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Pedophilia (or Ephebophilia) between EJ Laure and Bugoy

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Happy to have a family na mahal na mahal ako. Pagsisikapan ko pong itaguyod ang blessing na ito. Thank you for your unending support and I love you both, Mommy EJ and Baby Scarlet!!"

Where do we all draw the line between what is right and “love wins” mantra?

The proper term to describe the act is “ephebophilia” which is attraction towards those around ages 14-19, whereas “pedophilia” is towards children aged 13 and below.

It’s sadly true talaga that this sort of relationship is so normalized when in some places, it could even be classified as statutory rape which WILL be the case if ever ma-approve yung raising of age of consent bill.

EJ Laure having sex with Bugoy when she was 20 and while Bugoy was 15 is undeniably disgusting. At her age as an adult, she should've already known better than to engage in a relationship AND to have a baby with a minor. How has she not been jailed yet?!

To anyone who’s going to defend this, I beg of you to please understand power dynamics. Minors are allowed to develop crushes on older people because it’s harmless. It’s not the same as an adult—who clearly has the advantage in this situation—reciprocating our feelings.

As adults, they’re always to be held responsible of their decisions, including their choice to return intimacy with a minor. They KNOW what they’re doing as their mentality‘s more matured & developed. They’re in the position to take advantage of a minor’s feelings & naivety.

The minor won’t realize the severity of the situation because they’d only view it as their crush returning their feelings. In some cases where they grow older, it’ll continue to get worse because they’ve already gone thru some manipulation that they choose to disregard the red flags present.

12 being the age of consent in the Philippines will never justify pedophilia (or whatever it is properly called). The age of consent laws will never be a justifiable defense over an adult’s predatory behavior towards a minor. The age of consent laws should not excuse a 20 yr old pursuing a relationship with a 15 yr old.

This is sorta blowing up which is provoking my anxiety lmao but relieved that people are speaking up about it and are also educating others. I'll try to search on my own, but if may alam kayong charity organizations para sa victims ng pedophilia, grooming, etc. please let me know.

The fact that they waited to publicize their relationship when Bugoy turned 18 is another gross speculation. Just because he‘s now of legal age doesn’t erase the fact that EJ still pursued Bugoy when he was a minor. It’s called grooming.

What doesn't sit right with me is the fact that suddenly people are okay with this because they seem fine, ignoring the fact that she GROOMED him. Hindi porke pamilya na sila ngayon at mukhang okay at happy si Bugoy, eh tama at hindi na masama ang nangyari between them.

Hmm lets try this. What if Bugoy was the adult and EJ was the minor and they waited for her 18th birthday to announce their child. Stop it with your gender bias because I am very sure that if EJ was a guy and Bugoy was a girl you would be flipping your shit by now.

Bugoy and EJ Laure's story is a case of whatever - philia it is. Grooming is real and women can do it too. Anyone sane knows there is a MAJOR imbalance in the power and dynamics when a 15 and a 20-year old get into a relationship, let alone a sexual one.

Please don't get me wrong, I'm happy for the both of them, but I'm not saying it was right. Bugoy probably knew what he was up to when he consented to do it. I mean, hello Angelito, hello Bagito. These teleseryes weren't just created out of imagination. It was made to show adults and minors that these things happen in real life.

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