Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Dusit partners with Pixel One to provide safe, dynamic and affordable solutions for hybrid meetings in Thailand

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"New models facilitate small gatherings while simultaneously leveraging technology for secure, reliable and instant global reach." 

Dusit International, one of Thailand’s leading hotel and property development companies, has teamed up with innovative Bangkok-based event management company Pixel One Production Co., Ltd, which specialises in audio-visual production solutions for MICE business, to deliver new services for virtual and hybrid meetings at Dusit Hotels and Resorts throughout Thailand. 

The new services, collectively dubbed VICE ROOM (Virtual Interactive Conference Experience), see Dusit’s hotel meeting rooms transformed on demand into high-end recording, live-streaming and presentation studios for worldwide broadcasting. A multi-screen video wall allows for real-time interactions with remote event participants, while a green screen backdrop can be incorporated for high-definition virtual backgrounds. Dedicated professional event specialists are also on hand to ensure swift and seamless connectivity. 

Officially introduced recently as part of a special event held at Dusit Thani Hua Hin for travel industry specialists and representatives from the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) and the Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (TCEB), the VICE ROOM debut demonstrated how meetings can be held safely, sustainably and economically in the new normal. Dusit employees from overseas joined the presentation and could be seen interacting with Dusit’s Group CEO, Ms Suphajee Suthumpun, in a group conversation facilitated by Future One’s high-tech set-up.

Ms Suthumpun believes that hybrid meetings models will be essential for stimulating Thailand’s MICE business in a post COVID-19 world. Not only will they serve as an attractive and safe platform for seminars, meetings and training sessions for companies based in Thailand, but they will also help to engender confidence among international businesses waiting to return, she said.

“The COVID-19 outbreak has brought major shifts to ways we live our lives, with measures such as social distancing making it very difficult for people to meet in person,” said Ms Suthumpun. “Our strategy to meet these changes, and the subsequent shifts in consumer preferences, is to offer convenience, experience and value at every opportunity. This includes collaborating with others to offer innovative solutions which we hope will benefit our industry at large. Our partnership with The Pixel One Production aims to achieve this by combining its solutions for socially distanced meetings and seminars with the expertise and renowned hospitality of our own Dusit Events team. Ultimately, our services will serve as a one-stop, affordable shop for safe, efficient and highly engaging hybrid meeting models and solutions. And these will be available at all Dusit Hotels and Resorts in Thailand, and also for offsite events catered for by our team.”

Mr Chatupol Sittichai, CEO of The Pixel One Production Co., Ltd. and Future One The Virtual Center, said that the solutions his company offers have been designed not only to facilitate remote participation, but also enhance creativity and engagement by enriching the meeting experience with virtual Q&As, live polls, and animated presentations, amongst others.

“The VICE ROOM has been carefully designed to help people connect and communicate via advanced technology, but still feel like they are interacting in the same place by sparking the kind of creativity that occurs in actual meetings,” said Mr Sittichai.  “Our connected systems and technologies, including a curved wall of high-definition screens that can simultaneously display up to 100 remote participants, enable real-time interaction and ensure information and content are relayed quickly and efficiently for effective outcomes. What’s more, our large green screen backdrop allows for all kinds of virtual screens to be superimposed behind the presenter, enhancing participation and engagement even further.”

Hybrid meeting packages at Dusit Hotels and Resorts in Thailand, including a VICE ROOM set up for up to 100 remote participants, are available now, starting at only THB 90,000 for a one-day set up.

Abandoned fishing gears are “immortal menace” to marine life

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New report from WWF says abandoned fishing gear an “immortal menace” which must be central in the fight against plastic pollution

The report, Stop Ghost Gear: The most deadly form of marine plastic debris, shines a lights on how ghost gear is responsible for harming 66 per cent of marine mammal species, half of seabird species and all species of sea turtles, often subjecting them to a slow, painful and inhumane death. 

So-called “ghost gear”, fishing equipment which is lost in the sea, can continue killing marine life for decades or even centuries after it first enters the ocean, making it the most deadly form of marine plastic debris

WWF is calling on governments to develop a legally binding global plastic pollution treaty that addresses this fundamental threat to marine wildlife 

PHILIPPINES—Abandoned fishing gear is the deadliest form of plastic debris for marine life and has already driven the vaquita porpoise and other marine mammals to the brink of extinction, yet even as this crisis continues to intensify, little attention is being paid to it by governments or industry, according to a new report from WWF.

The report, Stop Ghost Gear: The most deadly form of marine plastic debris, shines a lights on how ghost gear* is responsible for harming 66 per cent of marine mammal species, half of seabird species and all species of sea turtles, often subjecting them to a slow, painful and inhumane death. It also damages vital marine habitats such as coral reefs and mangroves and threatens the food sources and livelihoods of coastal communities and fishers, according to the report, which highlights how tackling ghost gear should be at the fore of efforts to combat the global plastic pollution problem. 

Commenting on the report, Marco Lambertini, Director General of WWF International said:

“While the consequences of plastic waste are finally starting to receive the attention they deserve, there’s still too little awareness about the catastrophic harm caused by ghost gear. This needs to change urgently given that it’s the most deadly form of marine plastic debris and that it can linger in our oceans for centuries, wreaking havoc like some kind of immortal menace: continuously and cruelly killing whales, dolphins, seals, seabirds, turtles and sharks, and damaging vital ocean habitats.

“This report unveils the impact and the tragic scale of this invisible ocean killer, and how it is linked to the practices of fishers and the fishing industry, as well as making it very clear that the current legal framework on marine plastic pollution and ghost gear is fragmented and ineffective. This is a global problem which requires coordinated action across the world, which is why WWF urges governments and businesses to support the establishment of a new global UN treaty on plastic pollution that sets out global goals and binding targets for both land- and marine-based plastic pollution, which in turn can help drive robust local regulation of ghost gear. We must stop ghost gear from decimating marine life and drowning the ocean we all depend on once and for all.”

The report shows that:

At least 10 per cent of marine litter is estimated to be made up of fishing waste, which means that between 500,000 and 1 million tons of fishing gear are entering the ocean every year. 

The number of species affected by either entanglement or ingestion of plastic debris has doubled since 1997, from 267 to 557 species. 66% of marine mammals, 50% of seabirds, and all 7 species of marine turtles .

5.7 per cent of all fishing nets, 8.6 per cent of traps and pots, and 29 per cent of all fishing lines used globally are lost around the world each year. 

In the upper Gulf of California, Mexico, illegal and abandoned gillnets have driven the vaquita porpoise to the brink of extinction – only around 10 individuals remain.

Ghost gear damages valuable marine habitats, damaging coral, harming the habitats of sessile animals, damaging vegetation, causing sediment build-up, and impeding access to key ecosystems.

Ghost gear has negative economic impacts, posing dangers to livelihoods and navigation by boat.

Studies estimate that over 90 per cent of species caught in ghost gear are of commercial value. 

Ghost gear can act as a navigation hazard, affecting a vessel’s propulsion and the ability to manoeuvre, causing operational delays, economic loss and, in extreme cases, injuries or even the loss of lives of crew members or ferry passengers.

