Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Loki trailer is out and we're loving it

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

Two trailers in less than a week? for two different marvel movies this summer? we are being FED.

Loki is back and up to his old antics in a new trailer for the upcoming #DisneyPlus series under the character's name that focuses on the #Marvel (most of the time) villain.

The green and purple in Loki's trailer is so incredible. I just know the cinematography of Loki is gonna be incredible. It's his world and we're just living in it. Loki spent half the trailer being a little shit and I expect nothing less.

#Loki is genuinely gonna be one of Marvel's most visually stunning projects to date. Loki feels fresh and I like the visual aesthetic in the trailer. Might be the Marvel show I'm most looking forward to. It is just going to be so aesthetically pleasing! It's too beautiful too handle.

I’ve never been more hyped to see a show than I am right now for Loki. It's gonna be a banger for sure.

It's not even just that he's my favourite villainous character, holy fuck these trailers were awesome. It's mostly because the Loki fandom is starved for content.

The fact that it took this long for Marvel to give Tom Hiddleston his own standalone as Loki is baffling, but I’m not complaining now. This is going to be insanely good. 

#LOKI: The God of Mischief, your honour. Streaming June 11. I really can’t get over how beautiful the Loki series looks. 

Marvel's Loki is hot and badass, but also adorable and funny. So true he’s literally so annoying and loveable. We stan a man who can do both.

A top secret organization that regulates time travel — where have we seen that before?

It seems Loki is going to help fix the timeline’s lose ends caused by him taking the tesseract but how did that one event create so many goddamn timelines what tf did he do

This HAS to lead to multiverse of madness somehow.

So the story is basically "loki you f*cked the timeline so bad that you ruined the mcu. Can you f*ck it back to normal again?"

So if #LOKI has to get imprisoned, get a collar put on him and be forced to 'fix' the timelines does that mean they're going to be dragging Steve ( the original Captain America) in too or nah?

Wonder if it is Natasha maybe in a timeline where it was Hawkeye who was sacrificed maybe things wouldn't have succeeded since his skill set wound up necessary or something.

Marvel Studios’ LOKI isn’t the first time #TomHiddleston and #OwenWilson appeared in a project together.

The pair previously starred in Woody Allen’s 'Midnight in Paris,' where Wilson played Gil, a Hollywood writer and Hiddleston played F. Scott Fitzgerald. 

In Norse mythology, Loki was actively pansexual and genderfluid. So was a lot of people back before Christianity got ahold of everything. 

Pansexual means putting it lightly considering Loki from Norse Mythology, the one the Marvel character is based on, fathered Hel, J├Ârmungandr and Fenrir. And taking Sleipnir into consideration as well.

Pansexual is potentially attracted to anyone. Man, woman and anyone mixing it up in the middle.

Thor did not have golden hair and was not that chiseled too. He had red hair and wore gauntlets all the time.

I have a feeling Marvel is pushing kids towards this New Age Spiritual movement. I was in it for the science theories. But now I feel totally different about it.

You will be relieved to know that this is actually just based from Norse religious mythos and not Marvel Cinematic universe. Marvel  adopted "Son of Odin  Loki is not the same as Loki "Blood Brother of Odin."

Regardless*, probably not many because they all just want to be superheroes- not follow religious doctrine. The references and historical details are for adults. not kids.

But don't tell the neo-Nazis who think Norse mythology is all about Vikings and hammers. You'll make them cry in their invented heathenism. Though Valhalla is not a place for them. Let them be angry. 

The evil is not from a particular sect. It's cuz some individuals cannot live their own fucking lives and need to control others'. It's inside every human being.

Instead of quick conclusions and hatred towards a group, look within to understand.

Regardless, out of this how many kids will adopt dead Norse religions?

Unfortunately hes made up, just like the concept of gender fluidity.

Well... everything’s made up, isn’t it?

Every word has been made up.

If you mean the actual concept of genderfluid, I.e. people who mix between the genders, you might be surprised how long that’s been happening (a bit longer than the relatively new word).

There are scientific facts like; chromosomes decide your gender. However, using your imagination to magically change your gender on a moment to moment based on your mood IS completely made up, regardless of how long its been around.

If you saw that Loki trailer today and were like "Gawd damn, I need to read some comics about that dang trickster, like right now" might I suggest Loki by @kibblesmith

With "Loki" set to premiere on June 11th, Marvel and Disney have shared a zany new trailer to the anticipated series. This show is going to be crazy. We can't wait to watch! 

Seems like we'll be seeing the Ancient One's fear come to light in this show. 

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