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Why Are Some Pots and Pans Designed With Wooden Handles

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Purchasing the right kind of pans and pots for your kitchen is important. Pans and pots are the most important equipment in any cooking. You should choose your cookware carefully so that you can get all the benefits from your cookware.

For choosing the right cookware, you have to do some researche. Moreover, knowing about different types of pots and pans as well as their about their components so that you can assume how they are going to work.

Handles are a significant part of any cookware. We certainly want durable, comfy, safe and also stylish designed handles for our cookware. Handles are made with different kind’s materials.

In the following part, at first, we will discuss why some pots and pans are designed with wooden handles and then we will also provide information about some other type of handles.

Why Some Pots and Pans are designed with Wooden Handles

The most prominent advantage of wooden handles is it stays cool for a long time. That means you can lift the pan by grabbing its handle while cooking. It is perfect for people who are used to flip the food while cooking.

As wooden handles remain cold at the time of cooking, you don’t have to be worried about touching them. You can flip your food easily by those wooden handles.

And ease of use is the main reason why some pans and pots have wooden handles. The manufacturer who wants to provide the customers' comfortableness uses wooden handles.

However, some disadvantages are there also of wooden handles. The main one is wooden handle make the pan unsuitable in the oven as they are not resistant to high temperature.

Other Kind of Handles

Silicon Handles

Compare to metal handles, wooden and plastic handles have lower heat conduction which allows them to stay cool for a longer time. You can use silicon handles comfortably.

But be careful plastic handles can melt at high temperatures. They are usually safe up to 450-500 degrees Fahrenheit. Whereas in more heat than this plastic handles can melt.

Metal Handles

Metal handles either made with stainless steel, carbon steel, or iron. And all of these materials have higher heat resistance capacity.

That means you can easily use them in the oven. You don’t have to be worried about melting the handles or bursting the pans.

Again all of these materials are sturdy and durable. So you don’t have to be tensed about whether they will last or not.

The prominent drawback of metal handles is it gets hot while cooking. So you can’t touch them in bare hand while cooking. Be careful about this.

Among three materials of metal handles, stainless steel handles are the best as stainless steel heat up more slowly than the other two.

Construction of Handles

Handles are attached to the pans and pots in various ways. Let’s now discuss them.


In wooden handles or silicon handles, screwing is most common because these two can’t be riveted or welded. Usually,the screw is delivered into a casted extension of the pan’s and pot’s walls.

Screw handles have to reaffirm by screwdriver regularly. Otherwise, they start to shake quickly.

Riveted Handles

In the riveting process under acute force, rivets are pressed together. For ensuring professional riveting right machinery, expertise, the right amount of pressure, and timing is essential.

If riveting is done in the right way, then it is the most robust option to attach a handle to the pan.


Welding attaches the handle to a pan permanently without having the tension of wobbling and without having the use of rivets.

There are two types of welding. One is a deep infusion spot, and another one is surface welding. Whereas spot welding leaves some spots on the handle but it is cheaper.

On the other hand, surface welding is difficult to perform, but it attaches the handle with the pan perfectly.

If the body of the cookware is made with stainless steel, then surface welding is usually used. In aluminum pans, handles are screwed or riveted as aluminum or copper is too soft.


Casting is another way attaching handles with the pans. Molding can be used in carbon steel, aluminum cookware, and it is easy to use.


As wooden handles don’t get hot while cooking, some pans and pots are made with wooden handles. Also, in the market, you can find some super stylish wooden handles pans and pots.

After reading the writing, you may now know why some pots and pans are designed with wooden handles. Now you also know other types of handles. So you can compare and buy your desired one.

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