As well as calling on governments to support the establishment of a new treaty to stop plastic pollution, WWF is encouraging countries to join the Global Ghost Gear Initiative - a global alliance of fishing industry, private sector, corporates, NGOs, academia and governments focused on solving the problem of lost and abandoned fishing gear worldwide.

Members of the public are invited to join almost 2 million others in signing the petition calling governments to take urgent action at can also support the campaign by uploading a photo or video of a sea species to social media with a big hashtag (#) over it and tagging #StopGhostGear.

#SalamatDeafEd: Department of Education distances itself from suicide issues

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"The Education Department appeals to everyone to stop connecting the recent deaths of teachers and students to the challenges of distance learning.

“We would like to request to the public to respect the families’ privacy and avoid speculating the cause of death,” DepEd says in its recent statement. “Suicide is a sensitive and complex issue.”"

Washing of hands is the only thing this government officials and it's department is good at.

It may not be the primary cause, but could probably be the triggering cause. It could be one factor that pushed them to the edge. Yan yung mas lalong nagpabigat sa mabigat na sitwasyon nila. Huwag ninyo na pagtakpan ang kapalpakan ng sistema ninyo.

Shouldn't people be more aware of what's going on so as to tackle what problems are happening, instead of silencing efforts to study the reasons behind the suicides? 

It's true that we should not jump to conclusions as indeed mental health has many contributing factors. However, it would be better if they pro-actively investigate and confirm any linkage.

It would be prudent for the Department of Education to take further study on the correlation of the deaths/suicide incidents to the stress/anxiety  felt by students and teachers because of distance learning. 

Why release such a statement when it only boils out to the same reason in the end. Kindly read between the lines. It does have something to do with the stress and pressure the system is giving to all the teachers, parents and students. Please admit that and do something about it. You can never address the problem properly if the Department does not even recognize and admit it's fault and the problem itself.

Pwede naman irespect ang privacy basta yung experts pinag-aaralan din yung solutions for the problem. Pero tama din si DepEd na sana wag na makiusyoso sa personal details.

Education is not a race.

Better planning and approach should be provided both students and teachers.

It's okay if you skip this school year. If you're challenged to study this year, it doesn't amount to failure. What we have here is an alternative for learning. If it doesn't work for you, it's okay to stop trying. WE WILL UNDERSTAND. And we appreciate you for trying. 

To DepEd, we understand that learning needs to continue this year. I wouldn't want to waste the opportunity for my child to continue his school this year. But I would not force it to other children especially those who are underprivileged. Please provide the option to opt out this school year. 

Museo de Filipino trends on TikTok: A lowkey exposition of the dark past and secrets of the government

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Installed Tiktok again because of the trending “Museo De Filipino"

It's about time we see the awakened youth involved in spreading history, from both past and present, before this government revises it with their mis and dis information. 

Pepsi Paloma, Miriam Defensor Santiago, Jose Rizal, Reina Mae Nasino, Ferdinand Marcos, even farmers killed at Hacienda Luisita, and other heroes, victims, survivors, dead or alive, whether famous, infamous, nameless, doesn't matter. They are among our tainted and celebrated history from the past, present, and inevitably the future, if we don't learn from them.

Museo De Filipino is trending on TikTok!

That's it, that's the content I've been looking for. Doesn't it give you chills? The trend speaks louder than the law. 

Now that is more interesting and educational to watch. I'm hoping the trend continues not just on TikTok but on other social media platforms because it educates people regarding Philippine history and some issues in our country, including how poor and shitty our government's justice system was and is. The goosebumps they bring while watching some of the TikTok videos are cringeworthy to experience.

We should all check this trend. It is an eye opener that brings awareness to the heroes of our country and you'll definitely learn from it. We can see how young generations are already well-educated. Pilipinas, rise up! Babangon tayo. 

This is definitely better than the young girls flaunting their cleavages and assess while dancing to a rhythm or beat.

The Museo de Filipino trend is exposing the governments dark past and secrets. The past is haunting us again...but they are no longer secrets per se as this government has blatantly normalizing these acts .....However, this shows that the youth is also aware of these injustices. They are spreading the word and fighting for our rights.

Knowing that majority of these videos were of innocent lives taken by the hands of unforgiving murderers sickens me and how the administration is a part of this unjust system truly angers me.

But not all portrayed were dead. Some of them were still current victims of this oppressive government like activist Reina Mae Nasino, redtagged and arrested as a terrorist who gave birth to her baby while in prison and unfortunately died because they were separated. Yet she remained well-guarded and handcuffed while attending the funeral. It reeks of the shocking double-standard this government gives to their convicted allies that were given more freedom and convenience.

We need to admit that this is the best trend among all the others we had in Tiktok. More contents like these please. This is a great way to discover unsung heroes of the Philippines.

What I didn't like was when those who portrayed Marcos as one of the best Presidents of the country. Maybe they meant it as a sarcasm? 

Overall, I kudos and salute to those TikTok users, mostly "awakened" youth, who were part of this trend.

Has it also opened your eyes to the truth that this government is now attempting to revise. We must not let them change history and keep the next generation in the dark. 

Our heroes from both the past and present fought against the injustices. They gave up their lives as a sacrifice so we could get our freedom. While many were also Innocents and collateral damages of this dreaded government.

This is a cool way to educate, but I am truly disappointed of how cold of the people who committed the crimes against humanity.

Thank you for using that social media platform to show that justice should be served.

Until now there are still people doing atrocious acts against their fellow beings and against the country. What will it take before we all realize that living an unjust life is not a LIFE worth living.

Monday, October 19, 2020

Virgin Coconut Oil: A potential anti-viral agent against COVID-19

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After 6 months of experiments, Filipino scientists have found that compounds from coconut oil and Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) decreased coronavirus count by 60% to 90% at low viral load.

Results of the clinical trials, led by ADMU professor Fabian.Dayrit, on the efficacy of VCO against the coronavirus disease 2019 are expected to be released by the second week of November, the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) said. 

Virgin coconut oil is readily available in the Philippines. I really hope the claims are supported well. On the other hand if this is true...VCO prices will surely skyrocket.

DOST is a very credible science-based institution. I trust their study. I think native guava and broccoli also have strong anti-viral and anti oxidant properties. I hope our local scientists will explore other food medicines as well.

I am a believer of VCO's curing properties. Hopefully, it can also help the fight against COVID-19.

But I'm still waiting for the VCO data/paper to come out para ma-scrutinize. Amy announcement of efficacy and the like must be accompanied by data. Otherwise, PR lang talaga yan. Yun lang.

May statement sila about viral loads and upregulation daw ng immune response. Ano kayang data nila doon?

Parang from the outset mild cases lang talaga yung inenroll so talagang dapat well controlled and powered yung trials... Yung naalala kong explanation nila, the lipids interfere with the viral envelope. Ginawang sabon.

I've always wondered what came out of it and why the funding agency thought it's a priority (based on them canceling other proposals due to being non-priority).

