Thursday, December 3, 2020

Nas Daily is getting cancelled for Manny Pacquiao propaganda

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Boxing legend Senator Manny Pacquiao revealed that he regrets entering politics in an episode of "Nas Talks" podcast with vlogger Nuseir Yassin, popularly known as Nas Daily. 

Nas Daily: OMG! I just had the “most amazing and honest conversation” with Manny Pacquiao

Me: You ain't fooling nobody.

Is Nas Daily lowkey promoting Manny Pacquiao lalo na when they are talks that he’ll be running on the 2022 presidential elections?

“Because of the system of politics, there's a lot of corrupt (politicians). I'm not saying all of them, but most of them,” Pacquiao said in an interview with internet celebrity Nas Daily’s podcast Nas Talk, posted on Nov 25. 

As the PDP Laban announced that Pacquiao is their new leader, and days ago I was amazed that Nas Talks (Nas Daily podcast) interviewed Sen. Manny and he said there that he regrets entering politics. But now ambot sa imo Manny, now I know bakit may mga exposure na si sir!

Not Nas Daily getting paid to promote Manny Pac-whatever-the-spelling-is.

I use to like Nas Daily, but now he is annoying and polarizing.

First it was Fil-Am vlogger Will Dasovich, now it's Manny Pacquiao, both of not so credible characters tainted by political agendas.

Yuck, bye Nas Daily. Thanks for promoting a homophobic, misogynist, supporter of an incompetent president. Thank you for using your reach to perpetuate personality politics. 

So Nas Daily supports an enabler of a fascist and incompetent regime. Plus, zionist din pala siya, enabler ng imperyalismo himself. 

Anyway, supporting a homophobe like Manny, is not helping our country. Please don't help at all. You're only giving people like him a platform and it is so unhelpful. 

I like Nas/Nas Daily before it became a “business” lol. its Nas Daily being used as propaganda for me. Paid promotion. Nice one, Money, I mean Manny. 

Love your content but not this one Nas Daily.

I mean now I feel he's got that weird fake persona vibe every time.

Whatever the fuck happened to positive change? 

I remember saying Pacquiao will be running for president. Apparently, he's campaigning na yata. Hahaha.

And Nas endorsed Trump although sinabi niya he's not 'endorsing' Trump . Like, ewww?

Now this looks a lot like endorsement for the boxer- senator- businessman- and a whole lot of others

When Nas Daily posted that video I had no choice but to unlike his page. He shared some great content but this one is something I can't tolerate.

Thank you, Nas Daily, for finally being explicit with your agenda. 

I was a previous viewer of his vids but as I see it more, I found it unsettling how he’d zero in on particular subjects but ignore the rest of the story or the context.

His content became focused on clout more than anything so this really isn’t surprising.

Eeew the grammatical errors!,, My point is he’s been like this since before but it’s clearer now because nakikisawsaw siya sa politika natin ng walang alam sa konteksto natin ngayon.

Now this;

"A friend just recently received this message from an unknown number. Hey, Pacquiao! From Mobile Legend, Batangas event (which was a violation of the health protocol), Nas Daily, and now this?

Too early for this. Please address the pandemic and the recession first."

We take pride in the fact that the Philippines has the longest Christmas season... But did you know that we have the longest campaign season as well?

Very disappointing, Nas Daily. Now I'm believing that Nas Daily is and always has been a shill.

"I am a victim of Fake News...and I can't be quiet anymore.

I really really hate drama. I just want to travel the world and show you the positive side of it. But some people don't like that.

This video says it all. It's time to hold people accountable."

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