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How To Enjoy The Biker Lifestyle: In 7 Steps!

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So, you want to live the motorcycle lifestyle? Well, good news! Many people in the Philippines are starting to spend a lot of their time on their motorcycle touring throughout the country and finding new destinations to explore and enjoy. If you are attracted to that lifestyle, it is not too hard to get started. Here are seven steps that will help you begin your motorcycling lifestyle without becoming completely detached from your normal life. Remember that the secret of enjoying the motorcycle lifestyle is to keep a balance between your everyday duties and responsibilities and finding the time to explore the world in the middle of all that! With that in mind, let's check out the 7 tips that we have for you.

1. Manage your finances

Living the biker lifestyle is not completely free of expenses which you'll have to shell out for fuel and other regular maintenance on your motorcycle to keep it in perfect performing order. In order to maintain a steady flow of money, you will need a steady job or a source of income that a generates money for you passively. Look for jobs that does not restrict you to a fixed place so that you can continue to enjoy the motorcycle lifestyle as well as keep on generating a steady income to meet your daily expenses. There are different ways of doing that: many riders in the Philippines are choosing to become YouTube creators and generate money by monetizing their channels; another way of generating online income is to get into affiliate marketing and make money through those avenues. Last but not the least, many riders are also choosing to become delivery people and earn money by delivering parcels from one part of the city to the next which satiates their wanderlust as well as gives them the opportunity to make money.

2. Set small goals

In order to sustain the motorcycle lifestyle, you need to set small goals for yourself but both financially and goals in life. A good way to do that is to follow the old biker lifestyle of making setting small expectations out of your life and then taking small steps towards your goal every single day a little bit at a time. For example, if you are planning to travel 10,000 kilometers in the next 30 days, you need to break them up into small journeys which you can complete in a day or two without stretching yourself or your machine. In addition to that you will also have to take care of your money matters because travelling such a long-distances will require you to have a backup plan to cover expenses that you cannot possibly anticipate. 

3. Have a side hustle

The most fundamental biker philosophy is to do whatever job to you without being picky about what you are doing unless it is something that is morally reprehensible for you. Always make sure to have a job with you that complements your desire to see the world as well as one that pays you handsomely so you don't have to work a lot of time and focus on travelling more rather than working long hours every day. Instead of focusing on making a lot of money in your life, the motorcycle lifestyle and philosophy that we recommend is to become rich in terms of experiences and connections with people around the world. Choose a side hustle or a passive source of income that lets you make more connections with people and create values in their lives and deliver happiness, which will enrich you emotionally and keep you motivated to overcome all the challenges that you are going to face while living a motorcycle lifestyle.

4. Care for your bike

You will also need a motorcycle that can sustain the stress and mechanical demands that you are going to make out of it while riding long distances every day. Choose lifestyle motorcycles which are recommended for long distance travelling such as adventure motorcycles and trusted commuter bikes which you can either purchase second hand from the used market or a brand-new bike that is within your budget. After purchasing a motorcycle, the main expenses that pile on over the years is regarding the maintenance and normal upkeep which is very important especially if you are planning to travel long distances because you do not want any problem to stop you in the middle of the road with no help! Before going out on a trip, make sure to take the motorcycle to a mechanic and have it thoroughly checked for mechanical faults and preemptive maintenance. It is also a good idea to replace the machine oil and other fluids if you have not done that for a very long period of time. For riding in cold conditions, you will need special winter tires which will keep you safe on slippery and snowy surfaces.

5. Take your safety seriously

Many riders in the Philippines living the biker lifestyle do not think a lot about their own safety which is a big mistake that can lead to a lot of expenses or worst, an accident, which is the last thing you want! Always make sure to use proper motorcycle riding gear including a high-quality branded helmet and other riding accessories such as gloves and boots at all times. In addition to that you will also need a comprehensive travel insurance plan that covers mechanical problems and other unanticipated expenses as well. Whenever you have to park your motorcycle in an unknown destination, lock it down properly using chains and padlocks to a fixed and stable post or structure.

6. Brush up on your camping & cooking skills

Living the motorcycle lifestyle means that you will have to be on the road most of the time, and that means you need to learn how to cook your own meals. For most men in the Philippines cooking is not a problem but if you have never done that before, check out a few YouTube videos or ask your female relatives to teach you a few basic skills. To cook your food on the road, you will also require camping stoves and fuel (butane cans) which you can purchase in bulk very cheap from online marketplaces.

7. Get a comprehensive travel insurance

Like we mentioned before, you will need comprehensive travel insurance to become completely stress-free and tension-free to enjoy your rides more and worry less about covering unseen expenses on the road. The most effective way of doing that is to purchase a comprehensive travel insurance that covers everything from health problems to mechanical problems on your motorcycle, along with roadside assistance assurance. Check out all the relevant travel insurance plans that you can find in the Philippines before setting out on the road to live the biker lifestyle!

Summary: So, you want to live the motorcycle lifestyle? Well, good news! Many people in the Philippines are starting to spend a lot of their time on their motorcycle touring throughout the country and finding new destinations to explore and enjoy. Here are seven steps that will help you begin your motorcycling lifestyle without becoming completely detached from your normal life.

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