"The results are very promising, as not only does it show that the VCO, by itself, can destroy the virus, but it also has a key mechanism in upregulating the immune response against COVID-19"

These are bold claims that will need data to support them.

If you do decide to try it make sure it’s the raw organic unrefined virgin coconut oil

Ang Pilipinas ay mayaman sa puno ng niyog at ayon sa mga expert Biologist isa ang bansa natin sa may maraming species ng mga herbal plant at ang karamihan dito hindi pa nai-eexplore ng dalubhasa. Tatlo sa kagubatan ng Pilipinas ang maraming klase ng halaman na di pa nadidiscover ng mga experts. 

Baka yumaman ang Pilipinas Kung susuplayan ng niyog ang halos lahat ng bansa.

Kaso, buong mundo ang hindi pa nakakadiscover ng madami pang mga micro-organism kaya darating ang mga taon na magkakaroon ulit ng panibagong virus dahil na rin sa lumalalang climate change at global warming. 

Sana talaga virgin coconut oil ay maging mabisa sa Corona virus para hindi na tayo magkaroon ng problema sa vaccine ng ibang bansa. Need pa natin malaking pondo kapag sa iba ang gagamitin.

Superbook and The Flying House are Back on TV!

Wazzup Pilipinas!

If you missed watching your favorite animated Bible series on TV, cheer up! Superbook and The Flying House are back! The well-loved children’s shows are now airing on A2Z Channel 11. A2Z is ZOE Broadcasting Network’s newly rebranded channel through an agreement with ABS-CBN.

Watch back-to-back episodes of Superbook and The Flying House, Mondays through Fridays from 5:00 PM-6:00 PM. That’s five days a week of Bible fun and exciting time-travel adventures! Now, parents and kids can spend more quality time with their children while helping them learn and apply the valuable lessons depicted through the shows. 

See you on A2Z Channel 11!

Channel 11 on analog TV (Metro Manila and nearby provinces)

Channel 11 on Sky Cable

Channel 183 on Cignal TV

*Please check your cable operator for channel assignment.

Follow Batang Superbook and The Flying House on Facebook: 

MMDA Spox Celine Pialago and her 70 Facebook Admins? Or is this Snow White and her 7 Dwarfs?

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Wow! 70 Facebook admins is bigger than an event's trending team where they viciously post about updates of an ongoing event to make it go viral on Twitter. I can imagine what the rest of them are doing while one is on Facebook. The others are probably busy with other tasks needed for her social media account. But some would have liken this big number to a troll farm or what the government has been calling their "advocacy" groups. Lol.

Seriously, she did however retracted this statement reducing the 70 into a 7 (dropping the zero), but she also revealed that it was other people, including his younger brother, (who would of course most probably would not deny this claim), that answered for her. Saan napunta yung 63? Aber "passed away" na siguro?

First, it was her 70 admins who took her post down. Now, she's saying it's only 7 and it's her brother who made a mistake. Anyare? What is her brother's business in speaking in behalf of her? Syempre her brother knows her more than other people. So granted. We can accept that excuse. But hanep ... ang kapatid ay empleyado at pinasasahod ng pera ng taong bayan? Why not? Sino pa ba unang tutulungan mo kundi sarili month dugo. Very good sister!

Kaso, kahit 7 lang yan at let's say Ang suweldo ng bawat isa ay minimum wage of 15k, that's 105K monthly being paid to administer her FB account? That's a minimum of 1.2 million yearly. 

Is this the wisest expense? Siguradong sasabihin niya personal expense niya iyon. Maniniwala ba tayo?

So bale ano tawag dito? Hindi na "Drama Serye" kundi "Admin Serye"?!

Sanga-sanga na tuloy ang isyu sa iyo, dear. Sana kasi kung walang magandang sasabihin, tumahimik na lang. Don't throw stones if you have a glass house. Mababasag kapag matyempuhan ng malakas mambato.

With these revelations, then that means we are not assured who wrote every message you posted on social media, and in this particular case who posted, deleted and reposted your controversial remarks and then boasted about the mistake of your 70 admins and how proud you are of your post.

Though it is not surprising for a politician, just like our celebrities, to have social media managers or admins, the number of her supposed admins is still big. I understand there are a lot of inquiries for the MMDA, but I think 7 is just still too much. How are they distributing tasks and shifting schedules among themselves?

Aside from a half-baked apology about her "drama serye" remark, what is terribly wrong about her is she passed the blame to somebody else publicly....and the worst, she points to her brother. Definitely not the qualities of a good leader, and a sister. Bakit mo ipinakanulo ang sarilinmong kapatid? You want the public to curse your own brother?

Is it safe to say that the number of Celine Pialago's Facebook admins is higher than her IQ. Guess which number am I talking about.

And while she continues explaining herself, that's more nonsense talk from her, and more blunders we have to laugh at! Sige lang Teh! #GisaPaMore

Hugas kamay na. Akala ko ba walang pagsisisi. Biglang kambyo ang ale ah. Nawala ang tatak na yabang. Nakakatawa. It's your account, so it's your responsibility. Iharap mo nga kapatid mo sa media para sabihin na siya nga ang nagcommit ng "honest mistake."

So if you have 7 Dwarfs, I mean admins, do you also have a Prince Charming? I bet I know who it is. Lol!


"I don't know but one of 'MY' admins accidentally deleted it. Here." - Pialago

"Yes. 'I' have 70 admins. Soooo here it is. Reposted.  At ipopost "KO" ulit ito ng walang halong pagsisisi. Good day everyone! " - Pialago


"Bro's honest mistake!"


My brain just "passed away"!! 

It's not honest mistake. You boastfully repeated that indeed you have 70 admins!

Ghorl, 'wag nang gawing tanga ang mga tao. Panindigan mo 'yang sinabi mo. 

Even if you have an admin, he won't post any statement unless you gave him permission. Can an admin think for you especially on sensitive matters not even related to MMDA? If it's truly an admin, he won't post your insensitive remark because admins also take care of the image of a brand, in your case, or personality.

Don't play with fire if you can't stand to get burned. If you throw stones, expect what to get in return. If you can't handle the heat, get out of the kitchen. Likewise, if you're going to pick a fight, be prepared to face a backlash!

Huwag magsumbong sa NBI Cybercrime Division.  Fight the battle you started, personally. If you have nothing to hide, then you don't need to ask for anyone's help. The people themselves will defend you.

Regardless if it's a personal o private opinion, you posted it on social media, and add the fact that you have other people managing your account? That's not the definition of either of the terminologies. 

Once na inilabas mo na iyan sa socmed hindi mo na pwedeng sabihin na "pribado" Ang buhay mo. Buti sana kung ikaw lang nakakakita...and FYI, you are a "public servant" which means you serve the public. Your Facebook name even contains your government agency and designation. Please understand that.

When you criticize in public, be sure you are also ready of the backlash from the public. There is no single line of response that you will encounter. All angles, both adjacent and opposites, can be thrown against you.

