Thursday, December 3, 2020

Harry Styles responds to Candace Owens’ criticism of his ‘Vogue’ cover

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Harry Styles shades Candace Owens' 'Bring Back Manly Men' comment in Instagram caption 

He responded to Candace Owens’ criticism of his ‘Vogue’ cover. 

Harry Styles, I didn’t dig you as a teenager, but now I respect your ~style~ & response to critics like Candace Owens. 

Candace is so obsessed with Harry that you can’t convince me Candace wasn’t one of the directioners who Hacked the airport security cameras that one time.

Candace Owens is suing Facebook ‘fact checkers’ for falsely labeling her posts as fake news.

She has a strong case which exposes the fact checkers for precisely what they are – parasitical front groups that exist solely to censor legit dissident content.

Is Harry Styles the manliest man to ever walk the earth!?

Is Candace Owens pathetic?!

They are free to express themselves and we are free to criticize their expressions. Men wearing dresses is never going to be considered normal for many but the said behavior should remain on the fringes of society. We are all free to do what we want, except going against the law, which is again man-made.

For other people, normal is boring. Conservative is boring. Do you realize how radical most are now compared to those a millennium ago? The chronological entitlement could be considered as selfish, not virtuous.

Embracing conservative principles may seem boring, but they tend to encourage human flourishing within the reality of this fallen world. 

When in history is it normal for men to wear dresses? Rugged individualism and dresses don’t mix in the least.

Freedom of expression is based on giving your opinion and saying what you feel, expressing yourself freely. BUT WITHOUT AFFECTING OTHERS !! How does the way they dress affect them, I asked? OMG.

A hundred and something years ago women wearing pants weren't socially  acceptable. In countries such as the US, England, and France even went to jail accused of trying to impersonate men.

Then why do we normalize women wearing suits? Exactly, normalize men wearing dresses.

Why shouldn't it be normal? What is abnormal about it?

Generations change and realize the silly ideas that others have told us and made us believe.

What’s the reason you don’t feel a man wearing a dress is normal? Who gets to define what normal is? You’re absolutely entitled to your opinion, I’d just genuinely would like to understand where these views come from.

You should re-up your 16th century history. Specifically regarding the fashion of that period. Imagine being so threatened by clothes.

Notice how besides their traditional, culture based KILT(not a dress) they are wearing a MEN'S SHIRT AND VEST.

What's the difference between a kilt and a skirt?

Many societies in the past found it acceptable and practical for men to wear dresses. Once french king outlawed wearing heels for all except high ranking noble males. History isn’t on your side and neither is the future.

The problem I have is that women wearing suits is normal and empowering but men wearing dresses is “weird” and “not normal” like what?

And if you can please answer a question Who stipulates that a man cannot dress in "women's clothing"? Do you want to go back to the time where women were repressed? Where the man can only wear pants and jacket?

At the end of the day clothes is just fabric, why should i man not be able to wear a piece of fabric just because of the shape of it? give me ONE good reason why men shouldn’t be able to wear dresses.

There are entire societies where men wear "dresses" or no clothes at all. Are you going to go to  Burma, Scotland, Morocco, Fiji, Togo etc. and share your wisdom?

And for those who are going to a more religious aspect, this is Jesus in his tunic (dress) in case you had doubts. 

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