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Should we call ourselves Filipinxs and Pinxys from now on?

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"Filipinx" and "Pinxys" are just some of the 650 new entries and revisions made by English online resource platform

What the f*ck is a Filipinx? A legendary Pokemon?

The amount of Filipinos threatening to beat up non-Filo moots or whoever uses “Filipinx” is growing and they are somehow furious. Who wouldn't be if some Fil-Am or conyo sort of rebrands us with unusual terms as if we are a new species.

My thoughts on the “Filipinx” debate:

Filipinx should be reserved for people whose gender is non-binary and for the diaspora

Filipinos in the Philippines should be aware that they appropriated the term “Pinoy” from the Filipino-Americans who coined it.

Diasporians, Conio kids and Neosporins can use Filipinx or Pinxy.

While we native pinoys can use Pinoy, Pinay, Filipino, Filipina, Mamser, and Loddycakes.

Easily identifies the disaporians and the locals.

Problem solved.

I don’t really want to talk about this topic but both sides of the argument are annoying. This topic is exhausting and comes up way too often. Fil-Ams should also stop referring to Filipinos in the Philippines as “mainlanders” or “mainland Filipinos,” it sounds very condescending.

I'm only saying this because it's come up again, but after nearly 400 years of colonisation and ongoing neo-colonialism from our government killing indigenous and minority languages, "Filipinx" is not going to be the thing that destroys our languages.

Y'all just hate diaspora and trans folks and don't think they have a say over their culture. This energy can really go somewhere else. Is there a debate that conyo or Taglish is "colonising"? (It isn't, obviously)

Fix your priorities.

Filipino is already gender neutral! Filipina and Filipinx were coined by Fil-Ams and it doesn't make sense because our language is already gender neutral in the first place. Calling us Filipinx pushes Western ideals and erases our culture! It's basically a racial slur!

Fil-Ams are trying to change our culture and words by claiming that we should change our already gender neutral Filipino and Pinoy into "Filipinx" and "pinxy."

If our ancestors heard about this Filipino vs Filipinx shit they’d be like, wait... what the f*ck!?

“Filipinx” originated in the trans community and was never meant to replace “Filipino” .... But why do we all fight so hard for a term like “Filipino” anyway? As if it’s not our colonizer’s literal name with an “-ino” attached to the end?

Filipinx is not only used by transgender and non binary, it is also used by binary cis gendered Pinoys too. So yes it's literally replacing Filipino. It's kinda offensive that Fil-Ams uses that word because they are ashamed of its culture.

I fully support our people who would like to identify themselves as Filipinx or Pinxy. But, please, help us who still identifies as Filipinos to not get erased by Western media. Some random site have already assumed that Filipinx is used for everyone who's from our country.

Which literally bastardizes everything our country and our people have fought for. That's harmful for everyone involved, imo. In our crusade to be recognized, be validated and be represented, please don't let the rest of us who identifies differently be forgotten.

Let's help each other be properly recognized. We will fight for our right to be seen and heard. In return, help us educate those who'd need educating. After all, we all came from the same land.

Just a reminder that our official demonym according to NHCP is "Pilipino."

We are never Filipinx.

Note that Filipino is anglicized of Pilipino and is valid; Filipinx is not.

It's perfectly okay to call us "Filipino." No self-respecting native of the Philippines will call him/herself a "Filipinx."

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