That's why you should be responsible of your words since you're not just a normal citizen to criticize but someone who have influence. With great power comes great responsibility. But kalimutan mo na si Spiderman, your beauty queen experience should emanate the characteristics of a role model, and sadly criticizing the situation of a grieving mother is very unlikely of a queen.

Magbibitaw ng mga salitang pwedeng makapanakit sa kapwa tapos hindi naman handa sa mga consequences?

Pero kapag mga ordinaryong tao ang magreklamo sa cybercrime division ng NBI ay hindi papansinin. Sasabihan pa, manatili sa bahay dahil pandemic, or sasabihan pa ng "Think before you click" eme...or pababalikin ka dahil they have urgent matters to attend to. Luh. So fed up with these feeling entitled officials.

As a government official, your statement affects the majority especially if it's on social media. That's why it's important to be able to filter statements thrown online. Just like writing your research paper, before you submit the final draft you need to do several revisions. Same with personal statements on social media especially if you're a government official, your statements will be supported by some and be criticize by others. You may or may like other people's opinion but as a government official, the decision and the responsibility is still upon yours because you have the authority and others don't.

Sayang ang ganda mo dahil panlabas lang pala. Bukod sa wala kang puso, Hindi na kami sigurado Kung edukada ka nga. Hindi ka bagay manilbihan sa gobyerno. 

Her sense has passed away a long time ago.

"There's nothing wrong with having a personal opinion.  The problem is when "faces" and "voices" of government agencies start spewing their personal opinion on social networks.  Obviously this will cause unnecessary confusion which will compel heads of agencies to defend or make clarificatory remarks.  It could have been avoided if government people just learn to shut up on social media. Unless of course, that's their marching order."

How to share hope with our modern day heroes via SM Supermalls

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Christmas is indeed fast approaching and inspite of the pandemic with still the thought of a virus lurking around to strike our vulnerability, we must still not forget to instill the true meaning as to why we celebrate the season.

I still believe there is still the ardent desire to make other people happy and to bless them with the grace from from above by being warmer and generous. After all, it's probably the only opportunity for us to have an excuse why we are being so kind and thoughtful without getting too much attention since everyone else have that good spirit during the Ber months.

Forget about Build, Build, Build for the moment, as we Give, Give, Give especially to those who highly deserve it. 

As we spark the true meaning of the holiday season which is giving, you might want to Share Hope with our modern day heroes by nominating these frontliners:

A. healthcare workers,

B. workers that offer essential products and services, and

C. workers for public health and safety.

The nominated person will get a chance to win P10, 000 worth of SM Gift Certificates!!!

Isn't that amazing!

#SHAREHOPEWITHSM will indeed spark some joy and bring happiness to the recipients of these awesome treats from the biggest mall brand in the country.

Remember that the Promo period is from October 19, 2020 (12MN) to December 14, 2020 (11:59pm) only. So better nominate now those people you want to thank for their service.  What are you waiting for, read the mechanics below and make more people happy this Christmas season.


Share Hope with SM Campaign is a digitized gift mailbox wherein customers can submit their holiday wishes for their nominated front line worker.

#ShareHopeWithSM mechanics will also be announced on the SM Supermalls Christmas microsite, social media pages, mall posters, customer service robots, and digital directories in the participating malls.

In order to join, participants can submit their letters by:


a. Visiting the microsite:
b. Accessing the SM Supermalls Facebook chatbot;
c. Accessing the SM Viber bot


A form needs to be filled out with the following information:

a. Full name
b. Age
c. Address
d. E-mail Address (/Parent’s E-mail address for minors)
e. Name of nominated front liner
f. Nature of job of the front liner
g. Story of hope of the nominated front liner (maximum of 500 words)

a. Front line workers is defined as healthcare workers, workers that offer essential services and products, workers for public health and safety

b. Guide questions:

i. Why does the nominated front line worker deserve a special gift this Christmas?

ii. How does the nominated front line worker inspire you?

iii. What do you admire most about the front line worker?

h. Photo with/of the front line worker
i. Contact number of the front line worker
j. Email address of nominee
k. Preferred mall to claim the prize

Once the form has been sent, customer will be directed to the ‘THANK YOU’ page. Customer has the option to share the weblink on his/her social media pages.

Customer will be receiving a confirmation email that the electronic letter has been received by the #ShareHopeWithSM team.

4. How to determine the winners:
    For the entries to be valid and qualified, the following must be considered:

    • Nominated person is a front line worker in the above mentioned industries
    • Narrative describes the nature of work of the front liner in 500 words
    • Photo with/of the front liner
    • One (1) unique customer = One (1) valid raffle entry
    • Winner may only win once for the promo duration
    • Multiple submissions of the same person will only equate to one (1) unique raffle entry—only the first entry submitted shall be valid

  • Five (5) qualified winners/wishes will be granted within the promo period.
  • Employees of SM and its affiliates, including their relatives up to second degree of consanguinity or affinity, are disqualified to join the promo.
  • Recipient of the gift certificate prize will be the nominated front liner
  • Entries will be accumulated weekly, which means non-winning draws will still be included in the next draw dates.
  • All entries will be included in the remote electronic raffle draw with the presence of a DTI Representative.
    • Employed NGO/LGU/private worker for essential products and services
    • Full name
    • Nature of work
    • Proof of employment/work (valid ID)

Prize is non-transferrable and not convertible to cash

5. Announcement of Winners will be following this schedule:

Winner 1: November 3
Winner 2: November 16
Winner 3: November 30
Winner 4: December 14
Winner 5: December 30

One winner will be announced as scheduled above. Announcement of winners will be done via the SM Supermalls digital assets.

6. Winner and nominee shall be notified via their registered mail, email, and SMS confirmation. A proof of consent shall be provided for sharing of the stories and photos. Nominee shall claim the prize in the preferred mall as indicated in the registration form. The winning story and photo will be published in SM Supermalls digital assets.

7. Prize is non-transferrable and not convertible to cash.

8. Winners will be given 60 days from the day of notification/ announcement to claim the prize. Prize will be forfeited in favor of SM in case the prize is not claimed within 60 days. Prizes will be claimed at the mall administration office. Unclaimed prizes shall be forfeited and disposed according to the discretion of the sponsor with concurrence of DTI.

