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Doing Digital Marketing in 2021: 6 Strategies to Implement

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The year 2020 was indeed chaotic, but it provided digital marketing opportunities that can be carried on to 2021. Nonetheless, it pays to implement new digital marketing strategies to cope with the adversities brought by the coronavirus pandemic while also preparing for upcoming algorithm updates, if there are any.

What are these digital marketing strategies to implement this 2021? Below are some of these strategies that any digital marketing agency would recommend to their clients.

Overall digital marketing strategy: Optimize for RankBrain and omnichannel

RankBrain is a Google technology that refers to the ML-AI (machine learning-artificial intelligence) system. This system is used in the processing of search results. Businesses must embrace these technologies whether they are using blog posts, videos, or other content in penetrating the search engine, developing skills to understand each.

Furthermore, omnichannel is an approach that involves various channels or platforms to improve the overall customer experience. The goal of this strategy is to have a convert-driven presence on multiple touchpoints.

While at it, these are the strategies necessary to win in 2021 in the ever-competitive digital marketing landscape.

Content strategy: Prioritize journey-focused content

Content marketing must evolve better to align the content with the needs of the customers. The Content Marketing Institute conducted research and found out that content lacks a customer focus.

As such, most of the existing content today excessively focuses on the campaign that they tend to overshadow always-on interactions. In focusing on the customer journeys, leads must be generated through the top of the funnel content. However, it is equally important to nurture these leads through the middle and bottom of the funnel content.

The need to create and align content with the target persona and the customer journey cannot be emphasized enough.

Paid search strategy: Perfect the ad messaging

Ad targeting is complicated, but it provides the expected returns when done right. There are several factors into play. However, digital marketers should not deliberately ignore the ad message. It is time to ditch the perception of customers as data points, but rather think of them as people.

One, this humanizes a relatively static and tactical aspect of digital marketing. Two, the failure to publish the right ad messages lead to missed opportunities. So much so for having the right person at the right time and the right place. The wrong message can definitely ruin whatever optimization efforts the SEO Philippines team has invested.

Ultimately, test the ad messages to see which brings the desired results faster, better, and cheaper. Don’t forget to inject proven tactics as well.

Social media strategy: Optimize social ads

Speaking of online advertising, social ads are increasingly caputring the most significant chunk of the digital marketing spend. Indeed, it pays to be on social media channels where your target audience is.

However, social media advertising can be costly. To minimize spending, which technically the majority of the businesses are doing amidst the ongoing pandemic, there is a need to focus on ad delivery.

Optimizing social ads help ensure that the social platform would show your ad frequently enough to the right audience. The tactics are checking the ad placements, increasing the bid, narrowing down the demographic profile, and alterning the creatives.

The last one means having a healthy portfolio of social media marketing collaterals from static ads to infographics, short videos, teasers, banners, GIFs, and even memes. Eventually, you’ll discover what works best so use more of them.

Social media strategy: Adopt new social networks

Experimentation remains to be a big part of doing digital marketing post-pandemic. TikTok and Reels are two of the most crucial video platforms today. Produce and publish short-videos on these platforms to see the difference.

Social media usage increased while people are living in lockdown. Social media channels have been instrumental in generating awareness even for small businesses. The good thing is that these channels are highly accessible.

TikTok, for instance, is expanding its advertising platform. This would be important in amplifying the purchase intent. The platform can be also utilized in analyzing what factors have shaped the purchase anew.

Mobile strategy: Provide a great mobile UX

Google is big on user experience (UX), and the emphasis is on mobile devices. The mantra nowadays is mobile first more so that the majority of the users are on mobile.

Don’t be surprised to see this strategy this 2021. The key is that if your brand wants to capture a bigger market share than what you have right now, having an accessible website should be your #1 priority.

Sadly, some websites have grown complacent because they appear on mobile search without actually scrutinizing whether the users are having a great experiene while exploring the site. That is if they would explore the site at all. Many business owners themselves have not tried visiting their sites on a mobile device, what more on multiple devices.

Don’t be one of these business owners. You need to care more about how your team, whether in-house or remote, will do digital marketing in 2021. Aside from ensuring that the digital marketing budget is spent on the right strategies, you want to make sure that the team leverages the right technologies and platforms while also streamling brand and customer-facing processes.

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