Monday, February 24, 2020

Watch House - Automatic Single Watch Winder Racing Green from UK

Wazzup World!

We can do a lot things on our watch. As we explore how deep is the sea, how high is the sky and speed that we can made in the land. In partner with our masterpiece to ensure we don't miss every second of time. 

As a watch fanatic, I can compare of owning a watch like owner a pet. You don't treat pet as pet. But as family, same with watch. You make sure it is well taken care of and groomed off. With utmost respect to each repair guy and watchmaker brands.  
.                                                                                                   .

Speaking of that, you can also buy your pets or watch with a special casing or house. The way you take care of your pet and family. Same principle applies to you precious watch collection. So having said that, I'm quite excited to unboxed this watch winder from European soil to Asia!   

I just received an Automatic Single Watch Winder from UK. So I did the Unboxing of my racing green luxury watch winder for Automatic watches from UK. Can be operated anywhere with the use of AC or 2 AA batteries. 
Features an ultra quite Japanese motor, multiple rotation settings - counter or clockwise even alternating. That can produce multiple turns from 650, 750, 850, 1000 or 1950 to suit any kind of watch. Perfect gift for dad, watch enthusiast or partner. 

The sleek minimalist design looks amazing on shelf. Designed in UK for luxury use as you pick your watch and go. So whether you have a Japanese, Tag or a Rolex Swiss watches timepieces. This watch winder is so cool to see as it takes care of my daily watch favorite wear or collections

So see Barrington Watch Winder amazing collection for more images and videos. Visit the website for more information and explore the luxury of watch accessories 

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