Friday, March 26, 2021

#RestoreTheSnyderVerse now above 1 Million Tweets

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“You will give the people of Earth an ideal to strive towards. They will race behind you, they will stumble, they will fall. But in time, they will join you in the sun, Kal. In time, you will help them accomplish wonders.” 

#RestoreTheSnyderVerse now! We are legitimately the best fandom in the world. So much raw passion and dedication. 

#RestoreTheSnyderVerse crosses 1M tweets as fans campaign for Warner Bros to let Zack Snyder finish his DCEU plan.

WB is just being stupid and stubborn at this point. Literally this movie put them back on the map and they’re willing to overlook it because of resentment.

The thing is, do they even care? I don't think they really care about this anymore, despite the demand for it, but again, I hope the Snyderverse does continue.

They care about $ and if today's proved anything it's that there's a truckload of money waiting for them if they greenlight the sequels. They'd be insane not to take advantage of this hype.

WB would be legitimately foolish to not capitalise. There’s never been this much hype for any of their other movies.

People are onboard now and know what to expect when they walk into a DC movie directed by Zack Snyder.

Snyder Cut was the best thing DC has done since Nolan’s trilogy. It’s fitting that a company that’s always made bad decisions will bungle this too.

WB would be stupid not to continue from where JL left off. Shit ton of money up for grabs.

I feel like the issue is he more or less fully released his overall plan.. didn’t he reveal the synopsis’s for part 2 and 3? I spose they could work around the new dc movies coming and change his outline, or lean into the multiverse ..but seems too big a mountain to climb.

This is the most insane part of this whole situation. Media is upset that comic book fans voices were heard. However this is one of the best DC movies I have ever seen and would have seen in multiple times. I thought of 7 to 10 stories that could have been done after this cut. 

I much rather see this than Dwayne Johnson playing Dwayne Johnson in black Adam.

I personally think it’s because The Rock can’t act. He just plays himself. Don’t get me wrong he’s entertaining as hell but you are right it’s very repetitive.

1 million tweets... Incredible. Fans of DC films have made their voice heard. We want the Snyder Verse to continue. If Warner Brothers doesn't green light Justice League 2 then they clearly don't want to compete with Marvel.   

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