Friday, January 1, 2021

2021 is the year of the white metal ox

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Happy new year everyone. May there be fewer demons this time. New year, new update. Let's not forsake the rat this early now. 

It's been a long walk but WE MADE IT! 

God bless us all with a New Year we all deserve. Welcome, year of the Metal Ox, 2021!

Good riddance 2020! .. Welcome 2021! .. I hope the year of the Metal Ox will bring better days to everyone .. keep peace, love, and happiness always! 

Do you think 2021 will be better than 2020, the same, worse, or other? 

2021 is the year of the metal ox. In other words, the Iron Bull. 2021 will be the year of the metal ox for the Chinese zodiac which quite peculiarly coincides with the year of the golden bull. 

And yes, since twelve years ago it was the cycle of the earth ox, then now we are about to enter the year of the METAL OX!

I believe in you, oxen folks! You got the horns, you got the power! 

The year of the of metal ox is a time for emotional, spiritual and economic other words, change!

The year brings career advancement, success in business, prosperity, and wellness for all zodiac signs. The Ox year of 2021 is under the influence of the metal element.

Our hardwork will get rewarded! We may feel the weight of our work but don't feel burdened about it and always remember to have enough fun + take care of ourselves!

Let's bring the unforeseen, unexpected, grounded in unfamiliar shifts.

More likely to reward also our authenticity, and truthfulness. 

Be like water. Flow naturally towards one direction. Focus!

Manifesting all our dreams will materialize and all our prayers will be answered. 

Color expert Pantone has announced not one but two “colors of the year” for 2021. The picks for the coming year are Ultimate

Gray and a “cheerful YELLOW ” called Illuminating. Accident... Guess not? 

But based on Feng Shui, the lucky colors for the year of the metal ox are:

- Gray, Silver metal

- Purple

- Blue

- White

- Yellow

- Gold

- and all other close hues.

As the world tries to cope with challenging times, the ancient Chinese philosophy of feng shui continues to teach us to find harmony and balance amid the chaos. 

But are we sure we can trust the Chinese? After this Coronavirus pandemic, only fools would trust anything related to China. They may be a superpower country but their intentions should be doubted highly.

I have good news for all the writers, artists, creators, performers and really anyone who worked their whole damn lives only to get T-boned by 2020: 2021 is an especially fortuitous year for career advancement and success. May we all reap its rewards.

2020 was the year of the metal rat. Predictions included: health issues, confusion, scarcity, civil unrest, and isolation. 2021 will be the year of the metal ox. Hard work, discipline, honesty, isolation, building strong bonds, and focus.

A lot of the same - but different.

Metal is the element of the lung and large intestine and there will be more problems associated with these organs. Be careful of our health, that is if you believe in these superstitions.

The year of the metal ox is about to be an absolute banger!!!

The lunar year of the Yin Metal Ox will start on February 12th. According to Far Eastern wisdom, the conservative ox will bring material improvements and sustainability for our homes. Just try to model our behavior on his positive attributes & we'll be fine.

Are you ready to give it all? Ready for rewards? 

So much muscle and power coming up for all of us, may we able to use them rightfully!

We will enter the new year head on with our horns!

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