Thursday, January 21, 2021

Lady Gaga sings the national anthem at the inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

Wazzup Pilipinas!

I still can't believe they held the inauguration at a Lady Gaga concert. Lol.

Seriously, Lady Gaga nailed it! so many viral but positive tweets about Lady Gaga. Yes, she was the moment.

January 20 2009: President Obama is inaugurated. Lady Gaga finally breaks through in the US, her debut single climbs to #1.

January 20 2021: President Biden is inaugurated. Lady Gaga, now best-selling artist, is invited to sing the national anthem.

The national anthem has seldom resonated as much as it did when Lady Gaga emphasized the words “our flag was still there” and pointed to the flag on the Capitol, which had been attacked just a fortnight earlier. 

“I teared up a bit (well, full-on cried) when [Lady Gaga] arrived at the lyric ‘Gave proof through the night / That our flag was still there,’ ” Amanda Petrusich writes. The phrase felt like a necessary affirmation that America, in fact, remains. 

Incidentally, Lady Gaga's inauguration brooch would definitely make Hunger Games' Katniss Everdeen so proud....“A dove carrying an olive branch. May we all make PEACE with each other” 

and I loved her outfit.  It kept everything from getting too maudlin.

She combined fashion and poetry: her inauguration dress is a remembrance poppy flower to commemorate fallen soldiers. Those were poppies in the back of her hair.

A poppy is the symbol of remembrance and peace. It was a great tribute to those who have died of the Covid 19. Loved that Joe Biden actually paused in his speech to honor all those that passed from the virus.

and her avoiding eye contacting with lying bigot Mike Pence was the shade I didn’t know I needed to see. What a laugh trip! Lol!

As if attending the inauguration purified his soul and we will all forget his complicity in the 4 years of damage caused by Trump.  We should never forget, we should never accept him as purified nor a true Christian, nor an upstanding citizen of AMERICA!!

Idk if we are aware of the sociocultural phenomenon that is Lady Gaga. A legend that will live FOREVER and EVER in our minds and hearts! Even those who still say that she is over, that she is not relevant and that there are better than her. Sorry but here you have an eternal Icon.

So many good things happened that day. Kamala and her grand nieces, Joe's speech, Jill's sparkly coat, Lady Gaga's mini concert, instantly iconic Bernie moment, Eugene Goodman, and the breathtaking Amanda Gorman.

Lady Gaga hugging Michelle and Barack Obama, was a moment we should all remember.

Lady Gaga was superb. She turned it out! I loved her hair, earrings, skirt, in back of her head.. and she sang her heart out. Many missed the shade but she was the ultimate professional for me.

Inauguration musical performances are tricky. But Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez and Garth Brooks did exactly what we needed them to do.

Sure Biden had J Lo, Lady Gaga, and Garth Brooks but at the Mar a Lago pool room,  Donald Trump had Kid Rock singing: Cry Me a River. Lol!

Though seriously, Lopez and Brooks were sort of dreadful compared to Lady Gaga who was so immense. Unbelievable performance, utterly perfect rendition - with power. And I'm no fan of American politics.

Sometimes, music tells a story more succinctly than a speech. 

Hillary Clinton reveled in what she called a celebratory cultural moment for the entire nation. She praised the uplifting oratory of inaugural poet Amanda Gorman & Lady Gaga for delivering a national anthem like “I’ve never heard before”

Also, hearing a new president pledge to tell the truth and defend US democracy never sounded so revolutionary. 

With signings of 17 Executive Orders President Joe Biden on his first day of assuming charge has added a new chapter in American history.

Today is the best day in four years! Now if Biden does everything he says he’s going to do, I’ll be happy. I thought his Inaugural speech was excellent.

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