Friday, January 22, 2021

Real or Fake News: Dingdong Dantes impregnates Lindsay De Vera?

Wazzup Pilipinas!

The recent rumors are "nabuntis ni Robin Padilla si Mocha Uson" and now "Dingdong Dantes impregnated someone named Lindsay De Vera." 

The real question is "What the fuck did the government do now para matakpan ang issue?"

Anong meron huhu nalilito na ako? Robin Mariel Mocha or Dingdong Marian Lindsay? 

Nabuntis raw ni Dingdong. Pero fact check muna, 'te! Mwaaaaa.

Marami pa nga ang hindi naka move on sa issue ni Mocha at Robin, may dumagdag na naman.. kaloka! It's more Fun in the Philippines talaga.

Lindsay De Vera’s law of attraction towards Dingdong Dantes. Haha grabeng Law of Attraction ito. Lol!

20 na siya. Will the stars align. 

You all can say what you want. Dingdong, Marian, or their family is happy and contended. Stay pressed! 

The Dingdong Marian issue is just a divertion na fake news ng friend ni Mocha na si Drew Olivar para tabunan ang issue na nabuntis ni Robin Padilla si Mocha Uson. 

May nakalagay bang M---Marian? Or other people just made that up? Or assumed M = Marian? Nakakatawa na kasi lahat ng "rumors" kuno tapos ginagawa pang political.

The rumor began with PEP. They made it clear that it's not Dingdong. But this Andrew Olivar, a friend of M, is producing fake details to contaminate the blind item, & these DDS b/vloggers got a chance to strike Dong inaccurately. People on Twitter are bright enough, think better.

Nilinaw na raw ng PEP na hindi si Dingdong yung kumakalat na tsismis, maa mabuting mag fact-checking muna di ba?

"A friend of M", MOCHA, who is allegedly in a blind item of PEP (w/ Robin)

Now you know how they manipulated Dingdong on the issues, to divert the attention. Nagpapaloko naman kayo.

Lindsay was a co-actor of Dingdong in Alyas Robin Hood, which aired in 2017.

Y'all just want drama.

It's too juvenile to take a stance on nonsense topics. So I said what I was about to say. Make it make sense shit people.

The mere fact that Andrew Olivar deleted his post/s... it says all!

Kaso this is not the first time Andrew hinted it. First week of January 2021 may blind item na siya about Dingdong, with a codename "doorbell" pa nga na nakabuntis daw. Lol!

Si Drew din ngtsismis dati na buntis si Janella.

Is this Marian's response to the Dingdong-Lindsay rumor? 

Andaming cheating chismis about Marian x Dingdong pati Mocha x Robin, pretty obvious na people would devour on anything fed to them.

Dig deep on something worthy naman please.

Marian Rivera should speak up about the issue like pronto! like what Mariel did, cleaning Robin's name about the Mocha-Robin accusation, or else this will be another Janela Salvador or Julia Montes chismis..... which turrned to be real pala sa huli, dba Dingdong Dantes?

Feeling ng iba na it's true..If totoo man ang sakit nun..Io maganda si wife pero younger kasi yung other girl...Parang Bea at Julia lang kesyo mas fresh daw kasi si Julia....but I hope it's not true.

A friend of Lindsay De Vera already answered the speculations about Dingdong - Lindsay issue. so please stop spreading fake news peenoise.

Leave Dingdong and his family alone! 

Dingdong and Marian is one of the happiest couple- family I know so please don't be real rumors. 

Thank you to all people who still believe in Dingdong and Marian. The best kayo! 


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