Thursday, March 4, 2021

Jason's Survival Journey Against the Dreaded Coronavirus

Wazzup Pilipinas!

This is a success story already. A story worthy to be told to inspire others not to lose hope. 

We all experience a lot of ups and downs, mostly downs, since the pandemic started. Whether it was losing our job or business, a loved one, or an opportunity to continue with our dreams and aspirations. I think the sudden rise of interest for cooking, planting, and other hobbies were not enough to relieve all the stress caused by these lockdowns or quarantines, the probable diminishing food supplies, the limitations in public transportation, the lack of clarity for access to a cure or vaccine, brought about by the virus scare punctuated by a government we see as incompetent.

What more if we're among the ones infected by the sneaky Coronavirus. Now, that's bound to be a rightful part of our blog...or vlog, if you're like us who are active on social media that are often branded as content creators or Influencers. When even the healthworkers are not getting the best treatment, it is dreadful to realize becoming a patient would be extra worrisome.

Jason's journey is an adventure he will look back to with pride because he was able to go through it head on. He did not hesitate to upload online his "drama" to not just knock on everyone's heart for assistance but also because he believes it's his chance to educate others about the real danger brought about by this threat. Who else could better tell the life-endangering story but the survivor himself. 

Don't mind the high cost of hospitalization. Better to admit yourself to counter this virus. Our life is more precious than our savings. We"ll earn back what we lost, and more, if we recover. Life is too short to regret spending on our health.

How you see him now hasn't always been like this. He's one of the strong men I know but also one of soft-hearted people I've met. He seldom does anything offensive to irk you, and often gets along with everyone. He could run for a government position with that attitude. Never burning bridges, always accepting blog assignments even for just a minimal compensation or ex-deal. He"s fine with just having some coffee and light snacks, or even delayed tokens. He may complain behind your back, but he will never lose that amicable disposition when dealing with fellow bloggers or PR persons.

There could have been times when he almost lost hope, especially with this dilemma, but only he would know that as he keeps the struggle to himself. It is admirable that he shows courage to.inspire others to keep the strength and will to survive against the deadly virus. 

He also found strength in the people around him. "Ang daming iyo, Jayson. Tandaan mo yan. Huwag kalimutan." We are all indeed basically good when given the chance....and this goodness easily comes out when we do appreciate how the person dealt with us. Investing on real friendship has the best rewards and karma.

Kahit may sakit, panay remind pa rin sa amin na mag-iingat against Covid. Wear daw kami ng N95 mask tapos always sanitize with alcohol lahat ng incoming delivery.

Thanks, Jayson R. Biadog 

You'll get through with that damn virus. Keep on believing!

Seeing him gain this much attention, for doing something he thought could be his last glimmer of hope to help others, makes me so proud and happy that his effort to document his treatment in order to advise and inform others are being recognized not just by the people we know but by everyone else concerned with the rest of our fellowmen. 

You don't have to do everything exactly as he did. Choose your own path and use his story as your inspiration to face your own journey head on.

Remember that this is more likely not a scamdemic as what others feel but it's more like a challenge to all to keep the faith in humanity....that in all our struggles, our dear friends we touched with our presence, and even strangers with hearts of gold, would reach out and help us get through these hard times.

His hospital bills are increasing everyday and since noone is allowed to visit him in his isolated room (Room 910) we could not visit and could only send food and drinks by courier.

As expected, he needs all the help both financially (you may send to his GCash account number 09279896797) and in kind (food and drinks), as well as moral support, to keep his strength and will to survive.

Shout-out to all my friends and acquaintances, restaurant owners, PR and media/blogger friends, and everyone else who are willing to help out in whatever form. I know we are all affected by the pandemic but every little bit of help counts.

Thank you in advance!

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