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Guide to buying Super king-size bedding

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A super king-sized bed is widest and longest, it is about 76 inches wide and 80-84 inches in length. Big enough for all family members to lay on it, well, all family members does not mean that all of your family members will literally sleep on it… 

There is nothing more luxurious than sleeping on a super king-sized bed. About 6ft bed frames require quite a large space in the room, so the super king-sized beds make a perfect complement to larger rooms.

Now that you have the super king-sized bed in your bedroom, you need a right bedding set that complements your dream bed. Buying beddings for super king-sized beds is not an easy task. And one of the main reasons is the dimensions of the bed. In this article, we will cover the complete buying guide for the super king-size beddings. Let’s begin…

Elements of Super King Size Bedding

Here is the list of main elements of super king-size bedding;
● Sheet: Sheet refers to the top layer or flat sheet laidon the bed. It is not a part of the bedding set, it comes separately. It is not used around the world but in specific parts only. 

● Mattress Sheet: Mattress sheet is the bottom/fitted sheet having elastic on edges to keep the cover in place. It comes with the bedding sets.

● Bedspread: Bedspreads are used to cover the whole bed. It is very long and wider than the bed. It smirks to the floor and is made of cotton, wool, polyester, and other blended fabrics.

Blankets: Blankets are not the part of regular bedding sets but sometimes are available with the bedding sets. They are used for warmth and are made of cotton, wool, polyester and microfibers. They are used alone or in a combination with duvet, comforter or quilt.

Duvet: The function of duvets is the same as that of comforters or blankets. They are mostly not a part of bedding sets. 

 Duvet Covers: Duvet covers are a part of bedding sets, they are used to protect the duvet from dust and provide warmth. These duvets are available in a number of colors and designs.

● Bed Pillows: Bed pillows are also called sleeping pillows. They come in rectangular shape mostly. They are available in different sizes i.e. king, queen, and standard and super king-sized.

● Throws: Throws add extra warmth at the foot side. They are smaller than the blanket. They also used to wrap the shoulders or on chairs and sofa.

Bed Skirts: Bed skirts are called bed covers too, these are decorative covers laid on the bed. They make the bed look beautiful and provide comfort at the same time.

 Pillow Covers: Pillow covers are the cases of pillows, pillows are inserted inside them. They are available in a number of colors, sized and design.

Top tips for buying the super king-size duvet covers
Duvet covers are of the same size as that of the duvets, therefore but the duvets covers of the same size as your duvets are.

The super king-size duvets are bigger than the king-sized duvets, so do not buy the king-sized duvets if you have the super king-sized duvet, buy the right one. Do not put on the wrong covers forcefully.

Top Tips for Measuring the bedding king-size mattress to buy the right bedding;
If you do not know the size of your mattress, you cannot buy the right bedding set for your bed for sure.  Here are a few tips to measure the mattress size of your bed;

 Always use a retractable measuring tape to measure the size because it is easy to use and you can fix it to measure right.

● Remove the bedding covers to measure the mattress size, do not measure it from the top of your bedding covers.

 Start measuring the width from the right side, and extend the measuring tape to the left side, beware of any folds.

 Now, measure the length of the mattress, measure the length from the middle of the mattress, extending the measuring tape from the head side of the bed to the foot side.

There you go… now you have the size of both duvets and mattress, go and buy your super king-size bedding set… good luck!

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