Wednesday, April 7, 2021

#PatayNaBa: Philippines manifesting a death wish for Duterte

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

Art. 7 Sec. 12 of 1987 Constitution: "In case of serious illness of the President, the public shall be informed of the state of his health..."

President Duterte's weekly public address was postponed due to fears he would get infected with COVID-19 after many PSG personnel test positive, says Senator Bong Go.   

The flight for personal health to Singapore. The personal jet that flew from Clark to Singapore. The postponed weekly address from Mon to Wed to next week.  

People are tweeting #NasaanAngPangulo out of concern NOT for Duterte but for a country devoid of a competent, sensitive and breathing leader amid a health crisis.

Also the 0 proof of life/health. Personal health ba or family matter?

Karapatan po namin malaman. #PatayNaBa #NasaanAngPangulo

The entire Philippines manifesting a death wish, este, questioning if someone is already dead. You know you are so terrible when an entire nation is willing your death.

Funny how supporters are calling out how disrespectful the hashtag #PatayNaBa is when Duterte himself killed people.

But before you grandstand and show disdain against  #PatayNaBa hashtag, think of the times when the police asked the same question during their EJK spree.

His inner circle are testing positive. The presidential daughter, in Singapore. Eto na ba?

Ang sama na humiling namamatay ang isang tao pero di ko talaga minsan maiwasan isipin sana mamatay na si Duturtle.

Wishing death on someone isn't right but when it's towards someone who has caused death to thousands of people, I think it's valid.

An Australian Royal Flying Doctor Service Hawker 800XP with call sign VH-RIO, a medivac jet, took off from Diosdado Macapagal airport at 1051 Saturday, April 3, and landed three hours later at 1409 on Selatar Airport, Singapore. Could it have carried the Duterte's?!

At kung totoo man, he even had the chance to get treated in Singapore, one of the finest medical facilities in the world.

Samantalang ang normal na Pilipino namamatay dahil sa tagal makahanap ng ICU na mag a accomodate.

Jusko po.

Just to be clear: the President is currently VIOLATING Art. VII Sec. 12 of the CONSTITUTION (right of people to know his state of health).

But we've known for 5 years that he does not care about the law. Para sa pasistang rehimeng Duterte, siya lang ang batas.

Pinagyabang niya na pumatay at pumapatay siya ng tao. Sinabihan pa niya si VP Leni na "Mamatay ka na"

Anyway frustrated at DDS getting all sensitive with the #PatayNaBa hashtag while mocking the deaths of EJK victims and threatening to harm anyone who speaks against Duterte.

Don’t wish this #PatayNaBa . It might only pave way to Sara same with Noynoy back then. Tbh, they used the same strategy like, not gonna run but ran anyway but D30 exaggerated it—sadly it succeeded. Better for him to be paralyzed instead.

I wish na #BuhayPa para pagbayarin pa. Kaso, there’s a system that’s deeply rooted na kahit #PatayNaBa, merong papalit lang.

I'm wishing the President a very healthy and long life so we can held him accountable to all the mishaps and tragedy he caused during his administration.

#PatayNaBa? #PatayNaSana? The more you wish him dead the more he gets stronger. So I'd rather you wished that he should live more. Maybe the opposite happens and he finally buys the farm.

Death would be such a sweet escape for them. But we’ve reach that point of hopelessness that their death would be such a short, but sweet, respite.

Nah, I don't wish him death. I wish him a horrible existence. A very painful existence he will wish death himself.



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