Thursday, February 11, 2021

#CancelDarrylYap: Tililing is not worthy movie to be appreciated

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This Darryl Yap is the same "guy" behind VinCentiments. Not surprised why it exploits "crazy" and "uninhibited" just to make some noise.

If his strategy as a movie director is to create a buzz about his film, yes, it's working. But respect those people who are working so hard to fight for this cause, and those people who are struggling with it.

Don't support #Tililing.

Liza Soberano is a BS Psychology student --- which therefore signifies the knowledge she has towards her areas of expertise. Thus, attacking her by your minuscule proficiency in psychology is really bizarre.

Asserting that the poster, title & the incorrect facial expression as something creative is something I cannot stand. It pains me to see people normalizing ableist language. + she doesn't have the #TILILING

Darryl Yap needs to apologize for doing this piece of shit and his work has always been rubbish but this ludicrous caricature of people with disabilities is extremely offensive.

This is a poster of a k-drama that deals with mental health. I really like how this poster promoted PBIO.  Mental illness should not be misinterpreted through movie posters that depict mental illness negatively.  

I stand with Liza Soberano  I thank her for defending against the use of ableist language.

Now that the trailer is out...naahhh. Exag naman. It looks plain...and it was mentioned in the trailer what "tililing" meant. May mura at paghubad rin. Same formula from their short videos. Nothing new.

There are different degrees of mental degradation. I don't think one poster can encapsulate all those cases. I think the whole purpose of the poster is to catch attention and not necessarily make a mockery out of ment disability. But for those sensitive to see such, it maybe because they either have friends, families or relatives with the sickness.

Really horrendous stuff exploiting plight of mentally challenged persons (MCPs)! To extent using horrific faces of movie’s actors to promote it!  Have we gone to the dumps to be insensitive to MCPs?  Oscar Winner “ One Flew OCN” set trend in dealing with MCP issues! Que horror!

Why can't movie producers hire RPsys or RPms to be consultants to prevent this kind of portrayal? It should be mandatory and the PAP should recommend it to the association of filmmakers.

Well, if it was attention they wanted, then, they surely got mine—but not in a good way.

if "tililing" is "continuous ringing of a bell," wouldn't that equate to tinnitus rather than crazy? 

Then I've been crazy for over 30 years (too many heavy metal rock concerts in the 80's) but more likely my BP meds and a regular jolt of cannabis tends to keep my inner ear swirling, so i've made peace with that 5,000 hz tone.

In the Philippines, though, 'tililing,' which is Filipino for bell, is also metaphor for someone certifiable or exhibiting psychotic symptoms like auditory hallucinations (like hearing a non-existent bell in your head).

And the audacity of people who keep on congratulating them for getting good traffic for using a very sensitive topic and admitting that the poster was made for publicity, that is something you shouldn't be proud of but there's this vincentiments page, shameless. 

Mental health professionals are fighting so hard to improve the system and common understanding related to mental health, and this so called "director" pokes fun about people with mental health challenges? 

Yes, I am offended.

There's wide spectrum of mental health disorders—and faces of actors w/ eyes popping & tongues sticking out, is distasteful & an egregious misrepresentation of those with different symptoms & diagnoses.

That poster just painted mental health issues with a broad,  stigmatizing brush.

This poster of this movie directed by Darryl Yap is offensive, insensitive, & callous.

This satirical illustration makes a mockery & a caricature of the plight of people suffering from mental health issues.

Mental health is no laughing matter.


I'm not against the movie, it may or may not be an eye opener for everyone. There is a 50-50 chances, yet, I am against the poster itself. Masyadong insensitive for those who are fighting inside battles, for those who are mentally challenged. 

Hindi kasi pang-Comedy ang mental health issues. Masyado ng normalized, dahilan para lalong humina ang loob ng dapat humingi ng tulong dahil sa mapangmatang lipunan. Masyadong seryoso ang topic para magkaroon ng katawa-tawang poster. Seeing the trailer, they really made it into a comedy of sorts. Disappointed.

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