Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Julie's Bakeshop joins the Oddvertising trend

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

HERE WE GO, AGAIN! From RC Cola to Mega Sardines to Julie's Bakeshop. The Weird Filipino Commercial Trilogy is complete. 

Have you seen the newest commercial of Julie's Bakeshop with the #StopTitaShaming? 

Julie’s Bakeshop kneads, dusts, cuts, bakes and serves. Tita shamers get eaten like pandesal. Their slogan — “Pwedeng fresh pa rin kahit 40 na.” — is giving me life! 

The Philippines' commercial industry is entering a new era and idk if I'm living for it.

Alam ninyo, 'di ko na rin alam ang trip ng brands these days. Julie's Bakeshop, baka hindi ako makatulog tonight. 

What happened to feel-good #advertising concepts? Hindi ko alam kung matatawa ako o kikilabutan sa advertisement ng Julie’s Bakeshop.

Advertising helps communicate what your brand stands for. Add value to your company and it resonates with your audience.

The Julie's Bakeshop ad is relatable in its own way. Not everything has to be sunshine and daisies just so it could resonate with the people.

Julie's Bakeshop, Mega Sardines (or Tuna ba) and RC Cola's ads are today's version of Wansapanataym of the Batang 90's 

Alamat ng Pinya
Magic Sandok
Inday Bote

How tito can you be? 

Thanks, Julie's Bakeshop for this demonstration of how the body of Christ was formed. Lol!

Those who cannot appreciate the new ad of Julie’s Bakeshop (and RC Cola and Mega) cannot appreciate advertising, or art. 

That Julie's Bakeshop commercial sure is creative ah! I love that "fresh pa rin kahit 40 na" tagline.

If there's something to take away from the Julie's Bakeshop ad, it's that y'all need to date my old friend dahil pwedeng fresh pa rin kahit 40 na. 

People who don’t know the importance of branding would definitely like Julie’s Bakeshop new ad. But the reality is, kawawa yung brand after this. Paano yung brand value? What is the brand message? Na mukhang maasim yung bread? Lasang sweaty guy? 

This is little thread on absurdist advertising (or oDdvErtisIng) no one asked for, but we need our fun little projects to distract from existential dread. 

Julie's Bakeshop made some points here. When men annoy you, turn them into bread.

Is it cannibalism if the human turns into a bread? WTF Julie's Bakeshop!!!! Stop messing my brain!

Julie's bakeshop decided to celebrate their 40th anniversary by ending auntshaming through baking offenders (I wish I was joking).

Turning an asshole into bread makes sense in my fantasy. Let's all learn from this Julie's Bakeshop ad. When men say stupid shit, turn them into pandesal. 

This was nightmares-level weird but well played, Julie's Bakeshop. Valiant effort to keep up with these weird times.

Pretty peculiar! But if the aim was to be the talk of the town, then it definitely hit the goal
So now when I look at bread I'll be reminded of this nightmare. Thanks, Julie's Bakeshop.

Did I understand the point of this? Vaguely. But will I buy from Julie's Bakeshop? Yes, because I'm gullible.

At this point, just treat it as an abstraction and make your own interpretations lol.

Julie’s Bakeshop really said eat the tita-shamers‼️ Great to see how PH advertisers are now upgrading their attack to the Filipino public.

Let’s not be afraid to change landscapes: today the ads, tomorrow the pinoy series and next year the government.

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