9. The Winner must present the following to an authorized SM Supermalls representative when claiming the prize:

  • One (1) valid ID with complete real name, age, gender, picture and complete address. Photocopy of any of the documents (i.e. birth certificate, marriage contract, SSS ID, driver’s license, school ID and/or passport)
  • If the winner is a minor, then he/she must be accompanied by his/her parent/s or legal guardian
  • Proof of e-mail notification that the said participant is a winner

Control Measures:
  1. A DTI representative shall be invited to a Zoom call for a remote checking, testing, validation, and verification of the computer system for receiving entries and registration, assigning random computer-generated raffle entries, and drawing of winners. A copy of the said system shall be electronically signed by the DTI representative for safekeeping of Digify, Inc. for verification of DTI anytime.
  2. A softcopy of the properties of the program shall be given to the DTI Representative after verification. The DTI representative shall check the database of the promo.
  3. A DTI representative will be invited to the remote drawing of the raffle winners as scheduled.
  4. Digify, Inc. will generate a list of qualified participants/entries before the draw.
  5. Raffle numbers will be assigned at random to all qualified participants in the presence of the DTI representative before drawing winners.
  6. A copy form shall be sealed in an envelope and signed by a DTI representative for safekeeping of Digify, Inc. and for verification of DTI anytime until all prizes are claimed.
  7. The first and last number shall be shown on screen before drawing of winners.
  8. Winners shall be drawn one at a time using the randomly assigned raffle number.
  9. Four (4) reserved entries per mall shall be drawn. The reserved entries shall be numbered and the first reserved entry drawn shall be declared as the winning entry just in case the winner is ruled by the Board of Judges as disqualified with approval from DTI. Process continues until a winner is found.
  10. After the winner is determined, it will be verified from the generated list by a Digify, Inc representative and the DTI representative. A soft copy of the generated list of qualified participants and assigned raffle entry shall also be given to the DTI representative.
  11. The list of winners will be given to the DTI representative after determination.
  12. A printed copy of the properties of the program shall be submitted to the DTI representative after each witnessed draw.
  13. Database / list of participants shall include name, age, e-mail address
  14. All complaints and queries regarding this promotional activity shall be attended by SM Supermalls hotline that may be reached by dialing (+632) 876-1111 from Monday-Friday at 10am-5pm.
  15. Shopping Center Management Corporation reserve the right to disclose and publish names, photos and other information of the winners in any mode or manner, as relevant to the Promotion, in any mode or manner as they may deem appropriate.
  16. By accepting the prize, the winner should agree to the following terms and conditions of Shopping Center Management Corporation.

Pinoy Uses COVID-19 Lockdown to Make Game About Vietnam War

Wazzup Pilipinas!

There’s a bright side to being stuck at home. The global lockdowns spurred by the COVID-19 pandemic have given many people the rare opportunity to finish their personal projects.

For a Pinoy game developer with zero programming experience, it was a videogame about the Vietnam War which took almost 20 years to complete.

“I was always interested in history and the Vietnam War in particular,” says game developer Tiger Yan. “I started creating The ‘Nam: Vietnam Combat Operations way back in 2003 but work and life were more important, so the project was mothballed for 17 years. Like everyone else, the COVID-19 outbreak forced me to stay home most of 2020. I saw this as the perfect opportunity to learn basic programming and finally finish what I started.”

Yan, who photographs people and animals in wild and rural areas around Asia, created the game as a free learning tool for people to experience commanding soldiers during the Vietnam War. He used his field experience investigating farm communities and wild areas to make the game as realistic as possible. “From irrigation dikes and rice paddies to barking dogs and crowing chickens, this game brings the Vietnamese countryside to life,” he says. 

According to the game’s Facebook page, players can command US Marines, Vietcong and North Vietnamese Army troops, plus the Army of the Republic of Vietnam (ARVN). The Vietnam War ended in 1975 when the North Vietnamese and Vietcong unified Vietnam under communist rule.

Role of Filipino Troops Highlighted

The Philippines sent over 2000 soldiers to Vietnam as part of the Philippine Civic Action Group Vietnam (PHILCAGV), which can be seen in the game. Led by officers such as former President Fidel V. Ramos, PHILCAGV helped improve the lives of the South Vietnamese people by administering medical and civilian aid. Nine PHILCAGV soldiers died in battle.

The game has been receiving consistently good reviews in fora and Youtube channels. Though it can be downloaded online for free, Yan urges gamers to make a donation to APOPO, a nonprofit organization working to clear deadly landmines in Cambodia.

“In reality, the Vietnam War wrought great misery for the people of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. If this game can spur at least one good donation, then it would have been worth it,” adds Yan.

Though COVID-19 has paralyzed the world, people can look at the silver lining. The lockdowns have finally given many people a resource which for years has been in short supply – time.

NTC and their misappropriated high-end mobile phones

Wazzup Pilipinas!

"State auditors found that of the 44 Samsung Galaxy phones purchased by the National Telecommunications Commission, only 4 were used for their intended purpose, while the rest were issued to directors, officers-in-charge and their technical staff"

"In its 2019 audit report, the COA found only 4 out of 44 purchased high end mobile phones are being used to conduct internet speed, reliability, and coverage. 

NTC engineers conducting these tests had to share or borrow from each other."

For the nth time...

Another agency, another kurakot activities nagaganap sa ilalim ng ilong Duterte pero di nya naamoy ang “whiff of corruption”!

Asan na sinasabi ni Digong...

"I will never tolerate corruption in my administration, not even the whiff of it," Duterte said at the Batasan Complex in Quezon City.

Iyong nanggagalaiti pa kuno sa corrupt pero dedma o ipagtatanggol pa 'to.

Lord, two years pa ba talaga kami magtitiis? Ang lala na ho nila.

Namudmod ng free cellphone using our taxes!! 

Ano na DDS, yang poon nyo corrupt ang buong gobyerno! Does the 91% want corruption?

Haissst! Halos lahat na ata ng govt agency ay me corruption natatag ang COA. Maliban na lang sa OVP.

P2.1M para sa 44 na smartphones? At yung talagang kailangan ay yun ang nanghihiram?  Kanino napunta yung iba? Para sa asawa at mga anak ng opisyales?

Mga maluluho pero hindi gamitin sariling pera. Ay, jusko puro nakaw nalang ba kaya ninyo?

Sigurado ako may magandang paliwanag na naman ang mga opisyal dito. 

Sure na sure. Lalabas na mali na naman ang COA. Wait lang ha.

"In its reply, NTC explained its directors also use the phones to conduct tests anytime, anywhere, which can help them formulate new policies to improve broadband services. The COA, however, said none of them submitted actual reports on the tests they supposedly carried out."

O eh di nabuking. Lulusot pa ang mga  tinamaan ng lintik.

This reasoning is so elementary. How could they? Can't a director purchase his own phone or use his personal device for testing? Do they muster fieldwork regularly? Someone has to answer this.

Hindi ba sila binabagabag ng konsensya nila? O talagang wala na silang konsensya? Pera ng taong bayan yang nilulustay nila! Taong bayan na ngayon ay walang trabaho, walang masakyan, walang maipanggamot! Super kapal naman ng mukha kung di sila nababagabag!

Nakakalungkot na maraming mahihirap na  kabataan ngayon ang naghihirap at nangangarap para magkaroon ng gadgets para gamitin sa online classes, pero yung mga taga NTC libreng-libre lang nila nakukuha. Kung sino pa ang gobyerno at dapat nagbibigay ng tamang halimbawa sila pa itong baluktot. Ito ba yung "Change is Coming?" Ito ba yung "Ayoko ng Coruption?"

Those responsible for this need to be called out and made to face its consequences. People who engage in such corrupt practices when not punished become bolder in repeating it. Failure to punish them now becomes our fault as well.

Nasa COA report na naman, but still nothing will change. Rendered useless kasi si Ombudsman tropa tropa ang mga gags!

