Thursday, March 4, 2021

VP Leni Robredo calls Rodrigo Duterte Unpresidential "Pikon"

Wazzup Pilipinas!

"Vice President Leni Robredo said President Rodrigo Duterte acted unpresidential when he insulted her for supposedly making it appear his government was flouting regulatory processes for Sinovac's COVID-19 vaccine."

Nothing new...he has never been presidential at all since he took office ...and that's just the "Humanistic" reaction of a person with an unbelievable small dick.

"Insults are the arguments employed by those who are in the wrong." - Jean-Jacques Rousseau

That's why Duterte loves insulting VP Leni when she points out the wrong or insufficient actions of this administration. He’s an embarrassment as a President of the Philippines. 

President Duterte loves insulting VP Leni because she's doing great things rather than Duterte of always urging his thoughts to be recommended and finalized without consulting the experts and even hear the suggestions of his VP.

The Pwesident thinks he has the sole right of getting hurt when someone else points out his mistakes & wrong decisions & no one else has the right to be hurt by his insults thrown at anyone he chooses to malign. 

But he’s not a human- “animalistic”is the right word. The lowest form of animal in fact.

He cannot simply manage his mouth, which is a part of his body. How can he manage the country with millions of people? 

Duterte is now the unpresidential of the Philippines. He seems to be more concerned in getting back at his critics more than the affairs of the country. You rarely hear anything worthwhile or something valuable in his speeches. He seems to always deal about all the trivialities that don’t concerns or that would benefit Filipinos. He is more concern in feeding his bruised ego.

Insults are the last resort of insecure and small minds. The same with smearing campaigns. 

Just a reminder that March is Women's Month. What a way start the month, degrade a woman.

He always have the right to react but in a presidential way and not by using foul languages that don’t fit or suitable to the office that he represents. He is taking the presidency to the gutter.

This entity Digong when humiliated, reacts like an uneducated thug, like a kangaroo as later on he'll bounce like a ball kanga and after, like a jelly as he just melts after realizing nobody takes him seriously anymore! 

Duterte is Robredo's number one campaigner if you haven't noticed yet. He is showing everyone he doesn't deserve to be president, and Robredo is the rightful one.

Duterte meltdown again..

The character and behavior of a child having a tantrum is far better than this man. The worst character on display again. Poor country and suffering people battered by pandemic and typhoons now having to bear with an incompetent insolent leader. Filipinos deserve better. We need to get rid of this devil.

The irrational attitude and very unpresidential act of the President against the Vice President, with the latter just expressing her concern about the 50% efficacy of sinovac, a constitutional right of every pilipino, is clearly beginning to draw an increasing & massive dislike of the people to the President. And in all likelihood it will draw more support for the Vice President.. Nakakahiyang President at sobra talagang Pikon..

The problem is COVID19!

The VP is not the problem!

Face the problem on Covid. The frontliners deserve the best vaccine for Covid!

Idikdik mo yan sa utak mo Duterte if ever may utak ka pa.

Unpresidential and insecure. Truth really hurts, so he wants against his detractors. What a loser!

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