Thursday, October 15, 2020

#AntipordaResign considering your ill-fitting background for the job

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"Hindi n'yo karapatang batikusin ito dahil bayaran kayo. Iyon lang po ang masasabi ko sa UP. Uulit-ulitin ko: bayaran kayo," DENR's Antiporda previously said.. 

Now he has apologized to the UP experts — who are critical of Manila Bay white sand project — for calling them "bayaran" or paid hacks. "Natangay po ako ng emotions ko kahapon," he says. 

I hope you've read the response of the institution you are claiming as "bayaran." You got carried away yesterday, you said. Para kang yang dolomite mo, carried away din.

The apology doesn't seem to be an apology at all. He even tried to justify the words that came out of his mouth against the institute. 

Your non-apology apology sums up your arrogance and stupidity. Just go.  

If the COMELEC Commissioner, who also happens to be a UP Alumni and the former Chief of Staff of the late Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago calls you an ignoramus, you best believe it.

"Considering your ill-fitting background for the job"

Rebut with class, decency and intelligence. 

Hot damn! Pa check nga si Benny Wash Out Wash In, kung ok pa siya.

Just look at how it started and how it's going.

What does he expects us to do with the wash in, wash out sands, another expensive maintenance to separate the black from the white? Ano ba ito, labada? Ihiwalay and de kolor sa puti?!

As a tax paying member of this God forsaken country, I fully support the Geographical Society of the University of the Philippines.

We maintain that Antiporda must retract his statements against the UP MSI fully, and resign from his post so that a better person can take his place.

The issue at hand is a scientific matter, who should we trust more? A scientist or another blabbermouthed politician like Antiporda who is appointed to an office he has no business running? 

Antiporda is the best example of an insensitive and selfish government official which is very common in Duterte administration...and now another weak link in the chain of unqualified appointees who gave in to what seems to be a mental breakdown.

A journalist appointed USec who blabbers without basis versus scientists and experts who base their statements with facts and evidence. BTW, Antiporda, you serve the Filipino people and not the President so do not depend your resignation on Duterte's words.

Not surprised that scientific excellence is lacking in the Philippines when there are morons like these who do not hold scientists and experts in high regard.

The Geographic Society of the University of the Philippines called for the resignation of Antiporda after he accused the UP Marine Science Institute of being "bayaran". 

Fishers’ group PAMALAKAYA also demands Antiporda to tender his resignation, saying he has no moral and political grounds to serve as official of an environment agency. 

It's also sad and makes me angry at the same time how scientists, experts, and researchers are being treated here in the Philippines. They are underfunded and not given the support, appreciation, and acknowledgment they deserve. And this Antiporda adds baseless insults to the situation.

300M for ten years is too little if you're talking about experts who spent their who lives studying the earth to make our lives better. At kasama na riyan ang field and lab work. 

Instead of dolomite, Iloilo city planted mangroves to rehabilitate. Low budget and easy to maintain. The greens are  better for our mental health and no side effects.

If Antiporda is unable to accept a constructive criticism over an ill-conceived project, he has no right to remain in post and should immediately tender a resignation over incompetence and arrogance.

A DENR undersecretary whose only claim to fame is being close to one of the Palace's top henchmen. No educational or experiental background to lead a science-based agency such as the DENR. 

Antiporda's only claim to an experience in waste management is being toilet trained.

We paid him ₱2,949,576.00 in salaries and allowances last year. That's near a year's worth of what MSI spent for research collaborations with DENR.

The DENR needs a spokesperson who articulately expresses and explains the department’s goals and policies. Moreover, this country deserves a DENR Undersecretary who is committed to protecting, conserving, and managing our environment and natural resources.

That's why we now demand accountability from him. What has he done for the earth, for the country.

Let's stop letting men like him get away with their bullshit. Let's stop letting them take jobs they clearly aren't qualified for.

#BennyBayaran #RespectAcademia #AntipordaResign #SaveManilaBay #BawalShunga

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