Thursday, October 15, 2020

#ProtectDocAdam: Protect the Doctor from the Unreal

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Why the fuck is shitting on doctors and scientists a trend during a fucking pandemic!? 

#ProtectDocAdam is trending. I am watching his videos not just because he is funny and loves the Filipinos. But because he debunks all wrong medical-related information and corrects questionable medical practices that could cause harm the people especially here in the Philippines where many are self-medicating. He doesn't deserve to be sued by greedy bastards.

Doc Adam, who studied Medicine for 10 years with masteral, gets sued by a Dr. Farrah Bunch (M.D' claimed and studied in a 5-hour online course for $49) for damages worth exceeding $100,000 and also threatened to report to the medical board to remove his medical license.

This doctor learned Tagalog just to help Pinoys for those who can't afford proper health care. Now, Doctor Farrah Bunch and Nurse Leo Ortiz teams up and sues Doc Adam because he exposed their products claiming it can reduce cancer, make you slimmer, etc.,  

Tbh, those products with NO approved therapeutic claims is a big scam. Kung pumayat ka dahil sa *tooot* product na yan, good for you. But it's not the high tier weight loss solution for everyone.

This hurts me so much. A doctor from Australia who wants to help people wholeheartedly in the Philippines gets 4 LAWSUITS IN 2 MONTHS AND NON STOP DEATH THREATS. 

SHAME ON YOU PEOPLE! Health education never improves in the country because the people are being brainwashed by so called health professionals who are promoting alternative products and means other than those thoroughly tested and approved.

A Medical professional who studied for years and promoting facts versus a stupid proclaimed woman who thinks she's an MD and even blatantly posted on her timeline that she's a grad from harvard (??) yet she only took a 5 hours online course LMAO!

Shame on those Filipinos who file a lawsuit to Doc Adam! This good doctor turned YouTuber only wants to spread awareness, help and to totally stop false information about medical field. 

Doc Adam is an Australian doctor, I repeat, an AUSTRALIAN but he is not blind to what's happening in the Philippines. He's just freaking concerned about our health, So why are you doing this to him? He's giving his knowledge for FREE! 

The doctor didn't study and work for more than a decade or two just to sit right there and listen to wrong medical advices. You can't find any foreign doctor who created a YouTube channel to provide correct medical information targeting Filipinos..... eventhough because we are very engaged online thus some foreigners are setting up base in the country.

This "foreigner" doctor is more Filipino heart than those who are actual Filipinos who are milking money out of poor people.

Asan ang pusong Pinoy mo? Wala! Kasi gusto mo lang magpayaman.

This guy cared about us Filipinos more than the Filipino multi-millionaires that sell fake "health products" do. Respect to the one in scrubs, not to the one who lies for profit. 

It shows she has no character! CEO of glutalipo because she can't take a "constructive" like a humorous way in correcting false information. Special shout-out to the Tagalog speaking "buto" or the funny hanging skeleton whom the doctor is conversing with. 

Imagine suing someone because they found out that you have been lying to people by pretending you’re a “doctor” 

AND threatening to report them to the medical board when YOU’RE the quack-quack 

AND actually thinking you’d win the case? 

Silencing Doc Adam won't make your medical claims correct. If you're so convinced with ur product then prove him wrong. 

Doc Adam is one of the best people on the Internet right now. We don’t even deserve him, but we can’t lose him over some scammy folks teamed up just to ruin his reputation. You can’t deceive us anymore, Dr. Farrah. 

PROVE HIM WRONG otherwise.

Why are they so threatened, yet some of them are questionable health professionals. Pity on them. Pity on us because we dont have many health professionals as good as Doc Adam. What can we expect? We have one of the worst health services around the world. 

Ughhh ... but I am really ashamed of those people who didn't take the criticism properly. Instead they attack people in ad hominem way like omg just WTF??!! 

#ProtectDocAdam at all freaking cost! Doc be really out there correcting false/deadly health tips and even speaks Tagalog in his videos just to remove the language barrier. He genuinely wants to educate, but now he's being sued because some CEO can't accept constructive criticism smh.

That Doc. Farrah smelt fishy... I knew she was nothing more but a scammer because eventhough she was advocating natural medicine, the information she was giving were ridiculously baseless. 

FDA Advisory No. 2017-168

Public Health Warning Against the Purchase and Consumption of the Following Unregistered Food Products:

Dr. Farrah’s Boston-C

Dr. Farrah’s Cyeton

Dr. Farrah’s Skeleton

10-20 years of medical experience + medical degree > $49 online course.

Ang hirap talaga sa Filipino ayaw ng tinatama eh. Tbh, Filipinos are quickly butthurt whenever they are criticized with their own mistakes. Well, some people will accept and fix it. But many will just become defensive and squammy just because the truth hurt their egos.

Those networking companies selling highly doubtful products have been here in the country long enough and this doctor has an eye opener for everyone that it is a big corporation scam. 

Also, he has good and LEGIT tips on health. 

If Doc Adam quits YouTube and these people have won the lawsuit, quoting Doc Adam: "THEN WHAT HOPE DO WE HAVE?"

These people must go to jail for spreading false medical information that caused this country some poverty and health issues.

I hope Doc Adam can get through this, and I hope this leaves a wake-up call to us Filipinos that we are bamboozled, scammed, and brainwashed by these illegitimate people. This needs to stop.

The only people who are mad at him for speaking the truth are those people who are living a lie.

Doc Adam is the hero we, Filipinos, don't deserve, but the hero we desperately need.

There are a lot of people rooting for the doctor, so don't let the toxicity get to you Doc!

Let's protect the real doctor who would never neglect his pledge. 

I stan the right doctor. I stan Doc Adam. Filipinos need Doc Adam.


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  1. What can I say? Most pee-noise are ignorant AF. Puro tiktok lang ang nalalaman, di man lang marunong magresearch. I suggest investigating "Dr" Farrah's "research" about her products, di ba iinit lang ulo mo. Based lang lahat sa opinions niya. Walang clinical trials. god.

    1. I really admired how doc adam share his knowledge about those "herbal" medicine kuno. And that simple herbal product can destroy many lives of the Filipinos hoping that mere herbal products can help to heal their illness quickly. Fuck the idea and fuck them who tried to send death threats to doc adam. SHAME ON YOU

  2. Wow it obvious from the time they spend learning medical stuff still some believe the "$49 Doctor" was right.

  3. SHAME ON YOU talaga kay Dr. Farrah na yan. Nung sinabi niya talaga na garlic daw ang nakakagamot sa cancer, wow! I mean marami na akong nakitang may cancer na sakit pero kahit kailan wala akong nakita sa kanila na kumain ng garlic para gumaling. Kahit ako, kahit di ko alam kung ano talaga sakit sa cancer pero garlic? Bruh, alam na alam ko na hindi talaga garlic yung gamot eh, hahahhaha. Tapos ang lakas pa niya talaga mag-sue kay Doc Adam, eh 5 hours lang naman yung course na yun. Takte yan!

  4. Guys, before you say too much negatives about Dr.Farrah like "stupid" and "quack" doctor... for your information, she is an MD from a med school here in the Philippines. Same degree with your Doctors. But She add a special training called alternative medicine. I agree there are people who practice alternative medicines who are not MDs. But on the other hand Dr.Farrah is an MD who also practice alternative medicine. Got it guys!🤟❤️

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