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5 Time-tested Tips for Finding the Right Jobs in Manila

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Metro Manila is not just the biggest urban center in the Philippines — it is one of the densest population centers in the world. Because of this, job hiring in Manila is extremely competitive, with openings in virtually all industries within the area.

For decades, Metro Manila has been the place for ambitious job seekers from all over the country to start and develop their careers. While the development of other urban centers such as Cebu, Davao, and Iloilo have eroded Manila’s desirability as a job destination, the megapolis still offers the widest variety of jobs and the highest median salaries in the Philippines.

That said, there are several challenges to finding the right jobs in the Metro. These problems are due largely to the population density and the lack of adequate infrastructure. Long commutes and expensive housing are a fact of life throughout the area, and these can dramatically affect the suitability of different jobs.

If you’ve never worked in Manila before, we’ve got a few choice tips here for you. Here are a few tips for ensuring you get the right jobs in Manila.

1.) Consider the job’s location

Many job seekers from the provinces or overseas are often unaware of how big Metro Manila is. It’s a mistake to assume that just because you have a friend or relative willing to give you a place to stay that you can automatically accept any job offer without thinking twice. Oftentimes, the distances involved can make it impractical to take on some jobs if your living accommodations are simply too far or cost too much to commute from.

To avoid these issues, be sure to look up the job’s location as well as your commuting options. That way, you can consider whether you would prefer to take a different job or move to a more convenient living space.

2.) Account for commute times and expenses

It’s no longer unusual for commutes in Metro Manila to last as long as two hours each way — a total of four hours a day. Given that this is about as long as half a regular shift, you’ll have to consider if a commute this long is worth your time, health, and promised compensation.

It’s also important to realize that longer distances don't always mean longer commute times. Because of the chaotic transport situation in Metro Manila, distances on a map don’t always reflect how long a commute is or how expensive it might be. For instance, if you live in Makati, commuting to Diliman is a straightforward affair. Commuting to Eastwood, however, might mean multiple transfers and longer commute times, even if it’s much closer to Makati.

Of course, things are much easier if you have a car. But you will also have to contend with gas prices, parking, and ongoing maintenance. Plus, even with a car, you might not be able to use it every day because of different traffic schemes.

Regardless of how you commute, some sacrifices have to be made. Make sure to account for these before you accept a job offer because your salary might not be enough to cover everything.

3.) Consider a work-from-home job

Even job locations with difficult commutes can be quite tolerable if the employer lets you work from home on either a part-time or full-time basis. These types of jobs can also allow you to save time as well as money on commuting expenses. If you’re lucky, you might not even need to move to Manila for the job which means you can earn Metro Manila rates even if you live in the provinces.

4.) Negotiate if you can

Employers in Manila tend to be much more receptive to negotiations compared to employers in smaller cities simply because the job market is more competitive. It’s far easier for applicants in Manila to find opportunities elsewhere simply because the job market is larger and more dynamic. This gives applicants in the metropolis a bit of an edge over those in smaller cities where opportunities are scarcer.

5.) Take the time to find several different options

It’s usually worth taking your time to weigh different job options, even if you’re currently employed elsewhere. Better jobs are popping up all the time, and chances are better opportunities are coming up right around the corner. Never be so sure about one job that you aren’t willing to take something better!


Manila’s sheer size gives it a unique job market, especially when contrasted with other major cities in the Philippines. If you’ve worked elsewhere in the country — and even if you’ve worked abroad — few things will prepare you for the fast pace and the chaos of working here.

If you’re ready to look for jobs in Metro Manila or anywhere else in the country, be sure to check out Mynimo’s simple yet powerful local search functions make it simple to find the perfect job — wherever you are in the Philippines.

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  2. Much obliged for these tips! I'll definitely take notes and share with friends. These are very helpful


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