Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Duque's NCR Plus Bubble

Wazzup Pilipinas!

"Too many people have lost, and still losing, their lives because of the putrid incompetence displayed by those in public office." 

Numbers tell the truth. World class and currently leading ang Pilipinas sa paramihan ng new COVID cases. Salamat po Pang gulo Digong for sleeping on the job and to DoH sec. Duque for bringing us where are right now. 

granular, NCR Plus, GCQ bubble, circuit breaker...ano pa ba pauso nilang pandemic  terminologies?

Noon ko pa sinasabing mag-resign si DOH Sec. Duque. The question really boils to: why are we back to square one or worse after one horrific year? 

Duque appeals to public to stay at home.

Public appeals to Duque to resign.

Duque should have been sacked eons ago. But what do you expect from a President, who likes to retain incompetent men?

Will #DuqueResign under his own volition? I doubt. Will Duterte terminate him as Health Chief. I doubt.

They both thrive in parasitic, symbiotic relationships.

A year ago, less than 500 cases and we closed our borders to ECQ. Now we breached the highest case and who we got  --- DUTERTE, DUQUE and ROQUE pa din.

Should #DuqueResign? He should have been fired last April, or September at the latest. It's now clear that IT IS DUTERTE WHO SHOULD RESIGN. My column tomorrow argues that Duque's failure is a function of Duterte's four fatal mistakes, and that Du30 should resign. 


1. Personalized the crisis, turning it into a loyalty test

2. Treated it as PR (>>> Duque's meter stick)

3. Sees the public health crisis as a peace & order problem

4. Politicized the vaccine response

And that's why we're back to square one.

#DutertePalpak is an understatement.

Duque can't resign because it is an acceptance of failure. Duterte can't fire duque because it is the acknowledgement of failure. So they can't just tell Pinoys it was a failure from the beginning and they should have listen to the calls and advices. 

Huwag niyo irason na developed ang US.

Vaccine contracts were said to be finalized mid-Feb but they weren’t. Duque fucked up the documents for 10M Pfizer vaccines. Du30 wants 60% of the population vaccinated but talks on vaccination sites haven’t started yet. 1 year & we’re again on GCQ.

We don’t need ECQ, MECQ, GCQ, MGCQ.

What we need is for Duterte, Duque and IATF to resign.

Enough of incompetence, corruption, misplaced priorities and all these clownery!

#DutertePalpak is a reality.

What im trying to indicate here is the QUALITY OF LEADERSHIP, and the lack of it, our government could have provided for us if they truly serve the people, but they only serve themselves. At the end of the day, that's what it all comes down to. Their priority now is to win the next election on 2022.

The next time I want to see Duque trending is when he has already tendered his irrevocable resignation....

Let Duque do what he does best - magpamigay ng face shield at magsukat gamit ang meter stick for 'social distancing' purposes. Let someone else lead our HCWs.

if not, I'd settle for Duterte. Now that's the best news...ever!

Pero hindi sila makapagresign kasi makikita mga anomalies sa mga contract at budget allocation na sila sila lang nakakaalam. Malamang ang papalit diyan inner circle din para tuloy ang bulsahan.

I'd like to think this will be Duque's hell when he dies: he will forever have to measure the distance between two souls in hell and give face shields day in, day out and no one will listen to him.

And Duterte will forever rant against his detractors...instead of doing his job.

Duterte needs to resign.

Duque needs to resign.

IATF needs to resign.

Our frontliners deserve better.

Our health care sector deserves better.

The Filipino people deserves better.

Philippines deserves better.


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