate receiving notifications about assignments, projects, and anything school related. But they can't turn notifications off because they're also anxious about missing the requirements.

COVID may not be transmitted virtually but the stress brought by online classes make all students vulnerable to such. 

Imagine losing a loved one because of COVID but you can't mourn because you have unfinished assignments for school, or having anxiety for being stuck in your home for months and not knowing what's going to happen. 

Grabe yung neoliberal na edukasyon. Biruin mo extended and ECQ, maraming mawawalan na naman ng trabaho, maraming kapos, etc.  Paano magpapatuloy ang isang estudyante o bata kung iisipin niya saan siya kukuha ng pang load para sa online classes? ACADEMIC BREAK NOW!

Pagod na kami, kailan niyo ba marerealize yon?

Tbh the past two weeks before the easter break was exhausting and I can't help but to see my friends' mental health going south so please sana magkaroon ng academic break.

With the academic break, can we also take this time to assess the online setup that we have? From professors having a hard time to get used to the functions of online platforms to grading system, madaming problema.

It's hard to pretend that classes should go on as usual with the pandemic raging on. What about our mental health?

The neoliberal system is indeed showing at this time, isn't it? despite the imposed lockdowns and high cases, we're still regulating - as if like slowly succumbing to the new normal that they call.

Please. We're so tired. We are not machines.

For God’s sake!! No one should have the pressure from academic requirements when literally their whole family is sick!!

Now is not the time to think about academics. Our family’s health and safety should be our priority. With the increasing number of cases, all we ask is compassion & kindness.

HINDI KAMI TAMAD. It just doesn't feel right to care about school works when people around us are dying, starving, barely surviving. i haven't learned much from my modules but I know for a fact that the statistics are actual people, not just numbers. 

Honestly, the set up is not effective as before. A break for students is a must! There are students who need a break for about a week/2 weeks or a month or worse a year/s if they experienced some stress. A lot of students I encountered are too much stressed. Too much stress can lead to some mental problems if you really care about health think also about the mental health of a student not just the physical health.

I don’t get how Institutions expect their stakeholders to be 100% mentally & physically ready for the exam week amidst all the chaos. This week felt more like an asynchronous completion week, rather, than the holy week.

The student body & professors have long been worn out due to their workload, personal problems, & national issues to the point that it has been driving people mad & tired.

And IMHO, everything that we’ve been doing has been pointless, and we really feel anxious for my future.
The least the university could do is extend the break and ease of academic requirements to let both the student body and professors recuperate after weeks of unending workloads.

Add ko lang na we wouldn’t be in this mess if the national government were urgent in handling the pandemic. Their negligence led to countless of deaths that could have been prevented. The situation right now is a testament that they don’t know what they’re doing. 

Please cancel classes. It’s arduous and exhausting. There is not so much to get from this setup. How much more loss to those who are paying tuition fees? The Philippine government must accept that they failed this nation. They failed the people. Let's continue to demand and hold those officials accountable for their incompetency.

They need to reassess this education system under remote learning. Look up for plans that can get us back to f2f setting.

Online class is not helpful at all. It just makes our mental health worst. Some of the students experiencing lack of motivation.

Dear gobyerno, ano gusto niyo para makapag academic break? Increase of suicidal rates, increase of patients with depression or increase of student drop outs. geh? Choose your character. 

It does not make sense that our academic institutions demand us to attend our classes and function academically when basically every facet of society is in crisis.

Where is your empathy?
Hindi kami tamad.
Tao lang kami.

Alam niyo dapat itong mga araw na itong Holy Week.. dapat spending time with God, Spending time with family.. pero ano nangyari? Spending time with Module! 

Alam mo yung masakit? Yung a-akyat ka ng grade level nang walang natutunan.

Sana naman huwag ninyong hintayin yung panahong lahat ng students ay depressed na.


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