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A Beginner’s Guide to Kayaking in Michigan

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Michigan is like a heaven for kayakers of all levels –novice or seasoned. To enjoy a kayaking trip there, get a kayak that offers you learn more

If you plan kayaking in Michigan, perhaps no place is better than this state. It is because nearly half of the state is covered with water bodies. So, there is no shortage of kayaking destinations there. It is the ideal place for kayakers of all levels. In this article, I will discuss what beginner level kayaker needs to for a kayaking trip in Michigan. 

Get the Right Kayak for You

Don’t buy a kayak at the heat of the moment. Rent instead of buying since hiring a kayak there is possible. It is because as a beginner kayaker it is highly likely that you don’t know many of the basic kayaking techniques. Think about holding a kayak paddle accurately. Don’t think that it’s a pretty simple, straightforward thing. So, learn and practice some basic kayaking skills. Once you learned some elementary kayaking skills try a few kayaking designs. Two major types of kayaks are sit-in kayaks and sit on top kayaks. Find which style of kayak offers you fit and comfort most. Here are a few suitable kayaks for beginner kayakers.

The Two Other Types of Kayaks That You Also Consider

Recreational Kayaks

These kayaks are ideal for lakes or rivers where water is serene. They are also a great choice for beginner kayakers. Beginners can hone their paddling skills there before moving to a more adventurous aquatic environment. Keep in mind that handling waves or fast-moving water is a challenge if you paddle for the first time. Keeping the stability of your boat in tumultuous water may turn your pleasure tip a nightmare.

Sea Kayaks

These kayaks are also ideal for touring. They are suitable for peddling waterways like oceans, bays, and lakes as well.

Take Kayaking Class

As you know there is no harm to learn a new skill. Learning how to peddle is of no exception. Attending such classes may appear to your time-wasting but at the end of the day, you will learn some invaluable lessons there like how to enter and exit a kayak safely, paddling, and some other useful kayaking techniques. You will get the opportunity of meeting with other expert kayakers and get to know things that may appear to you difficult to understand. One good news is there are many clubs in Michigan where you will be able to learn basic paddling techniques. There are also paddling clubs that offer similar kayaking classes. Search online and you may get one such club in your area. Join the club, take kayaking class before going to Michigan.

Learn Two Important Kayaking Skills

Two important kayaking skills are how to enter and exit the watercraft and most importantly basic paddling skills. To learn these skills quickly, attending a class of course will be a good idea. But, if want to learn yourself, that’s not bad either. When you enter into a kayak, board on it on calm shallow water by keeping your body’s center of mass centered. The human body’s center of mass depends on the sexes and the position of limbs. In a standing stance, it is usually, 10cm below your naval.

Learn how to exit a kayak is far more important than entering into it. It’s a lifesaving skill since in capsizing events leaving the kayak safely is the topmost priority. Practice exiting it in shallow water with inundating the boat. When you get accustomed to entering and exiting the kayak in shallow water, move to deep water and practice entering and exiting skills.

Another important skill to practice is mastering basic paddling skills. Basic paddling is all about feeling comfortable in the kayak and navigating in water efficiently. Relax your muscles, move your legs more than your arms, and try to keep the boat in a straight line. Also, learn reverse paddling to stop the boat during an emergency.

Carry Safety Gear

As a beginner kayaker one essential safety gear a life jacket. So, you must carry it. Remember that, for seasoned kayakers kayaking without wearing a life jacket is acceptable. But for beginners, it’s a definite no-no.

Know Local Water Condition

Don’t expect that water condition, particularly below the water surface, remains the same everywhere. Sunken debris, trees, or large stones may cause irreparable damage to your kayak and causing it to capsize. Talk with local paddlers and read forums to know which waterways will be safe for kayakers. Another way to minimize the risk of an accident is if possible get an experienced kayaker on board. In this case, a tandem kayak will be a good choice for you.

Inform your Michigan kayaking trip to your friends and family members

Don’t go on your kayaking trip in Michigan secretly. Inform your friends and family members about the trip. And, let them know your return date.

Explore a few amazing water bodies in Michigan

We want to conclude this article with a couple of scenic waterways in Michigan. As we have mentioned at the beginning of this article, Michigan is like a kayaking paradise. Places like Detroit's historical canal, Isle royal national park, porcupine mountains, and two-hearted river are all splendid and spectacular. Among these wonderful places, I picked two places to explore while all other places are equally attractive. These two places are the Detroit historical canal and the Porcupine mountains.

Detroit Canal

Klenk Island is located on the far east side of Detroit. You will find many river-front houses and Venetian styled canals there. The neighborhood there is a like little Venice in Detroit. The trip starts from the Grayhaven mooring facility and cruise through along the famous city’s east side. It’s a two and half hour trip and enjoys the beautiful views of the town. The tour features the Fisher Mansion and the place is associated with stories like the purple gang, the city of Detroit’s infamous mob of bootleggers, and hijackers.

Porcupine Mountains

Another name of these mountains is “porkies”. They are a group of small mountains that are situated in the upper peninsula of Michigan. The credit of this group of Islands goes to the Ojibwa people who give such a name because the overall shape of these mountains is like huddling porcupine. The rivers that flow through the mountains are shallow making the water body safe for paddling for new kayakers. while paddling people also enjoy scenic views of forests there.

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