Hanggat walang nakukulong tuloy tuloy pa rin mga ganyan.

Fighting Maroons, TopBreed seal partnership deal

Wazzup Pilipinas! 

The University of the Philippines Men’s Basketball Team (UPMBT) has a new major supporter on board after it inked a partnership deal with TopBreed Dog Meal Tuesday, October 13 as part of their continuous preparation for the upcoming University Athletic Association of the Philippines (UAAP) season.

TopBreed, formulated to satisfy the nutritional needs of dogs for health, general well-being and optimum performance, is a brand under Universal Robina Corporation’s Agro-Industrial Group (URC-AIG), one of the long-time backers of the Fighting Maroons through its premium farm products unit, Robina Farms.

Present in the memorandum of agreement signing are AIG managing director Vincent Henry Go, marketing director Jonathan Diño, category manager Julie Ann Climacosa, UPMBT manager Atty. Agaton Uvero, head coach Bo Perasol, and nowheretogobutUP Foundation founder Renan Dalisay.

“We are beyond proud to once again be part of the huge crowd of Isko and Iska supporting and rooting for the UP Fighting Maroons. We treasure this partnership with the UPMBT and the whole UP community as we share the same values of integrity, passion for excellence, innovation, and loyalty. Our parallel journeys have shown these values in action,” said Go.

According to Go, the name and reputation that the Fighting Maroons has made for itself mirrors that of TopBreed, the leading Philippine-made dog food brand in the country. The brand also produces top dog essentials like ShamPooch shampoo and TopB+ vitamins.

“TopBreed, just like the Fighting Maroons, has the same ‘never say die’ spirit, rising from the bottom to be one of the most recognized and respected teams today. This achievement mirrors how TopBreed went against internationally-known giant brands and won the hearts of Filipino furparents nationwide.”

Fighting Maroons head coach Bo Perasol expressed his gratitude to the Gokongwei Group of Companies for their unending support through the years.

“We cannot thank them enough. They have been here for us even during our dark years and up to now that we are still facing this pandemic. Their help will really give us a great boost in the upcoming season,” said Perasol.

“Like TopBreed, we were underdogs in our respective fields, but we have both risen to the challenge. We look forward to getting back on the court to give the best that we can for them and for the UP community,” the Maroons mentor added.

UPMBT manager Atty. Uvero also reiterated the team and the management’s gratitude to the Gokongwei Group for the help they continue to receive from the brands despite the COVID-19 crisis.

“We are truly grateful to URC AIG and another one of their brands - TopBreed - for continuing its support to the team despite the business difficulties in these pandemic times,” said Atty. Uvero.

“This partnership is far from the ordinary. This time, we can see the other side of the Fighting Maroons---as furbuddies or furparents. We have must-watch features on the players and coaches with their dogs. We can also catch them on an online pupper meet and greet where we can get to know them more,” said Go.

“TopBreed and UPMBT will also partner in delivering top care to campus dogs through a project called UP Doggo Day. This partnership has much in store for the whole UPMBT crowd,” Diño promised.

In photo:
Standing (L-R) : AIG marketing director Jonathan Diño ; AIG category manager Julie Ann Climacosa
Sitting (L-R) : nowheretogobutUP Foundation founder Renan Dalisay ;  AIG managing director Vincent Henry Go ; UPMBT manager Atty. Agaton Uvero ; UPMBT head coach Bo Perasol

#PisayGiveUsABreak trends as both Philippine Science High School students and teachers complain about the system


Wazzup Pilipinas!

Why do you ignore me DOST? I am the beast you created.

Home stopped feeling like home and started feeling like the constant droning wave of work and reqs we comply and drown in— please, students and teachers NEED A BREAK

Fasten your seatbelts and struggle to become a scholar or educator of Philippine Science High School. Their system hopes to continue the flow of quality education amidst the pandemic..

These are the students' and teachers' stories IN THEIR OWN WORDS and what they are feeling right now. They are burnt out, tired, breaking down, and/or behind on requirements. They are freely and openly sharing what they feel. They are letting the system know.

#PisayGiveUsABreak is the buzzword.

You know it's bad when even the personification of pisay is saying  #PisayGiveUsABreak.

It's amazing how students have been so vocal about their struggles yet they still turn a blind eye.

Congrats Pisay, you have completely broke good and responsible students into shells and robots made to churn out requirements without digesting any substantial information.

Apparently #PisayGiveUsABreak is systemwide. Doesn't this kind of unity itself already say a lot about the shit they're dealing with lol. You rarely see 16 freaking campuses rallying behind a single hashtag.


BTW, this includes teachers, too. I cannot imagine the amount of requirements they have to check and the long long long essays that they have to read. We shouldn't put all the blame to the teachers—this is about the system and how it overworks everyone. 

I bet some are gonna say, "Don't vent out your complains in soc med platforms and say it directly to us" 

But this is systemwide, so even though I am not suffering, I know others are. So please #PisayGiveUsABreak

Everyone using #PisayGiveUsABreak has their own story. I'm happy to say that students also know how to direct their concerns to the proper channels. But since nothing is happening, maybe it's time to publicize the calls. #AcademicEaseNow

Students and Teachers: We are tired and want rest

Pisay: Oh no! anyway,....

Honestly. They already had too many surveys, official communications, f*ck, they had a whole month to trial this exact system.

Most of the feedback regarding workload was negative. Yet not much has changed.

They need the system to listen.


It's only been little over a month since the school year started, but most students are already EXHAUSTED. The teachers are, too. They've been communicating with the people in charge about this for a long time, but nothing ever happens. The only solution is #PisayGiveUsABreak

It's important to remember that teachers also struggle with this remote learning set-up. Can you imagine being a teacher and having to check output from 100 or so students? And worrying about the ones who are unable to do so? See this is why we all need a break.

#PisayGiveUsABreak exists not because one or two batches of students happened to be weak-willed or anxious.

Students have always wanted a break. Students, teachers, even parents. If Pisay is so keen on making them learn how to appreciate learning even in quarantine, then why can't it learn that its methods of overloading its faculty and student body with requirements is ineffective and creates a toxic environment for mental health?

#PisayGiveUsABreak isn't anything new. It is the culmination of years and years of unfair treatment by a relentless system that needs serious reforms. Everyone knew deep inside that the Pisay culture of overloading with tight schedules is toxic and taxing on mental health. It's a shame it took a pandemic for us to realize that that same toxicity in school can be forced upon us in our very homes.

Everyone understands you run a tight show, but these are human lives that you are affecting. These students, teachers, and families are people who need rest and time to be themselves and take care of themselves.

"The cream of the crop" is supposed to be a celebration and highlight of the best of what humanity can achieve, not a glorified program for creating work robots.

It's about time we start looking at the root cause of this problem.

Would someone like to file a formal letter for Pisay to set up something for students to look into this? It would be good if it can be signed by students.

The entire student body has been struggling with reqload even before distance learning. Now, we are struggling more than ever. Pisay has to realize how greatly flawed the system is and how detrimental it is to the mental health of the students and educators.

