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Using a Macro Calculator for Effective Weight Reduction

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Knowing about macronutrients is essential

Losing weight and staying fit is not a piece of cake. It all starts with effective planning and simply setting of losing certain number of pounds is not enough. Consider that you want to lose 15 kilos to look fitter for your annual dinner. In the meantime, you are eating anything that pleases your taste buds. Even some healthy foods are a part of the meal plan, it would be hard to lose the desired weight.

What we eat is a combination of carbs, fats and proteins? Each meal has its own combination. Together these three are called macronutrients. Every edible option has its own combination of macronutrients. If you have weight loss target of 10 kilos and the carbs being consumed are more than the limit, the weight would increase instead of decreasing. Hence, it can be said that simply knowing about the number of calories to be burnt is not enough. Knowing about the macronutrients is essential if you want to achieve weight loss targets.

One way to check the count of carbs, fats and proteins is making a table on paper and monitoring it. This is not the easiest method by any standards. A lot of time would be spent on noting down the macronutrients in each meal. Along with that, a check would also have to be kept on the total count. The macro calculator would complete the same tasks in a shorter while and that too without mistakes.

The use of a macronutrient calculator is a part of smart weight loss. Anyone who wants to actually achieve the goals uses this tool. It helps in choosing meals because you are aware of the maximum limit for each macronutrient. Similarly, an individual plans an exercising schedule according to the number of calories he has to burn on daily basis.

What are the usage parameters?

Some macro calculators require the users to fill in a lot of information including detailed forms. This tool is much simpler in this regard. You do not have to go through a complicated interface and fill in forms with several fields. It is a simple tool with an easy to use set of features. Thus, while using it, no complications are experienced.

Enter you gender, age and targeted goal

Weight loss targets depend on the body structure, age and various other parameters. The macro calculator takes various important parameters as inputs and then determines the limits of macronutrients. To start with, you need to provide your age, gender and goal. For instance, if your age is 25, gender is male and targeted goal is to maintain weight, this data would be entered in the respective fields. Make sure that the correct information entered because the values of macronutrients would be determined accordingly. Along with that, provide the body fat percentage you have.

Height, weight and meals per day

The body structure is an important factor to determine the count of macronutrients. Hence, you need to provide your height and weight. Along with that, you have to provide information about the number of meals you have each day. If you eat three times a day, select it from the menu. The number of meals have an impact on the calories you can consume each day and macronutrients you should have.

Sedentary Activity is critical

The level of physical activity in the life of an important factor for determining the count of macronutrients. For instance, some people follow a light workout schedule while the others go to the gym regularly during the course of the week. The sedentary activity level is an important parameter to determine macronutrient consumption.

This macro calculator is used online without any issues

This macro calculator is used online without the user having to download any supporting tools. This is an issue when you are using the conventional offline tools. For such technological options, one has to download supporting applications before the usage begins. This tool can be used on smartphones, tablets and computers without any kind of software downloads.

Users can determine the macronutrients without paying for anything as this tool comes for free. There is no need to pay anything irrespective of how much the tool is used. In other words, you can determine the macronutrients as many times as you want to. When you are going through the weight loss process, macronutrients are determined from time to time. To meet this requirement, you need a tool that is free without any strings attached.

Complete user friendly interface

At times, the layout of a particular tool may be complicated. As a result, users are not encouraged to use the tool regularly. This macronutrient calculator is very simple which makes it a highly preferred alternative. None of the users have to learn about the options and then execute the calculations.

At times, users using a tool do not have adequate technical skills due to which they go through a struggle. This tool eliminates does not require users to face any hardships.


Staying fit and losing weight is not impossible if you have a serious approach towards the achievement of this goal. Knowing about the calories you need to burn daily is good information but you being aware of macronutrients is important.

A macronutrient calculator is a tool that designs your weight loss plan. You can set your goal in terms weight loss from the given options. For instance, if you want to maintain the current weight, select the appropriate option from the menu. In an overall manner, if you want to shed off the flab without much trouble, use macro calculator.

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