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5 Things You Should Never do While Travelling

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These days, traveling alone or with family can be a very daunting task, especially if you don’t have hands-on experience of doing it before. Everyone wants to see how beautiful the world is but it is essential that you don’t leave a negative impact somewhere in the world. With climatic changes, global terrorism and many other issues, traveling to the right destination is a challenging thing. But the good news is, there are thousands of safe places in the world, you can visit and enjoy with family. Here, in this article, we will guide you through a few things you should never do while traveling:

1. Don’t Feed the Wildlife

Yes, taking a picture while feeding a monkey for an Instagram post might seem to be a very heroic thing, but you should never feed animals, especially when you encounter them on the road. Feeding animals on roads will make them dependent on humans. Even if they are friendly in the beginning, it will take them a few seconds to turn violent in case you stop feeding them. Secondly, you must keep in mind that food fit for humans might not be friendly to their stomach, so it is better to beware.

2. Don’t Litter

The only moment we all stop littering the streets and public places is when the world will be able to march towards a pollution-free environment. When you visit a place, tossing garbage around the streets is not just disrespectful but also causes damage to people around. Developing countries don’t have reliable trash cans where people can litter the garbage. However, in the developed world, much emphasis is on keeping the environment clean and healthy. One good idea is to travel with a crunch water bottle and a small bag. This way, you can use your bag to stack the wrappers and wasted stuff.

3. Don’t Splurge on Shopping

Even if it looks like the most delicate diamond piece on earth, don’t fall for its beauty because the souvenir is going to take a big toll on your pocket. When traveling to a new destination, always conduct some research on the prices of the souvenirs over there. It is good to support the local cottage industry but is equally imperative to create a difference in spending little versus being ripped off financially. Tourism is a major industry for many countries around the globe, so it is important to beware of poor quality and expensive products during shopping.

4. Don’t Forget Important Documents at Home

If you have an extended stay in a new destination, it is imperative to carry all important documents. You should have visa papers, a copy of tickets, identity card, driver’s license and insurance papers. Furthermore, if you have applied for any train passes in advance, it is crucial to carry a copy of those documents too. For instance, if you’re traveling to Japan and have already booked a train pass from , you must always keep a copy of the pass in your document bag.

5. Don’t Travel Extensively

People who plan a trip to multiple locations within a few days often end up being lazy throughout the trip. Therefore it is better to plan little and explore the place where you go. If you spend more than 73 hours in flight out of the three weeks you have, the experience won't be fun. More than traveling, you should focus on the experience of interacting with locals and exploring a new area. Traveling extensively results in the jet lag that can come in its worst form.

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