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5 Important Pointers to Remember When Preparing for Your Newborn Photography Session

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Congratulations! You have a bouncing new addition to your family.

Now you want to keep those precious memories close to your heart.

Many parents, first-timers or not, want to commemorate the milestones of their children. It is so they can look back on the memories when their kids grow up. This is especially true with newborns since they grow up so fast.

Newborn photography can be quite difficult compared to others. However, the difficulty should not divert one from keeping a record of these memories.  

It is important to keep a few pointers in mind when preparing for your newborn photography in Mebourne.

Book Your Newborn Photo Shoot As Soon As Possible

During pregnancy, one has a list of things to accomplish and prepare. It is imperative that you book your newborn photography session in advance.

Set a date when you want to have your newborn photoshoot. Once you have decided, have a target date where you can finalize the props and the theme of the newborn photoshoot. Have the target date be when you are 32 weeks pregnant. It gives ample time to work out the final details of your newborn photoshoot, but less time for you to change your mind.  

Remember that most photographers prefer the baby to be about 5-10 days old. This makes it easier for them to pose the babies because newborns tend to sleep for long periods of time.

Decide on a Vision for the Newborn Photoshoot

It is important to have a vision for the newborn photoshoot. You want to have an idea of what you want to be included in the newborn photoshoot. You should have the style and focus of the session ready in advance. It is also necessary to have any specialized props and clothes ready before the newborn photography session to avoid the hassle.

Additionally, you should talk to your newborn photographer. Communicate well what you want the photos to include. Be open to the creative ideas of the photographer. Be ready to collaborate so that you can have your ideal newborn photos ready.

Having a vision lessens your worry during the newborn photography session. It produces beautiful photos that you can keep forever. 

Pack a Baby Bag

You never know what you might encounter when you have a newborn. Accidents such as poop, vomit, and urine can happen. To avoid stress and worry, have a few things ready in your bag for easy access.
-       Change of diapers
-       Feeding bottles for the hungry baby
-       Extra baby clothes to change into
-       Special props for your newborn photoshoot
-       Pacifiers to comfort irritable babies
-       Blankets in case the baby gets cold. It can also be used as props.

Calm Your Baby During the Newborn Photography Session

Keeping your baby calm during the newborn photography session is crucial to have beautiful photos. Babies tend to do very well in studios when they are asleep or full.

Photographers advise parents to feed their babies an hour or 30 minutes before the photoshoot. This will ensure that the baby is sleepy and content.

Another way to keep the baby calm is to give a warm bath a few hours before the photoshoot. Warm baths make babies sleep and more amenable to be placed in cute poses for the photoshoot.

Have a bottle of formula or breast milk ready for the baby during the newborn photography session. Newborn photographers can use it to feed the baby mid-pose so they are relaxed and calm. A pacifier can double as a substitute for a bottle and a prop.

Most of your time during the newborn photoshoot will be spent feeding your baby. This will keep the newborn calm and content, resulting in beautiful newborn photos.

Dress In Comfort

Studio temperature tends to be set low for the baby’s comfort and to promote sleep. You should wear comfortables clothes for easy mobility.

Have extra changes of clothes for you and the rest of the family if you are included in the photoshoot. Studios should allow extra time for a wardrobe change.

For newborns, remember to dress them in button-up or zip-up outfits. The clothing for the newborn photoshoot should allow easy removal. This is so that the baby’s deep sleep will remain undisturbed. A baby’s newborn photography clothes should not go over the head as it will disturb sleep.


Newborn photoshoots can take time and test your patience. The newborn can easily become fussy or wake up due to positioning.

When you lose your patience, remember to relax. You will gain more in calming your baby and even gain beautiful photos as a result. Enjoy the time spent bonding with your baby and remember that they will not always remain that small.

The photos you get from the newborn photography session give you wonderful memories in the years to come.

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