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Originality and Innovation are the Life of the Dissertation

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Papers published in core international journals should in principle be new phenomena or experimental facts described for the "first time in the world", concepts and models first proposed, methods established for the first time, and major observations (experiments) ) New summary of facts and refinement of new laws. Papers published in international core journals must not only be original, but the results must also be significant and have a role in promoting the development of the discipline. Based on a full evaluation of past work, the author should clearly indicate his original contribution in the current work.

"Innovation" is the soul of the dissertation, including new concepts, new methods, new technologies, new materials, new discoveries, new theories, etc. New thinking theory or method can be used to analyze the data obtained by previous people and get new conclusions. Use new technology, new instruments and new reagents to conduct experiments and obtain new information. Analyze new information and come up with new concepts. Establish a new theory based on new concepts. It can be said that innovation runs through the scientific research.

Clarify the thesis framework and highlight innovations

The conception and framework of the thesis reflect the research and thinking of the thesis. The regulations must be clear and logical, focusing on the theme and highlighting the highlights of the thesis. The emphasis of the thesis is on his own research work and creation, and it is necessary to highlight the innovation of the thesis. Some new phenomena and rules are often easily published in international SCI journals.

Ways to find innovations include finding topics in blank spaces in academic research. On the basis of inheriting the achievements of predecessors, seek differences, and strive to "save the same and seek differences". Use "seeking differences" to discover issues not involved in others, and deepen, develop and improve their research work. Find differences in academic research, find problems from these differences, find ways and methods to resolve differences, and then construct your own new perspective. Further adjust and expand the scattered academic research to form a new system framework. Select topics based on the literature review. Select topics from vertical and horizontal comparative studies, such as comparative medicine.

We must be brave to put forward our own "hypothesis" and establish and improve our own unique academic ideas. Make bold assumptions and verify them carefully. It's better to "fantastic" than "people to clouds." If you face some unresolved difficulties, it’s recommended to hire a writing service like college essay writing service, paper writing service and as such.

Focus on writing specifications

The requirements for each journal are different. Please read the submission instructions carefully before submission, and strictly follow the thesis specifications. Write an outline of the outline, write the title, abstract, keywords and preface, especially the characteristics of the thesis. Data sources and experimental methods should be accurate and detailed; standard citations should be marked, and references to other people's views, facts and data must be cited. Writing an outline is important for writing a dissertation, preparing a report, and formulating a research plan, so that you can sort out your ideas and master the overall plan. Explaining, explaining, and discussing objective things should generally not be subjective, but should treat all people and all research results with a calm, objective, and fair attitude. References must be read the full text, extract the essence, and mark it when writing. You must not quote second-hand literature. It is necessary to cite more domestic colleagues and their own research papers to increase the citation rate, and not to cite only their own papers.

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