Saturday, July 11, 2020

Does ABS-CBN Deserve to Lose Its Franchise?

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"They’re supposed to be voices of the people they represent, but all they do is protect their personal interests. "

Do you firmly believe that the 70 Congressmen voted without any conscience?

We followed thru the hearing and we have drawn our own conclusions. Unfortunately, the only votes that can be counted are from these representatives.

Eventhough all allegations against ABS-CBN were debunked by the representatives of government agencies who acted as resource persons, the final decision still lies with each Congressman.

Is it true that the testimonies of government agencies clearing ABS-CBN of any violations and attesting to its compliance to law provisions were set aside and ignored in the franchise committee hearings? Instead, it embarked into phishing expedition for networks alleged violations?

Cayetano must realize that it is not just the decision of the House panel but the horrendous and obnoxious ways they conducted the hearing that enraged the public. This fellow is so clueless.

"I think the government is way more entertaining compared to ABS-CBN whose primary business is "entertainment" and not news and public service as the management prominently tries to point out"

Seriously, we are easily entertained by their "slapstick, insult-throwing and pabebe comedy" and emotionally touched by those tear-jerker segments added to almost all parts of their shows, even talent searches.

It's high-time we elevate our standards....and maybe to those who lost their jobs because they let these type of entertainment prevail in their TV network, have a voice to tell your management that they should stop dumbing down the masses.

Many kids out there want to be an entertainer instead of choosing careers from fields that could give our country a better chance to become first world.

Thus the Philippines is known mostly for it's performers that provide entertainment in and out of the country, and not because of its engineering or scientific achievements.

Media greatly affects our decisions in life. It shapes a great part of our psyche. Thus we need more responsible people to share more significant content or information to help us shape the nation and not turn it into a circus just like what the government is doing.

If you were to ask me. Enough with media like ABS-CBN which is nothing more but just an entertainment network. Even their news are funny as it is mostly neither fair or relevant in sharing news.

The bulk of its business is in providing entertainment, sadly dumbing down the masses, only.

Lahat naman may pinag iinteresan. Do we even know the details on how the TV network was returned to the Lopezes after the Aquinos took over the Presidency of Marcos?

Aside from ABS-CBN, the Lopezes have other businesses too. Our government officials have other businesses or source of income as well kahit bawal for them. Karamihan undeclared or may dummy owners.

Both just use different means to gain what they do not really deserve if they will follow the law. Kaso, kaya nilang magbayad ng mga abugado para paikutan ang mga loopholes. Maraming bawal pero nagagawa dahil sadyang sakim karamihan sa atin.

But Karma balances all inequalities. We just do not know when it will even the playing field. All evil could conspire to bring us down, but if we do not really deserve the downfall, we will eventually rise up again like the phoenix.

Both sides are not revealing everything. Pareho lang may mga skeletons in their closets. Yet since we made it a rule that the majority vote wins, the 70 who voted Yes to the ABS-CBN shutdown naturally caused the death of the TV network, just as how the biggest vote last 2016 election made someone the president of this country.

It is about time to change that rule. The majority is not always right because majority of us are not equipped to decide properly. We could not go beyond the traditional thinking. We are always getting manipulated easily by PR campaigns. Immediately getting impressed with just witty statements proliferated unknowingly by PR practitioners through media willing to post anything as long as there are corresponding compensations.

Unless government officials are made to act appropriately as public servants that receive salary commensurate to their actual degree, career background, achievements and work performance they will forever be seen as corrupt only interested in accumulating more wealth.

Unless media becomes a non-profit organization, they will forever be seen as nothing more but a PR agency for the people that can pay their price.

Maybe this will in turn shape up the rest of the media outfits out there.

Huwag na rin ninyo ipasara mga shabu laboratories, logging, dynamite fishing, endangered animals poaching, online scamming, cybersex dens, carnapping, pirated products manufacturers, and other syndicates,, kasi kawawa naman mga libo-libong mawawalan ng trabaho, at least kahit during this pandemic...

Seriously, where do we set the line to allow our conscience to ignore the discrepancies and irregularities in favor of the welfare of others?

Politically motivated maybe, but 70 congressmen couldn't be all wrong and evil to purposely bring down a TV network and let thousands of people suffer the consequence without weighing the pros and cons.

Sa mga nalulungkot sa pagkawala sa TV ng ABS-CBN, gantihan ninyo sa online.

Create better shows and news programs online that will turn people away from TV, radio and print. Make the other forms of media extinct.

If you are really good, people will seek you out and find ways to listen or watch your shows.

The bigger you get, the more jobs you will eventually create and thus able to rehire those you had to lay off.

But knowing the government, you may have to rebrand, improve your employment structure,  and change your programming concepts...Enough of the biased newscasters, stop the slapstick comedies of third sex comedians promoting immorality on national TV, innovate the plots and storylines of your teleseryes, etc., otherwise, they will just go after you again.

Chilling effect my ass! If I was the President and wanted to threaten media to stop posting negative stories about me, I will not start by going after only the big players. I will go after all. So it's unfair for both Rappler and ABS-CBN to yell this as an attack on press freedom.

Seriously, both have been coming out with truly biased news and tabloid-like treatment of features. We deserve better.

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