Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Why I Feel Motorcycle Taxis are More Dangerous to Transport Passengers

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Don't hate me for standing up for what I believe in. I believe I am fighting a battle less fought of by those looking for a quick way out of this existence they believe is so miserable.

One thing is clear, my intention will always be for the greater good. I may be wrong but at least I try to get involved and offer a solution.

Each day always has a surprising challenge unfolding to make up our epic story. We should all be grateful for the opportunities....and wary of those who want to take advantage of our confused state.

Ewan ko ba kung bakit ipinagpipilitan ng iba ang MC Taxis eh very risky compared to 4-wheeled alternatives.

Mas gugustuhin ko pang ma- late sa trabaho, than to risk myself from injury or death that are greater to happen when riding MC Taxis.

Mamamatay ka kung oras mo na kahit saan ka man sumakay? Pwede, pero tanga ka kung hindi ka magkukusang mag-ingat.

Kung talagang maraming apektado, yung mismong employer ang mag-aadjust dahil wala siyang magiging tao sa trabaho. Pero kung iilan lang kayo, it should mean you should find other ways to get to work, or find another job.

Ang daming solusyon. Sabi nga nila, kung gusto ay may paraan, kung ayaw ay maraming dahilan.

Stop claiming MC Taxis are the best and only solution. You are not the expert. The people at DOTr are supposedly the experts here. It's their job to study and work on this.

Lahat tayo nahihirapan with the traffic and transport problem, even car owners, but it doesn't mean we should "Kapit sa Patalim" just to get what we want.

I am comparing with regards to safety only. Where are we safer to ride? 4-wheeled or 2-wheeled taxis?

Let us not wait for accidents to happen when we can avoid them. The proliferation of MC Taxis is just like a volcano waiting to explode. We don't know when, but it will  most probably kill us if it does.

Yun na nga, mismong DOTr hindi maiayos, tayo pa kaya?

Do we really need data to know where we are safer?  As a passenger, is it safer inside a vehicle, or exposed to the elements and everything else as a backrider? This is about the safety of the passengers. I am just being concerned about the safety of our riding public as I've seen so many accidents involving or caused by riders...What more if they are carrying passengers.

Data will also show that accidents often happen on the road than by plane. But we are sure that if a plane does crash, our chances of survival is minimal.

OK, maybe I feel safer when I am enclosed in a car that seems like my armor everytime I go out on the road.

I just want others to be safer too.

But then again, somebody had these to say:

1. There are 1.5 million 4 wheeled vehicles in the PH and 14 million motorcycles.
2. DoTr is supposedly the expert and their supposed to regulate and come up with solutions. Have you seen our traffic conditions? Do you think they're doing a good job?
3. Shit trickles down. That means companies, employers will always pass the hassle down to the people on the lowest level. Sad but true.
4. Motorcycle taxis are efficient and safe. Angkas have a 99% safety record. There are hundred more reasons why MC's should be legalized but ayaw ko maging novela 📖 itong reply.

What I have to say:

Employers will adjust. Haven't you heard of flexible hours? They can't operate if noone will be there.

Other better solutions:

2. Develop an app and convert existing taxis into something similar to Grab Share carpooling. 4-wheels can transport more people. 4-wheels again are safer. Give taxi operators the option to compete with Grab, if other players wont dare compete.

3. Employers provide shuttles/vans for carpool. We did that with DSWD and other government agencies.

4. Employers hire people living within their city to avoid traveling great distances. Muntinlupa gives benefits to businesses that does this so their employees wont have the burden of traveling long hours after office.

5. Work at home. Though many could still not do this because of the nature of their work, a lot of tasks at every work environment can be done through online reducing head count. It is just a matter of time when everything else will follow. Don't worry about losing jobs because new ones will be available.

6. A lot more. I could write a book about this...and many of these are already being done. Just have patience.

Needless to say, we will adjust and evolve because of our needs. Employers and employees will find better solutions. Risking our safety should be discouraged. MC Taxis should be frowned upon.

If your employer is not doing something then that is probably because only a small number of his manpower is affected.

BTW, I've tried MC Taxis several times so I've personally witnessed how dangerous it is.

I am so baffled why you believe you will lose your job just because you are late. If you are really good at work, and you are not expendable, then your boss will reconsider.

In short, we can all work around from this predicament without endangering our lives with MC Taxis....and this is the real bigger picture.

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