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Smart Asset Managers: The Netflix of Business Investments

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Are you looking for investment opportunities? With the ongoing pandemic experienced by the whole world, our businesses of all kinds and sizes were undoubtedly affected in one way or another. Even the essential goods and services sector couldn't maximize on their earning potential as most of us were financially-challenged due to unemployment brought about by travel restrictions and health hazards while exposed out on the field or enroute to our jobs.

It is time for us to bounce back as we ease our way to less stricter quarantine protocols.

I recently joined a Zoom meeting with fellow bloggers to know more about Smart Asset Managers (SAM) on the night of June 18, 2020. It was more than an hour of discussion about a platform that could warrant our attention especially if we are eager to earn from a potential worthy investment.

The SAM platform encourages people to subscribe with a minimum amount of $300 while the "asset managers" invest on strategic businesses which they believe will turn them the best profit.

The Zoom meeting was officiated by Rommel Santos, and Diego Jose Ramos, both key personalities managing the Smart Asset Manager. They did their best to explain how SAM works with only a minimum of $300 subscription, while expecting to get up to 15% revenue per month which you can withdraw anytime.

This kind of business is like a crowdfunding for funds they could use in securing business opportunities, though they did say only about 30% from the subscriptions will be used while the remaining 70% stays with them. One mentioned it as the Netflix of business Investments as it does offer you  choices - just hoping they are investment-worthy, just as some of the shows from the streaming platform are not that pleasing. Also, is it the right time to invest while we are still amidst the Covid-19 Pandemic? All I could say to that is we have no other way but to go up afterwards so the opportunity maybe knocking into our doors. How sure are we about the people behind SAM? Are they knowledgeable enough to risk our money? Well, they will surely be transparent to reveal their portfolio and keep us updated of their latest investment finds and profits.

They will use our money as a capital to venture into different kinds of businesses including conventional businesses globally complying with the countries' financial rules and regulations to make the business legal. This includes an Indonesian company called KinerjaPay. Thus, it is better to research on their target acquisitions. Do not just rely on my recommendation, seek out more information about them and their efforts, both past and present, especially the future they are hopefully sharing financial rewards with.

But since all businesses are not immune to economic situations, there are also possible losses too. Do we expect the worst? Maybe, but I assure you that noone wants to lose their fortune so they will surely study tediously before investing.

Unlike MLMs, there will be no recruitment necessary. You are not required to recruit a downline. Everyone will surely get a piece of the pie, may it be pizza, apple, egg or buko. 

They are aiming to expand to the Philippines soon as there are also many Filipinos from other countries that were interested to invest, and are already investors benefitting from the rewards. Thus, they hope you will download the SAM app now, subscribe, learn how the platform works, and earn too.

For more information, please see more information below:

The Philippines will soon welcome Smart Asset Managers (SAM) into the country with its planned grand launch.

SAM is registered as a general business company in Melbourne Australia and its digital technologies is in digital and conventional business developments. It also aims to reverse the conventional method of entrepreneurial journey through economy sharing.

Earlier this year, SAM opened its market and community in Malaysia and Indonesia. It’s targeting the Philippines as its third Southeast Asian market. Founded by Rommel Santos, a Philippine-born New Zealander based in Australia entrepreneur.

SAM will operate in the country with an initial of at least a million US dollar investment from the $10-million digital expansion project. He believes that the Filipinos yearn for alternative ways of earning and gaining more understanding of the financial technology or fintech.

Santos said he also intends to buy the majority shares of the Indonesian company KinerjaPay, a digital payment solutions in brick-and-mortar businesses in Indonesia and Southeast Asia regions –

– to promote the growth of e-Commerce and marketplace in the internet by providing users and merchants with safe and secure shopping experience online. It is a publicly listed company in New York Stock Exchange.

With SAM’s entry into the country, Santos expressed optimism that he could bring in positive financial changes into the lives of ordinary Filipinos.

“They only have to subscribe to SAM and see for themselves how their subscribed amount earns incentive even if they are sleeping,” Santos explained. “We share the opportunities to all our subscribers to engage directly in the business.”

SAM tentatively schedules its Philippine launch in July or August.

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  1. I am honored that you have taken notice of the term I used which is SAM as the "Netflix" of Business investment. Good read on your post Pambansang Blogger. Keep it up.


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