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7 Things to Keep You Busy After Your Early Retirement

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Getting your early retirement is an achievement. It is a privilege desired by many who are sick of the hustle and bustle of the working life. But life should not stop there. You only retired from work, not from having fun!

You have dedicated your yesteryears making yourself financially stable. It’s time to let yourself engage in things that you may have forgone before just to achieve what you have today. Your retirement from work should not be boring!

Check out these fun and interesting diversity of activities and side hustles to keep you busy after your early retirement.

1. Start your healthy eating habits.

Choosing to eat healthy meals is something you may have missed while you spent years working and earning money. You were so busy chasing time, beating deadlines and prioritizing things that didn’t include making yourself a hearty meal.

Now is the time to say good bye to those instant noodles, three-in-one coffee and other fast foods that you used to take just because you don’t have time for yourself. Since retirement gives you all the time you want, all you need is the willingness to start making the effort.

Take your time shopping for all the healthful food you see at the grocery store. Watch videos from YouTube and don’t be afraid to try cooking nutritious recipes. This is also a perfect time to delight your family make up for the times you weren’t home to prepare their meal.

2. Read books.

Recover all those books that you once had to give up just because you had to prioritize learning stuff related to your career. It’s time to awaken your bookworm self for you now have the all the time in the world!

Visit the nearest bookstores in your place. Take time scanning through synopses of novels you tried to ignore before. There’s no need to hesitate whether to buy the whole set of a series or not. It’s time to reward yourself! Reading is now for recreation, and not as a requirement.

3. Go to the gym.

You did well in establishing yourself financially. Now is the time you work on enhancing your physical self. Sign up for a gym membership and get yourself a personal trainer. Make doing exercise a habit.

As you gained experience and wealth from working over the years, you may have also gained fats and muscle pains. Set a goal with your trainer and exert extra efforts in achieving that goal. Change the way people look at retirees.

4. Challenge your body.

Your journey to achieving physical fitness is not just about going to the gym. Engage yourself in other exhilarating activities such as running a marathon, cycling for miles, hiking or even rock climbing. Learning how to skateboard is also a must-try!

Don’t worry, you need not become an expert of the mentioned activities. You only have to challenge your body a little. Discover the things you didn’t know you’re actually capable of doing. 

5. Travel.

You may find young people filing for vacation leaves to go on trips trying to keep a work-life balance. What those young people feel can never be compared to how you feel when booking your one-way ticket and not minding when to schedule your return ticket since no boss anticipates when you are coming back.

Make a bucket list of the places you’ve always wanted to visit. Don’t mind how much you will be spending for what you are about to gain is priceless. You will not just get a glimpse of beautiful places; you also get to meet new people.

6. Create side hustles.

Retiring doesn’t require you to work harder. It doesn’t prohibit you from working either. You could always choose to keep earning so you have unlimited funds for your future recreational activities and travels.

There is no easy way to further sustain your retirement, unless you win the PCSO Lotto or the Singapore Pool 4D Lottery. You may opt for businesses or jobs that are done online so you still manage to spend more time to relax at home with your family. It’s also an edge if you choose a field that you are passionate about so you won’t just work to earn, but also to have fun.

7. Get a hobby.

You may go back to the old hobbies you had to abandon before, or better yet, get a new one. It’s always delightful to discover something new. Exciting must-try activities include enrolling in an art class, learning how to play an instrument, taking up a new sport like tennis, setting up movie marathons, and even volunteering in organizations.

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