Not just pisay students and educators but also support system (person/s) who have to step up (in).

"It's kind of sad that "pisay culture" is competing on who can stay up the longest to complete reqs, who can go the most days without sleep, who can drink the most coffee to the point where some people have caffeine addictions,,, it's so... unhealthy!

It's so harmful to students bodies like they boast about taking care of themselves but how can they when some of them are so scared to have mental health days (in irl classes), when they're not given breaks (for OL classes at least?)" - @unholytrnity

#PisayGiveUsABreak  is a lifestyle, a reason to breathe, and an escape from this cruel world filled with thieves. It’s art, the first gift you open on Christmas, a heavenly matter, a hug from a loved one, everything you’ve ever wanted, and everything you need.

#PisayGiveUsABreak is a reminder that everyone is in different situtations; im asking for this break for the sake of my sanity but others could be asking for it for their physical health, finanical issues, personal problems, etc. so be considerate.

They had official inputs through surveys and the proper channels. They had, on multiple occasions, people venting and stressing about online schooling for as long as they could remember. 

And they honestly don't know what's gonna work anymore. 

TBH, it's not like the school cares about the students. Look, they just renamed Undas Break as Health Break in one school. Online Learning is f*cked, but the schools that don't take account the struggles of the students, that's even more f*cked.

They act like the students gonna adapt to online learning in a year, while they got used to face to face learning for the most of their life. It just sounds ignorant.

Honestly, they aren't even asking for much. Heck, they even think just asking for 1 week of break after 6 weeks of stress isn't gonna cut it for a lot of people. Yet they still don't listen. Students and teachers are tired of it. We have to speak up now.

I acknowledge that they did try to make online schooling as close to face-to-face as much as they could, but that's where the problem lies. There's so much changes needed if we want to adapt here successfully yet there haven't been any for a month and a half now.



Here's why they're asking for it here and now:

"Change is long overdue.

Pisay scholars have struggled with requirement loads and work-life balance long before distance learning was implemented.

Now, it has come to a head.

The workload is roughly three times as heavy as the regular one is, and we've complained about that for ages now.

Imagine having a system that bases productivity on a rigid schedule and then encourages students to "work at your own pace".

Etiquette be damned, this is a load of bullshit.

30 minutes to work on a lesson that takes a week to discuss? Bullshit.

We're not robots. I can't believe we have to keep saying this shit. 

We're humans too. Our teachers are humans too. They love having to check 300 modules a week just as much as we love having to answer 30 modules in a timeframe spanning a grand total of 18 hours (minus breaks.)

It's so taxing, mentally and physically, to have to spend that much time a week on that much mind-numbing information and then having to regurgitate all of it back in a half-assed, 20 minute response in an assessment.

There's no learning happening here. It's all blind answering, checking the internet for answers, hoping to get it right, and then just collapsing from fatigue in a pool of your own blood, sweat, and tears afterwards.

It's taken the soul out of learning. I entered this school with the hope of kindling the spark in me, hoping that my inquisitive mind is satiated by engaging learning and an environment conducive to nurturing the very best of the country into the fields of science.

I was proven wrong in the space of a year.

The workload caught up to me quickly and I was eventually so held up that I very nearly flunked my way out.

But here we are, three years later, and we're still struggling?

Clearly something's gone awry in the system.

It's been broken for quite a while.

And that's why we're asking for it now.

"But why here, duck? Why do you demand change on the platform where the officials don't listen?"

Because we always have demanded change from people in positions of authority. In the appropriate channels.

Even before the implementation of remote learning, we've been answering slews of surveys: teacher rating surveys, activity surveys, workload surveys.

Fuck, before the school year had even started we we're already being pressed for time during the bridging program, which was designed to put this exact system to the test in real-world scenarios.

We had surveys for that too, with overwhelmingly negative feedback about the pacing and workload.

And yet, nothing has changed for the better.

Hopefully it's just me, but I really don't feel as if the student body's voice matters at all to the admins, which is strange considering we're the ones on the ground gathering data.

Imagine a tech company trialling new technology and then keeping it on their future releases despite negative reviews on it.

And the fact that we as a system deal in data-driven approaches makes it worse. 

This cycle of { have problem -> tell admins -> get nothing -> speak out -> you're suddenly disrespectful } has to stop.

It's toxic and does nothing to solve the problem in the first place.

But since we have a larger voice and impact on social media, we as a community have taken our frustrations over here in the form of venting, both privately and publicly, to whoever can hear us, in the hopes of finding just one chance to impact the real world outside the screen.

That's why #PisayGiveUsABreak was started in the first place. 

It's a way to summarize our frustrations as a group to anyone willing to listen. It's a short snippet of the what to this thread's why.

Again, etiquette be damned. We're tired of asking for change politely and quietly without getting results.

We need change now.

We forgot to mention: teachers are equally deserving of a break. it really feels as if the workload on either side is borderline inhumane." 


The possibility of an academic break was actually brought up during a batch meeting with the higher ups last wednesday, and this was honestly disappointing, to say the least.

This may not seem like a shock to us, but the issue of overloading isn't exclusive to Pisay. Schools all around the world (except finland) follow this schedule heavy production based system of requirements and projects and grades and what not. 

It's time we let the system know that this methods are not healthy and productive for both students and teachers. We need to change the system.

I think its time we actually talk about the root issue so we can properly rid the world of student mental health problems

The entire concept of this education system with an emphasis on obedience, schedules, and requirements stems from the Industrial era values of production and management. Clearly, as generations progressively grow more free-spirited, creative, and critical, this isn't quite as efficient anymore, on learning or on mental health.

Even before quarantine, the insane amounts of workloads incentivizes kids just to finish what they can to pass without even learning. It inadvertently promotes academic dishonesty and laziness and complacency because of how fast paced and hectic the system is.

I can draw all the similarities I want between our current education system and how capitalism works and how they both promote immorality and "you gotta do what you gotta do to survive" attitudes, but I'd be here all day.

What I'm trying to say is, as the premium High School in our country, is it not Pisay's job to innovate education and discover more efficient and HEALTHY ways to tackle teaching?

Instead of doing that, all Pisay does is double down own that heavily flawed system with even more difficult topics. 

And I get thst perhaps actual working scientists have hectic schedules and hardass concepts or what not, but these people specialize in a field. We have to learn like a dozen different things from a  dozen different subjects per week.

What I'm saying is, if somehow as the student body we have enough power to convince a system to give us rest, then maybe we have even the slightest chance of asking it to change its approach to education in hopes to revolutionize it all around the world.

This might just be my delusional clown ass talking, but there is a huge amount of dissenting students out there who just choose to suck it up because they fear the system that keeps them in place.

With our numbers and with the volume of our voices, I believe we can make a change.

Education doesnt have to be so requirement based and production based. I dread the idea that we can only motivate students to study using a punishment/reward system (grades are downright psychologically manipulative IMO)

The world needs to realize that kids can be curious. Students can want to learn without being force fed a hundred different ideas all at once. We arent robots accepting commands and a huge amount of data. We're human. We have our own human wants and needs.

