Saturday, October 17, 2020

#WhatsHappeningInSouthEastAsia: Humanity Trampled Upon by Governments

Wazzup Pilipinas!

What's wrong with the governments of Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines? Why is everything so bad?

What is happening to South East Asia?

Is this the work of the Corona or Covid-19 virus? Is the pandemic becoming a pandemonium?

A new law is declared in Indonesia, but we have no idea what the law actually said cause there are 5 versions of it, with the 812 pages claimed to be the final one, get thinner because there's a change of paper size.

Since yesterday, Indonesia has held several demonstrations against the government which enacted laws that harm the people

Same thing is happening in Thailand and the Philippines.

We Filipinos experience the same way as our neighboring countries experienced with this kind of abuse of authority. Sending lots of love and prayers for both Thailand and Indonesia.

The people who've sworn to serve and protect their country are doing the opposite. they are abusing their power. they aren't listening to us. we need to be louder.

Best clowners goes to:
Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines

Congrats on becoming the funniest government in 2020! Thousands of people get arrested, kidnapped, even died as ur rewards. Well done!!

Please take a moment to learn about what’s going on in Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines. Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone fighting for their rights and freedom. Please stay safe!

It's a sin to close your eyes when you already know what happened. please pray for us, thais, and indonesians who are fighting for our rights against the government. 

The world needs to know what's happen now!!

Police start to take action on protester, i see human but no humanity. Its getting worst, for everyone who fight, please stay safe.

I don't mind to be a slave for my own country, 


Freedom of speech is a Human Right.

We stand with Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia.

We stand for Justice!

We all need real Democracy! Violence is not an answer !


Let's hold hands together for a better future


This is so heartbreaking, as if the virus is not only killing humans, but also humanity.




"People should not be afraid of their governments. Only governments should be afraid of their people." -V for Vendetta


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