Friday, July 10, 2020

Bubonic Plague: After Covid-19, Are We Threatened by Another Virus from China?

Wazzup Pilipinas!

"How many more disease we need to wake up from the truth?"

Is the food so insufficient there that Chinese people literally have to eat anything and everything! The day isn't far when they will start eating their own family members!

Different culture and ideology to the West... How much more evidence do they need that the way they choose to live and eat are destroying themselves and others??

China is literally testing our patience, it should make everyone think that why every disease is spread through only one country and then can start raising this questions to China! It is really frustrating now and getting on our nerves!

China's mindset is "we are the superior among all and we can do or eat whatever we want." They don't mind on the consequences.. They are only focused on taking advantages of everything that they can get in their hands on.. I dont know anymore what to expect.

In my view, there is only one solution to this problem and that is that the whole world should form an association that completely expel China. The same thing should be done with any country which does not agree to this until China agrees to establish a democratic government there. Only then you can solve this problem and many other problems together.

China is a large country with a huge population. They has many cultures and several sub-culture inside. The country has many tribes and each tribe has passed their beliefs through generations to family members. That's why we've seen a girl who is dressed with modern outfit but eats bats!

A new case of bubonic plague was recently detected in a herdsman in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of China.

Misleading claims were shared on social media that a recent case of the bubonic plague detected in China would trigger a "severe epidemic" and that the plague can be spread through cough droplets.

The World Health Organization has said the bubonic plague case is not high-risk and is “being well managed."

The bubonic plague is caused by bacterial infection, usually transmitted from animals to humans by fleas, and was responsible for the Black Death, which killed around 50 million people across the world in the 14th century.

Bubonic plague is carried by rats and mice. It has been found in the American SouthWest. And it is easily treatable with antibiotics. It has always been in the states.   Just well controlled.  The plague resides in rodents, and prairie dogs.  Calling it the Black Death is a great eye catcher, but it’s no where near as bad as you say it is.

Regarding Bubonic Plague, it’s perfectly treatable nowadays. It has never gone away. Pops up all the time all over the world. Simple hygiene will combat the plague, there is nothing to worry about. It is spread mainly by fleas on rats and pest control will handle that. There are people all around the world that are infected with bubonic plague every year and have been for every year before anyone paid attention. Bubonic is not spread by eating wild animals and it occurs fairly often but it is just easily cured now. It is no longer a threat to humanity at this point.

Additionally leprosy is carried by armadillos, which are in the American South. But it too is easily treatable with antibiotics.

Bacterial infections can be treated by antibiotics. And as long as we don't over-use antibiotics they will still be effective in these treatments. Viruses are more difficult to treat. They are not living organisms. However they enter living cells, and basically take over the cell.

Actually we are risking ourselves each day to survive. How much can one prevent ourselves from such pandemics. Us being angry is justified, as we humans have gone nuts.

It's more a question of respecting the fact that we aren't as "superior" as we think we are. We're just as vulnerable to the laws of nature and we absolutely have to respect every being we share this planet with.

If the people on our planet decide to be vegetarian more than half of the deadly diseases will vanish forever! China has such a huge population to feed and that is probably a reason that exotic breeds and wildlife is being consumed. This does not excuse it. If more people adopted a plant based diet we could save our planet.

I really want to rename china as the "Capital of Viruses." For real though, those Chinese people don't actually care about some people or animals, just that they can get many money, that's fine for them.

The way the Chinese government is trying to divert the world's attention from their Covid mis-handling by creating unrest in Tibet, Taiwan and Hong Kong shows they could go to any length to hide their nefarious designs. I am not anti-China. Just anti- covert political agenda of their ruling Party. Their scientific research labs with bio-hazardous germ-warheads are what scares me the most.

It's easy for all the political leaders out there to cut ties from China and block all the communications, but the greed of trading and importing Chinese products are stopping them from doing so.

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