Tuesday, December 1, 2020

The RFID buzzer beaters cause mammoth traffic at toll gates

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Day one of RFID lanes only but they are still accepting cash and on the spot installation. 

Imagine trying so hard to have your radio frequency identification or  RFID installed a month ahead, only for them to open all toll gates as installation lanes.

I know! It's the most annoying thing ever! When they try to push you so hard on installing the RFID ahead but ending up opening toll lanes to install RFID... IT'S SO BS!

Did too many Filipinos leave their RFID installation until the last minute? SMC and MPTC have installed more than 3 million stickers, but traffic today at NLEX and SLEX toll plazas for stickering was horrendous.

Toll operations start implementing the transition period for cashless transactions in the north and south expressways causing mammoth traffic in areas where RFID tags are claimed as vehicle owners and drivers beat the deadline.

It's chaos. Someone needs to intensify the roll out of RFIDs and information campaign while at the same time accommodate cash toll collection until adoption is close to 100%.

I think we all know so well that 80% of the population would only try to get theirs on the last day. If only there was no limit of 100 stickers per day on installation stalls, it wouldn’t be such a task to the lazy.

Now here you are. With your RFID installed for your “supposedly” convenient trip, waiting behind a line of buzzer beaters who’ll only try to have theirs installed on the 1st day of implementation.

It's confusing because as I understand it even after they are "cashless" there will still be an option to buy a RFID sticker at the main toll gates, which is what they are doing now. Kaloka!

Also, can’t we just have one RFID valid in all expressways na lang please DOTrPH? I am pretty sure that there’s technology available to integrate the systems for Autosweep and Easy Trip naman na. This will avoid the unnecessary long lines in the installation of RFIDs.

Isang RFID na lang. Hindi yung magkaiba pa sila. Shuta mas lalo nila tayong pinapahirapan tapos palpak naman ang pag read.

Dapat yun muna ang ginawa nila. Hindi yung hiwa-hiwalay. Also dapat ginawa nila yung hatian na maayos. Like north, isang company lang. South, isang company. Hindi yung nahati pa.

Naiinis ako sa RFID na yan. They shouldn't implement a deadline kung wala naman capacity yung toll installation sites to forcibly  install stickers on all cars. 

I think the toll operators miscalculated the stickers needed. There is so much demand for very limited supply.

Senator Grace Poe said the RFID installation period should be extended beyond January 11 next year while Senator Nancy Binay said that it is better to have a functioning system in place than setting up an arbitrary deadline only to fail. 

Siguro mga senador namin, dapat nagpanukala kayo na dapat isang RFID para sa lahat ng toll sa Pilipinas. At hindi extension ng RFID installation ang sinabi ninyo. 

They shouldn't have done away with the cash option either - COVID OR NO COVID.

Kung ipinilit nila yung RFID na yan, eh di sana iisa nalang for all expressways, or sige two stickers pero one dedicated for north and one dedicated for south.

Bakit din kailangan na 1-2 RFIDs per car when in other countries like in the US you just buy the box or the card and use it on any car you're using, total binabayaran mo din naman ang toll.

The deadline is for toll operators to implement cashless transactions. There is no deadline for having the stickers. If you are non-frequent traveler (you live in far away province) there is no need to cram. I think we need to let the frequent travelers to have the RFID muna. 

Government and the private partners lacks accountability on the failed RFID distribution.

Despite the company’s efforts to open 100 additional RFID sticker installation sites and implementing 24 hours installation at major locations, Tycoon Ramon Ang, president of San Miguel Corporation said the number of applications is just too much. 

Ang urged the Department of Transportation (DOTr) to consider the high number of motorists who have yet to secure their RFID electronic stickers. 

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