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Four Casinos Making a Killing in Online Sports Betting

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Many people still question the legality of online gambling in America. However, after a lengthy court battle, the Supreme Court upheld New Jersey’s appeal to have sports betting legalized.

The legalization wasn’t equally apprehended in all states, leading to some people supporting the move, and others opting not to abide by the ruling.

Nowadays, online betting is legal, but accessing these platforms is geographically limited.

By this, it means that you do not need to be residents of a given state to place your bet online, but rather, you have to be in the country that allows gambling for you to bet. This might be challenging, especially for those in regions where online sports gambling is limited.

Reasons Behind Online Sports Betting Popularity in the USA

Nevada, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Indiana, and West Virginia are among the states that have passed gambling legalization bills, with the rest set to follow a similar route.

However, these are only a fraction of the 54 states in the USA, but online betting is still producing huge chunks of money. Nevada casinos took in nearly $1.06 billion in winnings in September 2019, which is a 6.8% monthly gambling increase.

So, Are There Reports Showing Illegal Betting in the USA

There are many concerns over many people accessing online betting through offshore sportsbooks, and this makes sense, given the recent growth and development of the firms.

American Gaming Association estimates that Americans illegally wager $150 billion every year. People in states where betting isn’t legalized yet can likewise use VPNs and access these sites with ease.

Likewise, according to Weekly Slots News, black market sports gambling brings about $150 billion annually.

However, under this section, our main interest is to educate on the reasons behind online betting popularity. So, why are many people interested in the platforms?

· Unsurpassed welcome and loyalty bonuses

There is no doubt that promotions and rewards will work like a charm in making people use your service. Luckily enough, the trick works perfectly for online sports betting companies as they give you money to make money even though it’s rare to scoop huge wins using these bonuses.

The wagering rules when using these rewards are a calculated risk. If you experience luck at this stage, there’s a likelihood you will deposit more money and seek to keep up the winning streak.

· Ease of access

The easy to access website and apps make many people find it fun playing these games via phones or computers. Apart from those in geographically restricted areas, others in betting legalized regions will access the platform any time they want.

· Fast payouts

One way of making a gambler happy is ensuring they receive their winnings as soon as the game ends. Luckily enough, some sites will settle live bets as soon as your prediction stands, and you don’t have to wait for the game to end.

Away from that, many sites will allow you to stake small amounts, which makes the service affordable to many people. That said, let’s have a look at four of the best online betting sites in the US.


The site has now been perfectly established to gain many US players' trust. It is arguably the best online sports betting site in the country, and the high number of players accessing the platform might offer enough evidence of that.

Among the many reasons why gamblers join the site is because they get more than online sports betting. There are also unlimited casinos, which you can easily access using the same wallet.

The multiple payment methods incorporated here also make you think about the ease and speed of transacting. Besides that, there is a wide variety of bonuses and promotions to keep players motivated as they cut losses.

GT Bets

Highly credible and legit, the site is surely among the top choices recommended for US citizens, even though its service is limited to a few states. The platform’s long history and exceptional features have made many fall in love with it.

Here, there are a lot of bonuses ranging from welcome to loyalty rewards. Likewise, you shouldn’t have an issue with accessing the site due to the recent website upgrades. You can now enjoy first-hand gambling experiences with a swift and easy to use interface.

Lastly, the platform is mobile-friendly to enable you to access it wherever you are. Unlike many mobile-friendly websites, this is easy to use and lite, to ensure you get the ideal swiftness even in areas with slow connections.


Being in the industry for over 20 years, it would be unfair to state that the oldest online sports site only paved the way for other platforms. Fairly speaking, the site hasn’t lost its taste in serving its customers right yet, and that’s a great achievement to maintain for such a period.

Without a doubt, their customer support service is top-notch. Odds here are highly competitive, and the many payment methods available ease your transactions. For beginners, there isn’t a better choice to join.

The sign-up process is simple, and the platform is accessible in multiple languages. Likewise, beginners can enjoy the services of a site with the lowest minimum stake here.


It is tough to miss the site on the mentions as it has now developed to outdo most of its competitors. The rebuild process began after the 2011-2012 scandals, and now the firm is established in ensuring you get the best for your money.

The site’s highly responsive customer staff and unmatched promotions are its main marketing tools. There are also multiple withdrawal options, even though new players are limited in terms of deposit amounts. Lastly, the number of games you can bet on is fascinating, and unique features like live betting also exist. If you want to learn more about the site, here’s a review to help you with that.

Final Thoughts

Conclusively, most sites under review offer exceptional customer services and bonuses with reasonable requirements. Therefore, make an effort to sign up and try your sports betting luck without wasting much time.

Likewise, since these sites are mobile-friendly, take advantage of the situation by researching and placing more winning bets with ease. Remember sports betting bonuses change, and as explained in Canyonnews, look for sites which require a playthrough only of the bonus amount.

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