Wednesday, September 2, 2020

US Marine Killer of Transgender Jennifer Laude Is Set Free

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Transgender Jennifer Laude was murdered by US marine Joseph Scott-Pemberton in Olongapo City on October 11, 2014. She was found dead in a motel, with her head submerged in a toilet bowl. This murder happened because of how Laude fooled Pemberton in believing she was a real woman. Today, her murderer has been granted release!

The prison in Camp Aguinaldo is not even maintained by the Philippines but by the U.S. military, thanks to the Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA).

Pemberton served only 6 years for the killing of Jennifer Laude. Six comfortable  cushy years. He has been ordered released. Six years for the brutal killing of a Filipino. Six years for a US serviceman covered by the VFA. SIX YEARS.

6 yrs lang?  Permberton walks free? Good Conduct Time Allowance is unfair for victims of heinous crimes. The life of a Jennifer Laude is priceless! GCTA ok 4 Robbery, Qualified Theft,. But for murder, homicide , dapat auto-disqualify for it. Unfair sa napatay at namatayan.

Now it all makes sense why the @TeamAFP put forth that what I thought then was a seemingly random statement on SOGIE. Baka ito pala bigger play. To help lobby for the bail out of their supposed brother in arms.

It's sickening how a white US marine really got away with murdering a transgender and is now walking freely after only six years since the murder happened. Jennifer laude will remain as another burried case.

Laude’s death personifies the death of Philippine sovereignty and the light penalty imposed on Pemberton proves that despite the President's independent foreign policy, that Americans continue to have the status of conquering colonials in our country.

Despite the glaring lack of proof of Pemberton's behavior and conduct, Olongapo court says he has served more than the 10-year maximum penalty. How when the crime happened 2014, and it's only 2020.

There is no #JusticeForJennifer in a justice system that bows down to the whims of the United States!

The VFA has made it possible for a murderer like Pemberton to be entitled to good conduct time allowance (GCTA) when he has never set foot in a Philippine jail.

Setting Pemberton free is an insult to Laude, to the LGBTQ+ community, and to our national sovereignty; celebrating Ferdinand Marcos in a holiday is a grave insult to the thousands killed, raped, tortured, arrested, and disappeared under his fascist dictatorship.

If anything, these two issues today show us rather blatantly that justice system in this country is skewed towards the interests of those in power just to allow them to kill—to commit brutal human rights violations and crimes against humanity with rampant and brazen impunity.

Though the family got a huge sum of more than 4 million. Could this be the reason why Pemberton got an early release?

Pembeton’s lawyer and Marilou Laude (Jennifer Laude’s sister) met last August 25 for the settlement of civil damages. This comes more than 5 years after he was found guilty of homicide for Jennifer’s death.

The Supreme Court has terminated its review of the case involving Pemberton after he withdrew his petition seeking a reversal of his conviction on homicide. Pemberton may have simply withdrawn his petition in anticipation of a minimal 6 year sentence.

Lahat ng kabalastugan ginawa sa panahon ng pandemya...Pagpasa sa Anti Terror law, pagpapasara sa Abs cbn at pagpapalaya kay Pemberton dahil daw sa GCTA na naman?

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