Monday, January 25, 2021

Our education system needs to focus more on critical and creative thinking

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Some older government officials and wealthy leaders prefer to keep the mass population uneducated or lacks progressive education to keep and maintain their power. Sad reality.

But maybe Millennial leaders will change that. Hoping for the best possibilities. 

In my opinion, being the best at Math and Science is surface level metric.

Developing critical and creative thinking is what's  sorely lacking in the job market.

We need to pay attention to the Humanities, to the Social Sciences. If machines and computers can do the Math better than us, we must focus on other things.

Indeed, there is a need to improve education in the Sciences and the need to stop diploma milling. However, the follow up question is, after a total reform of the educational system in the Philippines, where are we going to employ our graduates? 

Do you know why the Chinese are so great in education? Because they're slaves! Literally from the time they wake up till the time they go to bed, students are doing school work and studying. That's their lives, that's it. 

IMHO, students should grow up to be well-rounded individuals and I can tell you, most Chinese people are not at all well-rounded, they tend to go through the day almost as if they're running on some kind of advanced autopilot. Their educational system may produce better grades, but it doesn't produce better people or more entrepreneurs. 

This is not to say that the education system in the Philippines doesn't need to be fine tuned or even reformed, it does need to be, but don't look at China as a shining example of what education should be because the whole educational slave thing wouldn't work in this country, nor should it. 

Some European countries are using advanced learning techniques, like mind mapping for example, to teach students HOW to learn, not necessarily what to learn. These techniques can be applied to all things in life and are truly the next paradigm in education. Look to books like "Peak Learning", "The Art of Learning", "Peak Performance", etc. for more information on these advanced learning techniques and why ALL schools should be teaching these techniques. 

Traditional education in most countries is based on a very old and outdated system that is not at all designed or optimized for individual learning and should be replaced!

Japan was able to rise from the slump of WWII when they reformed almost everything internally without any foreign intervention through their independent foreign policy and an effective emergence of correct knowledge and practise.

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