Wednesday, February 3, 2021

We Deserve an Atty Chel Diokno in the government

Wazzup Pilipinas!

We deserve an Atty. Chel Diokno in public office. Sayang at Hindi siya Manali nilang Senator.

Listening to Atty. Chel Diokno now and thinking about the statements of Bato, Go, Revilla, Lapis, Pacquiao, Marcos, etc., makes me realize how broken our country is - when brilliant minds who belong to the Senate are beaten by idiots.  

One Chel Diokno > Pacquiao, Revilla, Lapid, Dela Rosa, Go, Marcos, etc.

Chel Diokno has the BIG BRAIN and the HEART for the Filipinos. 

He deserves a Senate or higher position in the national government to put us forward and not behind like what other in position is doing. Kudos Atty. Chel Diokno. We are with you on this! Keep fighting!

I feel sorry for the choice(s) Filipinos made when it comes to electing their leaders....or is that really the case?

They were not beaten!! Diokno et al were victims of the 7hr glitch.

The election was rigged!!!. Unless talagang utak munggo karamihan sa ating voters. I refuse to accept the latter.

The latter might actually be plausible but "utak munggo" might not be the right term. Those who live below the poverty line don't know any better. Sila rin yung mas nadadali sa vote buying. Konti lang talaga yung educated voters sa PH.

I agree that I used the wrong term in general. However, we also see a lot of people who live comfy life who truly believe the BS that we get from this admin. I won’t go far, I have family members who holds degrees both baccalaureate and post who voted for the clowns.

Ayaw ng DDS ng marunong at may integrity. Sawa na raw sa mga disenteng Dilawan. But when you elect clowns, expect a circus...

Pinoys are instinctively gamblers and basically bandwagoners.

Kung saan llamado, doon tumataya.

Kaya mga bobo at estupido, basta kilala at maingay, nananalo sa senado at kongreso. At minsan sa palasyo.

May mga botante pa rin hindi masyadong maalam sa mga politika kung magtatanong ka sa kanila ang isasagot nila ay kung sino ang sikat sapagkat ang tangi nilang inaalala ay ang mamakakain sa araw araw. In short konti lang ang mga botante na alam kung sino ang karapat dapat.

Are our elected officials is a clear reflection of the voting majority’s preference!? Or we just don't really care? So we vote for the most popular and hoping the majority knows best? Most of them ibinoboto yung mga matutunog na pangalan. Ang hirap tanggapin! 

It made me think also how majority of Filipinos are “illiterate” in terms of choosing their leaders. Im afraid it could be a chain that will rotten the Nation. God save the Philippines.

These politicians are actually wise because they know the general Filipinos. They were able to manipulate and influence many Filipinos. Kaya nga feeling ko hinahayaan ng mga politiko na hindi lumawak and umunlad ang pag-iisip ng mga tao para madali pa rin silang mapanghawakan.

Ayaw nila sa edukado gusto daw nila iyong barubal kung magsalita kasi iyon ang totoo at walang plastik. Oh anyare sa bansa natin? Naging CIRCUS kasi CLOWN ang mga naupo.

I always believe that God gave us the free will to discern so we need to take actions instead of leaving it all to Him. 

"Sayang" can not even express how big of a miss it was for our nation to lose a seat for Attys Chel in the senate room. Ginto na naging BATO pa #PunIntended

Di ba sayang yung Senate slots.. nasaan na yung brightest minds magdedebate about laws, etc.

We really need to step up efforts to educate our voters. Voting really is the most potent way that we can influence our government. Substandard voters = Substandard leaders.

Blame the voters. Naabutan lang eh pinagpalit ang utak.

The Philippines really fucked up after 2016 because the system is stacked against meritocracy and rewards corruption.

When we have an empowered citizenry. IDK when this will happen though....Or at least an engaged one.

Atty. Chel's letter  should inspire the next generation to be a lawyer. His arguments before the Supreme Court earlier today just made me fired up to be a defender of the rule of law and justice. His shrewdness (in the argument) is totally uplifting.

I admire Atty Chel Diokno on the way he responds to Justice Bernabe by citing a Supreme Court case that she penned. It reminded me sa scene sa How to Get Away with Murder, where Annalise Keating filed a classs action law suit against sa justice system sa Pennsylvania. 

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