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Prevention is still better than cure, keep your immunity strong with Dr. Zen's supplements

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As the old saying goes "Prevention is (still) better than cure!" That will forever be a reality ...well, as of the moment when you can't clone a healthy version of you yet. Unlike in the movies where we could replicate a younger and healthier version of us, our lives could not be repeated, reused, or recycled. What we do, what we eat, where we go, and how we spend our time greatly affects our physical, external and internal features, and extends to our psychological, emotional, social, etc. outlook. Outside of unavoidable external factors, don't expect to live a perfectly fine life if we don't take care of our bodies.

COVID-19 precautions should be on the top of our list for being responsible and caring in the family, community, and in the country we belong to.

By simply following and applying these necessary guidelines required by our government in our current situation today will save lives and will stop the virus from spreading.

But there's more than just wearing face masks and shields, regular handwashing and disinfecting, social distancing and avoiding large gatherings, we also need to boost our immune systems....and you could do that by including supplements in your daily diet.

There's actually no need to take supplements, only if you are sure that your food intake have all the necessary nutrients our body needs. We are also considering our regular habits and exposure to our environment notable in determining our essential requirements to keep healthy and active. Also to take note are our personal attributes that are valuable in understanding what we really need to maintain and keep. In short, not everyone has the same solution to a perfectly healthy existence. We are all genuinely unique.

However, I guess the most challenging task is determining which solutions out there are the best for us. Especially for products that are all claiming exceptional results, the promises of a better health would always depend per individual. We have different fixes for different folks. Just take the time to understand which ones that your body is positively reacting to, and that takes time and a lot of patience. What could be good for others may not work for you. What could be the most expensive, could still be the less effective. So just like a wise shopper that compares prices, benefits, and after-sales customer service in consideration, we have to try every product out there for a few months and see the differences in its effect to our bodies, understanding all the pros and cons, realizing the benefits and side effects, taking note of the affordability and convenience as well.

So taking supplements has the same expectations. We can't give our well-informed and tested feedback until we've tried them for at least a few months. We can't recommend until we see how and if they do work well to give our bodies the optimum energy it needs. But like what I've said earlier, we could only give testimonies of our personal experience. Others could get totally different effects.

But what we have to prioritize is that we should also take the necessary actions to keep our bodies at their best. So the risks are minimal.compared to the possible advantages supplements could give us. Even the most flawless piece of vegetable or fruit could or could not entirely make us healthier since we are all reiterated... genuinely unique...and thus genuinely different from each other. There's no ideal supplement for all. We can't generally proclaim one total solution to provide our bodies the essentials to keep living an active and productive life.

There are also so many "products" out there that could contribute a necessity. We don't really need to take each and every one of them. We can't possibly have all of them.on a regular basis. So reach out for the most basics, and then just extend to others to address our specific needs.

Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid but ), Zinc, or a little bit of everything like what multi-vitamins and minerals give such as Dr. Zen's BioComplete which also gives a bonus of Probiotics. 

Take note that theirs is the Sodium Ascorbate form. They just complied with FDA ruling on generic labeling that only the generic will be emphasized, but if you check the side panel for the formulation, Sodium Ascorbate is written. This is the non-acidic version, the gut friendly one.

I'll get back to you after a month or so of using their products so I could give you a well-informed and tested feedback.

For the meantime, you can purchase them at your favorite drugstores or online at Dr. Zen's sites, but you get special promotional bonuses if you get them from us using our promo codes per campaign. Get to try their products with me.

Dr. Zen's also have purifiers. Products to keep your breathable air pure for a healthier you. Whether it's for your home or car, they have one that you could check out at a special promo if you purchase using our link and code.

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