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#boycottCOLOURETTEcosmetics trends online because of its savage CEO

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Warmonger “butangerang” CEO, “public figure??”

“Confidence usually is silent. Insecurity is loud and it produces a lot of noise but provides very little in substance. “ 

Funny how the hashtag #boycottCOLOURETTEcosmetics only made the brand famous. Who’s winning now?

Remember that every kind of publicity, may it be good or bad, is still publicity, and the brand is more likely to be infamous if all your hate are baseless and unfounded.

Lol. People think that by commenting this hashtag, people would stop buying Colourette Cosmetics. Bad publicity is still publicity. Ya'll giving Colourette cosmetics free advertisement. 

Colourette, whatever was said throughout the love and hate on social media due to statements said by its CEO, Nina Ellaine Dizon-Cabrera, is a good brand. Not the best, but still a good brand. 

Did Nina blew it all up?

Is she really discrimating the DDS peeps?

People are comparing it with resto owners denying black customers to eat in their restaurant during the 50's era. Justifiable or not?

Are you going to boycott and try other brands instead that values all customers? Or are you going to support it for standing up and calling out to the inadequacies of the government, specifically the President?

Why I stand with her? Because she's so brave. She's not even afraid that she might endanger her company because of his political opinions. She talks about the unheard government incompetence and injustices. Something every Filipino should be doing amid the troll farms disguised as advocacy groups on social media.

She started it all. Nina reposted on her FB account an image or pic of the president sleeping while in the midst of calamity. DDS are saying that she's not spreading or raising her voice, but encouraging people to hate the government in the middle of calamity.

That's her perception. Whether it's right or wrong, it is what we conclude seeing how the president seems to be always absent during an impending or ongoing calamity, and would only be visibly seen afterwards, with very little actions too since lately all we see about him are photos taken mostly by his his sidekick Bong Go who is now a Senator but still his trusted personal aide.

Then with a certain Tio Moreno

People on #boycottCOLOURETTEcosmetics are mad about Nina not wanting DDS customers while forgetting the fact that businesses have a right to refuse service.

To clear things up, DDs were telling Nina that they're cancelling their orders and she told them to post the order# so she can cancel them herself. The og twt was addressing the fact that people are saying she is discriminating against these people due to their political beliefs.

Nina knows that she has the audience, she knows that she’s a public figure and should use these privileges so that the unheard will be heard. She is fighting for the poor and the oppressed, she’s fighting for the hungry mouths and roofless heads. My respect for her.

You don't have to be apologetic Ms. Nina. We protect you because we know that is correct. You are one of the voice for voiceless people like youth. You amplify our objectives. We thank you!

As mentioned, kahit latagan mo pa ang mga DDS ng pagkahaba haba at factual na argument, ang irerebutt pa rin nila is ad hominem:

body weight

skin color

kili kili

sexual harassment


and so on... basta lahat ng malayo at walang connect sa argument.

I think the most hilarious thing about this is that DDS Colourette fans cannot comprehend that Nina was talking about THEM. DDS ka pa rin even after the mismanagement of Covid? Nina called the DDS tanga.

Is this the Philippines? Kung saan kung hindi ka sang-ayon sa opinyon about the government or president ay i-personal attack? Please we are in a middle of big crisis. Let's be united and help each other. Let's change ourselves first for the better. And please be open minded! Accept, Respect, and Pray. Iisang bansa at tayong lahat ay Pilipino.

Actually, kung hindi ka galit sa gobyerno ibig sabihin wala kang paki or hindi ka apektado sa mga pinaggagawa, or sa kawalang ng gawa, nila.

Before I would ask myself everytime I see u answering Qs on Tiktok " hindi ba siya nahihiya? parang harsh naman" but i realized, that's bravery. Not being afraid of saying what is right, and fighting for our ownselves. 

Do we need to choose our battles? Those clout-chasers are obviously trying to discredit her and her company. There's so many issues coming out? Does she need to answer every accusation? Surprised that she's diligently using her platform, like TikTok, to correct every one of the naysayers.

Her heart is in a good place and is speaking in behalf of the people who can’t find their voice because they are scared. Sana mas dumami pa ang mga kagaya niya. Para lumakas ang loob ng sambayanang Filipino. Huwag tayong paaapi.

Grabeeeh!! People are really out there ruining someone’s livelihood for simply exercising her right to speak up and voice her concerns.

Keep slaying Miss Nina! Yes, you are THAT bitch and we STAN! 

Do not #boycottCOLOURETTEcosmetics, boycott a government deaf, blind and inutile to the death and suffering of Filipinos.

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