Saturday, October 17, 2020

#DefendLizaSoberano and #DefendReinaMaeNasino from Mark Lopez

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A certain Mark Lopez's or a Twitter account @MacLen315's controversial statements and comments against actress Liza Soberano and Reina Mae Nasino went viral and earned lots of comments from netizens.

Why are these kind of people coming out from every corner and jumping into the bandwagon of hate to redtag people as terrorists? Are those who openly speak what's on their mind to be considered as enemies of society, or should they instead be praised for letting everyone know that we deserve better than the shit they are normalizing?

Calling all LizQuen fans: please, tapusin na natin ang salot na red-tagging hindi lang kay Liza kundi sa lahat ng progressive forces na nagmamahal sa bayan. Ireport Ang lahat that goes off their common and reasonable sense.

So speaking up for women's and children's rights is terrorism now? 

Isn't this already grounds for libel?

Liza was absolutely right to work with GABRIELA and speak out to defend Filipina women. She has grown to be brave. But for having a progressive voice, she is being fed to the wolves by these smelly-ass DDS led by these asswipes.

Sino ba siyang? As if naman maniniwala sa kanya ang mga advertisers ni Liza.

Is he a rabid DDS propagandist!? But less famous than Mocha, Byron (Banat By), RJ Nieto (Thinking Pinoy), Krizette, Sass, and that attorney Trixie, but just as vicious.

Mark Lopez twitter account is not officially his-from a source.  But did he gave consent to the tweet?

And if ever it is truly from him, instead, I told my kids never to follow a certain Mark Lopez...fake account or not.

Let your words backfire on you and make it LOUDER!

It’s so unwise and unjust of Mark Lopez to deprive Liza of her natural liberty to talk about unfair treatment of women. He didn’t only make a supposition, but made a libelous accusation that Liza’s a leftist.

The tweets from Mark Lopez are libelous. 

If you do not take any legal action, he will do the same thing over and over again to someone more vulnerable. I pray that you advise Liza judiciously and give him and other RED TAGGERS their day in court.

This is not my first time to see his posts. I've seen one on Facebook and I tried to comment, but the number of people pushing him on to rant against a certain celebrity was infuriating. I can't believe the evil people in this country continue to live with their conscience.

Tama na ang dami na nga na masamang nangyayari sa mundo, dumadagdag pang mga ito. Dapat bigyan ng leksiyon at kasuhan na  iyan para hindi na pamarisan.

And all for clout eh? Attention-seeking people out here really be deliberately saying the dumbest stuff to get engagements huh. You are one unfortunate excuse of a human being, Mark Lopez. I hope you don't get to be in that same situation.

How does asking for empathy and basic human decency equate to feeling entitled?  

This person forgets that an accused, even someone who is detained for a non-bailable offense, is deemed innocent until proven guilty. 

Hindi pa kasi siya nabibigyan ng posisyon sa gobyerno kaya todo-kayod ang paninira kagaya ni Jay Sonza sa paghahasik ng lagim.

To the 1,000+ people who liked his post, think hard before liking. Between Liza & Mark, who do you think can sow hatred & terrorism?

If you want to find the real definition of danger, seek it in this administration. 

People are saying Mark Lopez is one of them.

Parents, if you love your children, never ever trust Mark Lopez and the people, if you can still call them that, they defend and worship.

He is not only a danger to society, he is the real threat that we must be warned about. His tweets show nothing but hatred towards those who loved you. 

They're the very devils emerging from hell, spreading havoc on humanity. The reason why this current regime is a nightmare.

Speaking for children's or women's rights is never an activist act nor a terrorist act. And it will never be. Period.

Mark Lopez interpretation of democracy is different from all Filipinos. He use political narratives to construct the perspectives of Filipinos by creating elicit pathos or misconceptions rather than the truth that should be provided.

The words coming out from Mark Lopez’ mouth are just a manifestation of how fanaticism and stupidity affect someone’s ability to think like a human-being. They are all just monsters.

Netizens are saying that this @MacLen315 is nothing but the real TERRORIST and a danger to society. Mark Lopez is like Maximilen Robespierre, Joseph Goebbels, and John Wilkes Booth on steroids. 

He is not only ranting against and accusing Liza Soberano of being a terrorist, he is doing the same to a mother, however wrongly suspected as a terrorist, but recently lost her baby yet treated far worst than the scumbags this government has given VIP treatment.

Nakalungkot na may mga taong bulag na sa katotohanan ay wala pang puso na nilait ang pagdadalamhati ng isang ina na namatayan ng anak; habang ito'y nasa piitan dahil sa isang depektibong kaso at kwesyonableng pag-aresto ng estado. 

Kapag hindi ka galit sa ginawa nila sa mag-inang Reina Mae Nasino at Baby River, malala ang problema mo. Dapat magtaka, mabahala at matakot ka na sa sarili mo. Patunay ‘yan na hindi ka na normal. HINDI KA NA TAO‼️ 

How cruel can a person be? I refuse to accept that this is the "new normal" we are living now?

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