Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Panalo si Panelo sa Momento na Ipagbawal na daw ang back ride sa motorsiklo

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Not even worthy of a debate on how stupid his comment is.

It is wrong on so many levels.

I thought this guy was a lawyer?

Its like saying....

Ipagbawal na din natin ang mga politician, because there will always be corruption. Because they can always pretend to be honest and clean and love the Filipino people and their country.

Just like him kunwari hindi kurakot pero in the end............. With all due respect.

Sorry for the profanity, but this is f*cking dumb. That statement raises so many questions. Do we just presume that when there's two people riding a motorcycle that they're probably a riding-in-tandem? Of course not. It would be unfair and irrational to do so. So, it defeats the purpose of a motorcycle having a long seat for two or three people. Why do we have a long-seat motorcycle? Why did we even invent the term back-ride if back-riding is not allowed?

And, isn't it the police's job to maintain peace and order?

First and for most, Philippines has the most  terrible traffic system in the world. We common people struggles everyday to go to work on time. Doing "angkas" in a motorcycle  is the creative way to refrain being late. 

Traffic take so much of our time. We couldn't spend much time for our family and love ones. And I believe that it is the duty of PNP to secure our safety and also by doing our part as well. This kind of thought coming from Panelo makes him incompetent public official. 

I do admire the viral video about research because she is correct. Public official tends to provide solutions base on what their naked eyes can see. They need to dig deeper, use critical thinking and metacognition to assess the problem correctly. These are the attributes that they have to change. 

There's more to motorcycle riders than just being tagged as "riding in tandem". They follow rules, they use safety gears and proper safety equipments, they assist, they guide, they share. It's is many people's main form of transportation and yes, there are a lot of motorcycle riders. 

Why not just implement stricter safety guidelines, provide a seminar for safety protocols, signals and the like. These can easily help our enforcers detect disciplined motorists (not just motorcycle drivers but ALL DRIVERS WHO SHARE THE ROAD.) There's a lot more to look into and to consider before imposing, proposing or even releasing statements such as this. It's sad how our law makers release statements without careful thought.

Penalizing law abiding, tax paying, working hard during pandemic Pinoys, instead of increasing police presence 24/7..

LTO failed to act upon the law. So now they want the riders to adjust because their men did not do their assignment?  


He should have thought of that a lot of times. Carrying that out will only create mass transportation problem, not everyone has a car. As we all know many of our compatriots use motorcycle as means of transport. They should rather think of other ways on how to counter criminality.

For me, I am not against tandem motorcycle riding. But I am against motorcycle crimes. Because they are giving motorcycle riders a bad name. The president legal counsel should know the situation. We are lacking enforcement. Well I just wish we can go back to those days that death penalty is legal. So crime shall pay. And for safety and if you want tandem riding, the passenger should wear a helmet. I sometimes see people who are tandem riding in motorcycle have no helmets. LTO, what is going on with you? You are the one who are enforcing. We been paying you to do enforcement, but our money went to nothing.....

Obviously coming from a person who doesn't ride or even own a motorcycle.

Cant wait for 2022...hopefully new candidates with credible appointees with practical mindset.

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