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Jam Magno is Ad Hominem Queen Against Rabiya Mateo

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For Miss Universe Philippines 2020 Rabiya Mateo, women are as capable as men, especially when it comes to leading a nation.

Mateo on Duterte's claim that presidency not for women: "Women are as capable as men." 

She disagrees that PH presidency is not for women. Duterte treats women as second-class citizens. Its not about gender.. Its about capability!

Our first woman PH President, Cory Aquino

Brought back Philippine Democracy to the Filipino people

Taken away from us by dictator Ferdinand Marcos.

Our first woman PH President is revolutionary and very heroic!

That is a FACT!

Anyone can lead regardless of their gender. may countries naman na babae leaders, hindi naman napapagaling ng gender ng isang leader ang leadership niya.

Mas magaling pa nga yung babaeng president ng taiwan at yung prime minister ng New Zealand.

Ang gusto kasi iparating sa atin ng statement ni Rabiya is Equality between Men and Women. Sa panahon natin ngayon is halos lahat ng trabaho na panlalaki noon is nagagawa na din ng babae. "Kung kaya ng lalaki, kaya din ng babae". Masyadong OA lang si Jam Magno.

J/am M/ag/no is attacking Rabiya because she's afraid. She's afraid that with the platform that Rabiya has, she might just make some of their trolls come to their senses. 

Go on, Rabiya. Definitely the Ms. Universe that we all need.

Ironic lang noh? Rabiya was standing up for all women. That they, too, have the power and capability to lead and serve. 

But the great troll, a woman at that, chose to attack her because she's too afraid of that idea.

✨A woman leading a country✨

Tapos nakakatawa pa. Support niya anak ni Duts na maging next president pero disagree sya sa sinabi ni Rabiya.

Sobrang dami niyang inconsistencies tbh. She was even attacking Rabiya's "sense of fashion" daw and how Am/an/da is better lol 

How does that have anything to do with the issue at hand?

Y'know your opponent is losing if they start throwing personal comments like that.

Hay naku Ka #Edjoot ba?!

So technically, that Jam Magno threw shade against Rabiya coz like her president, she thinks that women aren't good leaders, while ayon siya sa U.P. nagleleader-leaderan sa tropang militar - the context -

A tale of 2 women:

One uses her platform to empower women, while the other uses Tiktok to defend a misogynist.

Laki ng pinagkaiba putek. Pwede talaga tong title holder ng pagiging bida bida si Jam Magno. Kahit ano nalang pinapansin di naman ma turn on comments sa tiktok niya. Ewww! 

Ilang araw mula ngayon, kukubra nanaman si Jam Magno ng limpak-limpak sa salapi mula sa pamahalaan.

Jam Magno is trending (again) for attacking Rabiya Mateo. She called Rabiya's fashion sense confusing... where infact she be going out, dancing on tiktok with panty and bra not realizing she look like dancing-donkey with her Popinjay-personality. The guts of this uncultured grotesque.

You know what's confusing? The audacity of Jam to attack almost anyone who opposes the principles of her god. If you know what I mean.

If Jam is affected by the statement of Rabiya, it only says one thing. Rabiya is effective, and Jam is butthurt.

Sobrang triggered siya. Haha. Dahil lang sa opinion ni Rabiya, galit na galit, gusto pumatay! Lol!

Nakakabobo siya pakinggan. Yung tipong madaming satsat, pero walang laman. Natutuyot braincells ko sa kanya. 

I think she thinks in a way where they think they can outsmart anyone and if i say anyone i mean anyone.

Di pa naka higop ng batchoy sa iloilo to haha sabaw na sabaw tong si Jam "Mango" este Magno!!!! O Maligno.

The discussion should be between Jam Magno and Rabiya Mateo. Rabiya just said her honest opinion without using any logical fallacies. Meanwhile, Jam Magno just dragged her down personally, citing her wardrobe, preparations, activities, catwak etc. kung talaga ngang magaling ang Jam Magno ninyo, she should've known how to respect other people's opinion. Hindi rin dapat siya nagreresort sa kung anong logical fallacies. Bakit kapag nagawa ng vids sa tiktok, lahat naka turn off comments? What does she expects? Lahat ng DDS ay gaya nyo? Nyiii kaya kayo katatawanan eh. Kapag opinyon ninyo ay counted pero kapag opinyon ng iba hindi? 

A friendly reminder, criticizing someone’s opinion doesn’t make you right.

Yun isa isasali sa Miss Universe

Yun isa sinusuka ng universe.

Ang lakas ng loob pintasan ang fashion ni queen Rabiya samantalang siya ay mukhang maligno naman!

Competence, among others...Gender is not an issue when talking about leadership... Identity & gender politics are for the incompetent.

But a woman who is sure of herself and her capabilities need not dwell on proving her worth..A truly confident and independent woman should be unmindful of what others have to say about her, she just have to perform..and perform well..

Miss Universe Philippines Rabiya Mateo is urging Filipinos to vote for honest and accountable leaders in the 2022 election. 

Gandang Ilonggo. Beauty, brains and courage. Women like her with a stand is a total turn on!

Go Rabiya Mateo. We are behind you all the way! Wag mong pansinin yung mga patay gutom na trolls at patay gutom na mga paid bloggers, lalo yung eye bags queen na mukhang lupisak.

While the wokes are shedding their bitter tears, they’re unwittingly intensifying Jam’s voice and increasing her audience. Good job wokes.

You know what, kids, if you don’t like what Jam Magno is saying, ignore. Don’t stress yourselves. But no, you guys want to cancel whose perspectives are different from yours and that’s your problem.

We love to bash our own heads against the wall when we don't really have to. Too emo!!

"The problem we have online is that an algorithm decides what we want to see, which ends up creating a simplistic, binary view of society. It becomes a case of either you're with us or against us. And if you're against us, you deserve to be canceled"

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