Wednesday, October 14, 2020

How to become the next top social media influencer

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How do we become effective influencers? Even the interests about the most sensationalized and highly funded with PR campaigns personalities do experience a slow down in their online prominence especially when there's fresh faces or more controversial issues. We can't forever depend on our charm or our PR team to forever keep us trending on social or mainstream media.

Though, we could start out good, try our best to sustain the momentum, and hope we continue to be iconic eventhough there are a lot of equally interesting eyecandies or eyesores out there.

Here's just some tips I gathered from the Internet, and I do believe they are reliable enough for us to follow:

Capture attention immediately. With content that surprises and intrigues early on, brands have the opportunity to plunge viewers straight into the story, getting them to stop and engage instead of skipping.

Be truly helpful. To stand out in a sea of ads, brands might want to consider creating helpful content that meets these new consumer needs. If you can teach and inspire audiences, they won’t just watch — they’ll become loyal, long-term advocates of your brand.

Relate, relate, relate. Being relevant to people’s personal interests is perhaps the most important thing. Relating to their passions is more important than whether content features famous actors or has high production quality. When you can frame your brand in the context of things people care about, it drives results.

Collaborating with creators. It is a high-impact way to reach engaged audiences, where you can also reach customers by serving ads alongside the creators' channel.

Encourage action. Strong creative that has an enticing call to action and makes it easy to take the next step.

Embrace your shortcomings. We're not perfect so acknowledging and accepting our weaknesses could prove to be more beneficial than denying our faults. People do appreciate humility. One of the best example is Harry Roque who posted and captioned his own memes. Kim Chiu who listened to how she should make use of all the "Bawal Lumabas" highlighting her "lutang" moments to come out with a celebrated novelty song, and many more.

Whatever your strategy is, it's all about branding and relationship. You either have to stand out among the rest, or have a great network of supporters and followers that will boost your online presence. Naturally, it's better if you have both.

Most of the time, your fans or bashers contribute to your fame or infamy. Those memes created about a most hated government official could turn favorable for him especially if he jumps into the bandwagon to laugh at himself too...instead of ranting against his bashers, he plays with them.

But still, people often get bored with the same concepts and personalities if you do not innovate and variate from the norm or your usual antics. You also have to evolve with the times.

There's Mary Grace Escober who went viral and immediately got 100k subscribers overnight after celebrating her 2 subscribers on YouTube as posted on social media. It only proves we could make use of these platforms to uplift anybody since we do join bandwagons and our hearts appreciate even the littlest show of dedication towards our passion. There may be times when we use this power irresponsibly to break down others, but here's to always hoping we do more good even for those we detest.

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