And as such education should be catered to our human nature. It shouldnt necessarily be limited by gears and clockwork. We have the capacity to be curious. We have the ability to want to learn. Thats what education should be fueled by. Not by the numbers.

If you don't believe me, i suggest doing a bit of light research on how Finland'a education system works. They have like 1 test for the entirety I think, and thats just senior high finals. Yet they produce the most academically adept scholars who get the highest scores on national tests. 

Furthermore, their education has a focus on finding one's self and community learning. They also have the best student mental health record in the world. 

They have like a 9-2-ish i think school hours and yet they still manage to learn jurt as much as anyone else.

Imagine, less requirements, more time, equal amount and quality of education. I truly believe its possible for us to be like that. Education doesnt have to be about grades or numbers, it should be something so inherent to human nature. It should be the product of curiosity, not necessity. 

Am i saying we demand dradtic change to be like finland? No. But what i am saying is we have the numbers and PRESTIGE to set a precedent.

Quarantine learning has proven to us undeniably how toxic the system can be. We've just spent so long denying it because the system made us students think it was our fault for being weak. 

We need to be more aware of what we can do as students. Education can be better. And it can if it starts now. We need to use our voices and our numbers to see to it that it changes for the good of all students present or future. 

Student mental health is only so overlooked because we've spent so ĺong just sucking it up because we thought ourselves just being weak and inferior. It's time we look at the root cause: the flawed system.

It's time we talk about it and raise our voices. 

Education can be better. Let change and progress start now. Let our outrage be the first sign that things can be better if we're heard out.

*CTTO: Credit to all the owners of all images and posts gathered from Twitter

I would love to give credit to you all, but the urgency beats the acknowledgements. But since some have requested it, here goes

@cosmichillarays, @devveyya, @sonataagustin, @jbinx, @renmariiii, @arulyth, @helloitswafy, @seschichan, @msklarin, @marqx-t0rres, @XanStran952, @cluoedo, @_duckgoose_, @ezCorthannJo, @moonwryte, @punyeataa, @IyaTheExplorer, @3donutsform3, @aerone22, @everyoneelsethatwemissed

These were all accumulated to help raise their voices against the oppressive system

#PisayGiveUsABreak is your voice

Sunday, October 18, 2020

Netizens slam Celine Pialago for drama serye remark against a grieving mother

Wazzup Pilipinas!

"Netizens slam MMDA spokesperson Celine Pialago’s recent Facebook post for calling out critics of the government’s response toward detained activist Reina Nasino and the death of her three-month-old baby.

A portion of Pialago’s post read: “Masyado niyong ginagawang pang drama serye sa hapon ang paghihinagpis niya. Tigilan niyo!”"

MMDA Assistant Secretary Celine Pialago's remarks did not sit well with many on social media still reeling from the horror and disbelief of how Baby River's burial took place on October 16, heavily guarded by jail personnel.

A minute of silence for the recently “PASSED AWAY” brain of Celine Pialago

Celine Pialago, a woman, shows zero empathy towards a grieving mother. I hope she has no plans of bearing a child. 'Di siya qualified. 

But what's with the quotation marks? Is she quoting someone or quoting herself?

Her title in that post vs. her introduction “walang kinalaman sa traffic” napaka**** kahit kelan! Kumusta naman yung ‘she passed away’ na iyan? Wansapanataym beauty queen wannabee.

Celine Pialago should know that Nasino is grieving because her child passed away. Legit na 'passed away', hindi yung hinimatay lang okay?

Looks like someone's brain truly passed away. Celine Pialago and her utter stupidity deserves no respectful response.  her brain cells and thus mind really passed away and... Nausukan siguro ng maraming maruming usok.

Remember when Celine Pialago tried to file a case against an online satire page because she felt attacked? That was hilarious.

Fact-check muna Asec.

Hindi pa convicted si Reina Mae Nasino. She’s innocent until proven otherwise. 

What she posted was totally unbecoming of a spokesperson and public servant. Putting this receipt here. 

With all due respect, you don't know what you're saying because you're not a mother yet. I do hope and pray karma doesn't bite you back with your statement.

Apparently, Celine Pialago reposted her stupidity through a screenshot and is now deleting comments and actively blocking users from commenting or reacting. Stupidity, of course, wants to go unchallenged. 

Btw, she claims it was one of her page admins which she says are a lot. Aba, maraming budget na pampasweldo. 

Dear MMDA Spox and Asec Celine Pialago,

Did Baby River die? Yes. As a matter of fact, it was an inhumane death, one that could have been prevented. 

If you are, as you say, a Filipino, then how do we explain the furlough given to politicians charged with horrendous crimes? 

PDL or not, we must respect the grief of mothers. 

Where's your humanity? 

Celine Pialago is another type of Mocha Uson. She sounds like an intellectual during interviews, but really, her statements are irrelevant.

Celine Pialago started working for the Liberal Party in 2015. Her first assignment was as PR head of then Makati City OIC Mayor Kid Peña. She later on joined the presidential campaign of Mar Roxas and when Duterte won, she went straight to Davao to personally apply to Duterte. It clearly shows her personality. 

This character is what political ambition sounds like when backed by no personal talent: gross.

From one PA to the next PA

From Passed Away to Philippine Army

From Red Carpet to Red Tagging 

— the story of a former pageant contestant who became MMDA spokesperson and now paid influencer of the Philippine Army, the group behind EJKs in the provinces and fake Facebook Pages.

Ayusin ninyo nga muna ang traffic bago ka kumuda. Hindi nga din maayos ang performance mo sa isang “beauty” contest eh. Buti na lang naging thank you girl ka doon kundi kahiya-hiya.

Dapat ibalik sa kanya ang sinabi niya na pag-aralan niya mabuti ang dahilan bakit siya nakulong. Walang awa.

Iyan siguro epekto sa kakatanggol ng dolomite.

We learn from documentaries that the NPA doesn't torture AFP forces captured alive. It treats them as fellow human beings and provides them food, medicine, etc.

Meanwhile, we have government officials like Celine Pialago who have lost their humanity and sold their souls to Duterte.

Is Celine Pialago still sane? Everytime you politicize your viewpoint on a situation, turn to your morality and principles first. Because it is disappointing and embarrassing as hell if you fail.

I'll make sure your future child sees what you posted. 

Apart from her Facebook posts, she also put these up on her Stories. 

And in the comments section of her repost, Pialago maintains that she is "very proud" of her statement. "Walang halong pagsisisi." 

Never mock a situation you have never been in nor give a senseless comment on a pain you have never endured. She is a grieving mother to her child. We, humans, by nature, should at least sympathise. 

I pray that Celine Pialago will never experience the pain of losing a loved one especially a child.

Please, bumalik ka nalang sa time na isa ka lang meme for not knowing the difference between passing away and passing out.

Ang tayog ng lipad mo madam ASec ha. Nakahanda na rin ba ang parachute sa paglagapak mo?

"Let's be a rainbow in someone else's cloud"

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