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The Gerald Anderson x Julia Barretto Relationship Reveal

Wazzup Pilipinas!

You all make fun of Bimby just having a great time with his mom, Kris Aquino, while we let toxic men like Gerald run around denying accountability.

"Wala po akong ghinost."

Gerald Anderson says he did not 'ghost' Bea Alonzo, but he just left a relationship, which he described as 'toxic.' But which came first - the ghosting or her relationship with Julia Barretto?

Gerald Anderson denies ghosting Bea Alonzo and admits his relationship with Julia Barretto.

So now that Gerald Anderson confirmed his relationship with Julia Baretto,I can't help but feel sad for Joshua Garcia and Bea Alonzo they deseve better , not just better but the best.

Julia had the gall to paint Bea as the one playing the victim card & some of her fans before, were asking Bea to say sorry to Julia for getting all the hate. Now that Gerald finally admitted their relationship, some people are still defending them. The issue here is that she denied being the third party. akala ko ba ‘di ka liar? haha awit sa inyo Julia and Gerald. 

Julia Barretto, epitome of a well-spoken person na kung makasalita ng mga words of wisdom about love e akala mo love guru but in reality she can’t apply it to herself. Dami pang sinabi dati about the Gerald issue but now that it has been confirmed makes her more like a clown. 


In a world full of Gerald Anderson and Derek Ramsay. Be Daniel Padilla, Enrique Gil, Richard Gutierrez, Xi'an Lim, and Khalil Ramos. 

Derek Ramsay says "Back to you Gerald Anderson! Sa iyo ulit ang spotlight!"

Gerald basically said a whole lot of NOTHING in his interview. Just dramatics & trying to gain sympathy. And Boy Abunda tiptoeing around him asking if he “ghosted” Bea instead of asking if he CHEATED with Julia. Lost even more of the already zero respect i have for Gerald.

He kept saying “i just try to not mind the haters”, universal excuse of these celebs when they get called out. I dont even know why he’s trying to even clear his name when everyone already knows he's a scum. LMAO!

Worst part, he tried to make it seem like he absolutely had no fault in what happened. And that Bea lashing out was not justified. I hope Bea comes out and curses this shameless idiot once and for all.

Ikaw yung toxic, Gerald Anderson. You walked away, because you found another girl to play with, yet you don't have the balls to admit you ghosted Bea Alonzo. You can stop being a clown. It's not funny.

I’m fine if it’s really him & Julia in a relationship now. Everyone already knew that. What’s annoying is his GALL to even have an interview & try to gain sympathy. Bea hasn’t even said anything anymore. But he’s just shameless.

Gerald be playing the victim. You walked away when you had dinner and you think that's already a break up?

Damn, boy! And you have the audacity to call Bea toxic when you just left her hanging a pretends to be a victim of a toxic relationship?

Look who's talking?!

In conclusion, ang kapal ni Gerald. And these cheaters and garbage men really have the audacity.

I can't stand these people who are defending Julia and Gerald, especially their fans who think that the girl was also a victim in the situation when basically, she's not. Their relationship was the outcome of ruining other people's lives and you shouldn't be proud of that.

But Bea has her own history with cheating and ruining other people’s relationships as well. I don’t get why the hatred is focused only on one side.

Bea is way too smart to deserve Gerald. Thank God she left this boy!

The reason why I didn't even finish watching Paubaya's music video is because it is romanticizing cheating! Now that Gerald admitted his relationship with Julia, all that drama in that MV was for nothing. Stop romanticizing cheating! 

Paubaya is a masterpiece the only thing that I hate now is it looks like they use it to clean Julia's name through showing us JoshLia's closure then days after they reveal Gerald and Julia. lol the industry stinks!

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